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Published at 26th of January 2021 05:55:27 AM

Chapter 1206: 1206
The figure that appeared in the distance wore a small golden crown . He didn't show his usual smile to the invaders, but the red crystal at the center of his forehead announced his identity to the world .

'He has become stronger,' Noah thought as he inspected Second Prince .

The Royal was at the peak of the liquid stage, and golden fire surrounded his figure . He had inherited his Father's flames, but there was only "Breath" in their fabric .

He didn't use higher energy, but his cultivation level was surprising . Noah didn't grow as fast as he could due to the restrictions of the separate dimension, but that rate of improvement surpassed even monsters!

No one on the scene believed that Second Prince had reached that level of power due to his efforts or talent . After all, the powerhouses had lost track of him inside the separate reality . There were still some raw laws in that environment .

Second Prince didn't speak, but Noah didn't wait for him to do so . He flew higher in the sky to avoid entering the range of the Three-headed Dog as he neared the Royal .

Noah showed no fear as he flew toward Second Prince . The two of them were too distant from the new continent to trigger any formation, so they could talk or fight freely .

"No more fireballs?" Noah asked when he reached Second Prince .

The Royal wore a stern expression as he inspected Noah . His cultivation level was above Noah's now, but he still felt some hesitation inside his mind .

Second Prince couldn't explain the reason behind that feeling . Yet, his instincts told him that he couldn't beat Noah at his current level .

"No more smiles?" Noah asked as he revealed his usual cold smile .

"It's quite reckless for you to come here," Second Prince said . "We might be far above the landmass, but this is still my domain . "

Noah sighed when he heard that answer . He didn't know if the Royal wanted to fight, but there had to be a reason behind his sudden attack .

"I'm not good at foreplay," Noah said as his smile vanished and the Demonic Sword flew in his palm . "Do we try to kill each other? Do we talk? I'm good either way since your Father has left a few opponents for me before leaving . "

Second Prince kept his eyes fixed on Noah as he analyzed his behavior . He tried to see some flaws that could reveal his arrogance or worries, but Noah appeared completely relaxed in that situation .

Noah didn't feel fear . His instincts told him that Second Prince was dangerous, but he had been in front of a god . A cultivator in the same stage couldn't trigger his survival instincts .

"What's there to talk about?" Second Prince asked . "Let's go . I don't want to risk bringing more destruction to the new continent . "

"It is customary that the leaders of the strongest organizations in the world let their underlings deci-," Second Prince began to speak . Still, Noah interrupted his line by slashing toward his spot .

A black line cut Second Prince's torso diagonally, and the two pieces of his body began to separate . Yet, they both turned into flames that reattached themselves to reform the Royal's figure .

"I see that you don't care about this," Second Prince commented, but Noah slashed again .

The battle had started . Noah had no more words for his opponent at that point, and his face could express only coldness .

Noah's second slash divided the Royal in half again, but he didn't bleed . Golden flames came out of the cut edges, and his two pieces reattached themselves in a few seconds .

"You didn't even bother to check if this place had traps," Second Prince said, and four metallic pillars rose from the sea .

The pillars encircled the two cultivators, and a golden light came out of their surface . Their halo was about to reach Noah, but he closed his eyes and placed his forehead on the Demonic Sword as he focused on those items .

The halo suddenly stopped expanding, and a long cut appeared on the pillars' surface . Second Prince's expression became even more severe when he saw those inscribed items falling apart after enduring Noah's attack .

Second Prince didn't sense Noah's attack . It was as if the pillars had crumbled under his sharpness .

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Noah didn't waste time and resumed to launch slashes toward Second Prince as soon as the pillars crumbled . The Royal appeared immune to his attacks, and he always reattached its severed parts through the flames coming out of its injuries .

Second Prince didn't appear affected by those attacks, but he didn't seem to like Noah's actions . He snapped his fingers, and golden runes came out of his skin before disappearing inside the air .

Noah didn't sense anything, but a golden rune suddenly reappeared next to him and a fireball teleported in that spot . An explosion resounded in the area, and a wave of flames filled that piece of the sky .

Second Prince didn't stop his offensive there . More runes appeared near Noah's position, and various attacks replaced them after their halo dimmed .

Fireballs, spears, and snake heads crashed on Noah as more golden flames spread in the sky . Second Prince unleashed an array of spells that opened large cracks connected to the void .

Noah felt that something was off . He never felt the need to dodge or react to those attacks because his instincts didn't sense any danger coming from them .

His sturdy skin was more than enough to endure those blows, and his aura could even weaken them before they landed on his body .

'Why is he so weak?' Noah questioned himself .

Second Prince was at the peak of the liquid stage . His individuality would theoretically be only a few steps before the state of law, but the power that he was expressing wasn't even close to that level .

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That surprised Noah, but it led to only one explanation . Second Prince was holding back . No powerhouse could reach that level without going through the personal growth required by their individuality .

Noah didn't know why Second Prince wasn't showing his real power, but he had a way to find the answer .

Noah stomped on the air, and his figure disappeared . Even Second Prince lost track of him, but a shadow suddenly appeared in front of him .

Second Prince barely had the time to understand what had charged at him . He only saw the shape of a sword before pain spread from the center of his chest .

Noah reappeared behind him and slashed again . His previous attack had created a crack that led to the void right in the middle of his torso, but he wanted to put an end to the battle right away .

A second crack cut the upper part of the Royal's body diagonally . The flames that came out of the severed edges flowed inside the void and disappeared from that plane .

Noah didn't know how that defensive spell worked, but he could open cracks in the sky easily at his level . If Second Prince didn't want to reveal his cards, he would feed him to the void .

Second Prince turned his head before his entire figure became unstable . Noah felt a dangerous sensation at that point, but he also understood that it was too late to dodge the incoming attack .

The Royal blew himself up, and a storm of golden flames filled a large chunk of the sky . It was as if a star had appeared above the sea and had destroyed everything in its range .