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Published at 25th of August 2019 06:38:57 PM

Chapter 120
"This is a good choice but you must raise your level to fully use these three forms"

Lynn commented on Noah's choice while he stood up from his chair and brought the crystal in a deeper part of the room .
He placed the mineral on a small cavity on the floor and the inscriptions around it lighted up .
When the light faded, a small book had appeared in that spot .
Lynn handed the book to Noah and he stored it, he had still other transactions to do .
"Professor, I wonder if you could solve one of my doubts . "
Lynn caressed his beard and nodded .
"Why is the value of spells and techniques so high? Isn't it possible to simply copy the forms and diagrams?"
Lynn smiled lightly before replying .
"When and inscription master writes a diagram, it is generally drawn according to his comprehension . Since it's quite impossible to copy someone else intention when he inscribes, it is hard to make copies of a certain technique . Martial arts are a bit different as they are simpler in their descriptions, that's why their value is lower . "
'So, I can't make a copy of the Surging river spell . '
"Thank you, Professor . I would like to acquire more techniques, the instruction's book said that I could buy them with merit points, Credits, and by trade, am I right?"
Lynn nodded again .
"Do you already know what are you looking for?"

"Darkness spells and rank 4 body-nourishing methods that require the darkness element . "
Lynn's eyes widened, he was surprised that such a young man was so certain of what he was in need of .
"The value of darkness spells is quite high since not even the academy as that many of them . I think you can only afford a rank 0 one for now . As for the body-nourishing method, its price isn't low either . "
Noah took out a small scroll from his space-ring and showed it to Lynn .
The Professor carefully examined it and was quite interested after a few looks .
Noah spoke before he could say anything .
"I have one thousand Credits and that spell, are they enough?"
The scroll contained the Surging river spell .
Since Noah had no usage for it, it was better to exchange it for something that could increase his strength .
Money was the same: what was the point of accumulating it? It was better to spend it on useful techniques .
He could always make more of it later when he had become stronger .
Lynn put a hand under his chin and fell in thought .
After a few seconds, he picked the crystal again and concentrated .

"Which body-nourishing method did you train into?"
"Forging of the Seven Hells . "
Lynn stopped his concentration for a moment and looked at Noah .
A bit of pity was exuded from his eyes when he looked at the youth .
He then resumed his focus and tossed the crystal to Noah when he was done .
The list of techniques and spells wasn't long, it had at best twenty-five names and most of them were rank 0 spells .
'Dark blade, enhances sharpness . Dark membrane, light defensive ability…'

Noah read through them but he couldn't find anything interesting .
He saw a rank 1 spell called Black coil which he could use but he believed that his martial art enhanced with his Demonic form was on its same level .
The others were supportive spells that existed for any other element .
'I couldn't expect much more since I have one of the best darkness spells already . Buying a rank 1 spell now will only hinder my combat style since using the Demonic form will always be the best choice at any moment . I should probably pick a supportive rank 0 one that enhances my normal status so that I can rely less on the Demonic form . '
He switched his attention to the body-nourishing methods .

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There were ten methods but only three of them had the darkness element as a requirement .
Of those three, only two of them had special abilities that could be mastered once he reached the fourth rank .
'These two are surely more valuable, they remember me of Kevin's transformation . '
The prices were written on the sides of each name and Noah paled a bit when he looked at the ones of the two methods .
They were priced more than forty thousand Credits each!
The rank 0 spells costed "only" eight thousand Credits in comparison .
He raised his gaze and spoke to Lynn in a soft voice .
"How much is my spell worth?"
Lynn shook his head and replied calmly .
"It is a spell that can express the power of a rank 4 magic . Don't worry, just pick one for each category and you will be fine . "
Noah focused again on the two body-nourishment methods .
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'Way of the phantom, reaching rank 4 will allow the user to increase his stealth abilities, as well as becoming completely invisible and ethereal for a short period of time . '

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'Yin body, reaching rank 4 will give the user a body with high regenerative proprieties . It will also store "Breath" that can be used to momentarily enhance the qualities of the body, mainly the regenerative one . '
'They seem both really good . The phantom form is really interesting, it could help me escape any situation and I believe that it has many applications in battle . However, the Yin body seems to match well with the Forging of Seven Hells since I should be able to store more "Breath" than normal cultivators . '
They were both really suitable for survival and it took Noah quite a bit to finally decide .
He passed back the crystal to Lynn and spoke calmly .
"I want the rank 0 spell Shadow steps and the rank 4 body-nourishing method Yin body . "
Lynn nodded and replied .
"I will value the spell fifty thousand Credits . Sadly, it is of a common element which makes it easier to copy so its value is barely enough for you to buy what you've chosen . "
He returned to the spot where he first took the martial art and repeated the same procedure as before .
When he came back, he had two scrolls in his hands and twenty shining Obsidian Credits .
"These are the method and the spell that you asked for, added to two thousand Credits of change from the value of your spell . "
Noah put everything in the space-ring and he could not help to ask another question .
"May I know how much it costs to buy a rank 4 darkness spell?"
Lynn showed a complex smile .
"They are pretty rare and almost impossible to copy . You should have a sum superior to two hundred thousand Credits if you really want to think of buying one . "