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Chapter 1205: 1205
The Elbas family showed that it still had many defenses worthy of its fame . The Royals revealed most of their arsenal in the battles that followed the first invasion .

King Elbas had created many defenses during the five hundred years of undisturbed rule . The number of resources available in the world had diminished after his mindless destruction of the new continent . Still, he had managed to put together a few protections that made the invaders struggle .

The inscribed items in the middle tier weren't a problem for the powerhouses of the three organizations . However, Third Prince and Second Princess used them together with battle formations performed by their weaker assets .

Moreover, they even revealed rank 6 inscribed weapons in the upper tier . The invaders didn't even reach the new continent's center when five massive puppets surged from the regions and began to face the invaders .

An Eight-armed Titan, a massive Snake, a Nine-headed Hydra, a Phoenix, and a Three-headed dog appeared on the second line of defense of the Elbas family .

The puppets represented the Princes and Princesses' iconic spells . Golden flames came out of their red bodies, and they consumed the Royals' blood to work .

The five puppets expressed power that only solid stage powerhouses could wield, but that didn't mean that they were unbeatable . They were still inscribed weapons, and the invaders could find countermeasures to their prowess .

The appearance of the puppets slowed down the invasion . The troops from the three organizations had to study those weapons before approaching them . They couldn't just charge at defenses stronger than them .

Noah kept his promise and stayed away from the battlefields for an entire year . It didn't matter that his underlings suffered defeats . That process was necessary for their growth .

Even weaker heroic cultivators had joined the fray in that period . Large battles happened in the air every time the invaders attempted a new tactic against the puppets .

During that year, the invaders focused their efforts on the Three-headed Dog since it appeared to be the weakest puppet . It was on the same level of power as the other upper tier items, but its attacks were slightly easier to predict and avoid .

Still, the Three-headed Dog managed to defeat its opponents even if they tried to exploit its weaknesses . The difference in their power was too great, even if the three organizations worked together to beat it .

The invaders didn't lose their morale because of those defeats . Wars among heroic assets could last for decades, and they only needed to defeat the puppet once to eradicate it .

There was another reason behind the invaders' unyielding battle intent . They had only relied on God's Left Hand and Great Elder Diana during that year when it came to opponents that they couldn't face .

Yet, the strongest cultivator in history could finally step on the battlefield now that one year had passed . The Matriarchs wouldn't have to be the main offensive force in their attack anymore . Noah could join them .

The appearance of the puppets had ignited Noah's battle intent since he had finally found worthy opponents . He couldn't help but consider them as a gift left to make his boredom vanish .

One year after the three organizations left the separate dimension, Noah set off from his training area and flew toward the territories that featured the fiery puppets .

Those areas had been nothing more than destroyed rocky environments before the battle against King Elbas, but they featured tall mountains that showed some trace of vegetation now .

The invaders' previous attacks had destroyed most of the fauna there, but some lifeforms still survived in a few protected zones . It seemed that even the Elbas family wanted to preserve part of the life on the new continent .

Noah's arrival on the battlefield was a signal that awakened the weaker troops from the three organizations . They had kept track of the passage of time during the past attacks, so they had prepared themselves for the moment when he would join the fray .

The Demons, the Matriarchs, and the other powerhouses rose in the sky and reached Noah, who kept on flying toward the central regions . None of them said a word as more troops gathered behind them .

The rank 4 and 5 cultivators of the three organizations would typically fight the Elbas family's experts on areas far away from the existences in the sixth rank . Yet, none of them intended to join the battlefield on that day .

They all wanted to witness Noah's power . None of them wanted to miss that scene .

Noah felt eager too . He had studied the reports regarding the puppets, and he had observed the fights of the other powerhouses .

The invaders couldn't gather many details about the Three-headed Dog's abilities since they had faced it only four times, but that was enough to identify its most threatening attacks .

The puppet's flames were annoying . They had peak middle tier power since the inscriptions around the creature enhanced the Royals' cultivation level .

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Still, its most troublesome quality was its exceptionally strong body .

King Elbas had created the puppets by using some of the best materials in those Mortal Lands . The red metal that made its bodies could absorb most impacts and was virtually immune to any form of fire .

Moreover, the golden flames that ran over its surface fixed the dents that the Matriarchs managed to inflict .

The puppets were perfect guardians, and their level made them threatening opponents since the three organizations didn't have a solid stage powerhouse at hand .

The Dog's power wasn't enough to scare Noah away . The Matriarchs had already confirmed that liquid stage powerhouses could injure the puppets, so they only had to inflict enough damages in a single attack to defeat it .

A tremor filled the central regions when Noah reached his target . A massive Three-headed Dog came out from the mountain chain in the land right in front of him, and a wave of golden fire filled the sky as soon as it appeared .

The heads of the puppet spewed more fire as the creature roared toward Noah . Yet, it didn't attack but remained inside the borders of its region .

Noah knew that any attempt to bring the puppet outside of its region had failed . The Royal had programmed it so that it would only attack anyone trying to invade its territory .

Those were the real defenses of the Elbas family . They were on a different level than the formations of the western coast .

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Noah didn't need to review his strategy with the Matriarchs . The three of them would be the only ones nearing the Dog, while the other weaker powerhouses would only provide long-range support with their abilities .

Only the leaders of the organizations could endure the shockwaves released by the puppets .

However, right before Noah could charge ahead and trigger the puppet's offensive, a golden rune appeared next to him, and a massive fireball teleported in that spot .

The fireball exploded and engulfed the entire area in a wave of golden flames . The powerhouses could retreat to escape from the fire since they weren't close to Noah, but the Matriarchs had to activate defensive spells to protect themselves .

The power of the flames surprised the Matriarchs since their defensive spells burned under their assault . The two liquid stage powerhouses had to rely on talismans to stop the fire completely and escape from its range .

Noah's figure became visible among the flames before his underlings could even begin to worry about his well-being . His robes were intact, and no burn had appeared on his body after that surprise attack .

The powerhouses turned toward him when they saw him wearing a wide smile . He appeared happy that someone had tried to kill him off with a sneak attack .

"You were indeed alive," Noah shouted once all the flames dispersed . His eyes went on a distant spot in the sky where a crowned figure had become visible .