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Chapter 1208: 1208
He had chosen to rely on his movement technique to escape from the golden flames after seeing that his dark matter couldn't block Second Prince's attack .

The dark world had lasted long enough to create a path through the barrage of copies, and Noah had used that chance to fly above the battlefield .

Second Prince's copies turned toward him at the same time before turning into flames that flew in his direction . Noah couldn't understand how much energy the Royal had gathered after his last attack, but he didn't see any reason to change his approach .

The Royal was still in the liquid stage . Even after he created an army of copies, his overall power never reached the solid stage .

Noah felt confused about that, but he didn't have time to study his opponent's power . He couldn't divert his attention from the battle anymore . Second Prince had already proven that he was able to hurt him .

The trails of flames flew toward Noah, but he slashed before they could reach him . A wave of dark matter engulfed them and recreated the dark world, but Second Prince's aura didn't vanish .

Sparks appeared once again around the dark world, and the army of copies reformed . In less than an instant, the golden flames burned the dark matter and forced Noah to escape .

Noah reappeared in the sky and launched another slash, but the outcome was the same as before . Second Prince's presence didn't disappear even after the dark matter destroyed all its flames, and its copies reformed around the dark world again .

'This won't do,' Noah thought as Second Prince forced him to escape again .

Noah didn't have problems with his reserves of energy anymore, but he didn't believe that he could last more than Second Prince . The Royal had already admitted that he wasn't a normal cultivator, so Noah couldn't apply his knowledge to understand his limits .

Yet, Noah knew that there was a limit to how much King Elbas' creations could defy logic . Even as a masterpiece, Second Prince had to follow the laws of the world .

His energy had to come from somewhere . A regular liquid stage powerhouse couldn't fuel that ability so often, and even an inscribed item couldn't escape those restrictions .

There had to be drawbacks . The only problem was that Noah couldn't see them . Even his mind kept on telling him that Second Prince was cloning himself freely .

'I guess I had to reveal something,' Noah thought . He had to give up on his initial approach if he wanted to win that fight .

Noah didn't launch another attack when he reappeared in the sky . Second Prince's copies transformed into flames that flew toward him, but he waited until they were close to perform one of his new techniques .

The Demonic Sword began to tremble as Noah's focused on the laws carried by Second Prince's flames . He saw King Elbas' arrogance inside that golden fire, but there were other meanings that he couldn't recognize .

However, Noah didn't need to understand his opponent's laws to cut them .

Noah's sword descended . The movement appeared slow in his eyes, but Second Prince didn't even notice it . The blade had completed the slash before the trails of flames could even reach their target .

Nothing seemed to happen after Noah attacked . The flames swept him and created a star in the area . Yet, countless fissures soon appeared in the fiery sphere's fabric .

Countless cuts covered the star . Its flames fell apart, and Noah didn't even bother to walk out of their range as he looked at the destruction that he had caused .

He didn't suffer any injury . His slash had severed the destructive properties of the flames, rendering them harmless . They weren't even warm anymore, and the sky could endure the energy they carried without shattering .

Cuts continued to appear on the flames that condensed into Second Prince's shape . The Royal didn't create any more copies, and he ignored Noah as he stared at his body .

Noah's attack didn't end even after Second Prince reformed . Cuts opened on his body, and golden flames came out of them . The Royal appeared made of fire, but that didn't slow down Noah's technique .

"What have you done to me?" Second Prince asked as injuries continued to appear on him .

The Royal tried everything . Golden runes began to shine on his skin, and potions came out of his space-rings to drop their contents on his body .

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Second Prince used all his knowledge and healing methods to stop Noah's technique, but nothing seemed to work . Cuts continued to open on his body even if Noah didn't attack anymore .

'He can survive this too,' Noah thought as he inspected Second Prince . It didn't matter how many injuries the Royal suffered . His flames always fixed his body .

"Make it stop!" Second Prince shouted and launched a wave of flames toward Noah, but he easily dodged it with his movement technique .

Second Prince chased after him, but his body continued to fall apart and slowed him down . Noah didn't even need to rely on his movement technique to retreat at that point .

The Royal understood that his efforts were pointless as long as cuts continued to appear on his body . Determination appeared in his eyes before he blew himself up again .

Second Prince's presence disappeared for the first time since the beginning of the battle, but Noah didn't drop his guard . He knew that he had forced the Royal to execute some dangerous technique, but he didn't believe that Second Prince would give up on him .

As Noah had predicted, Second Prince's aura suddenly appeared in the area again, and sparks of flames formed near him before taking the Royal's shape .

Second Prince heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that the technique had stopped, but Noah promptly slashed toward him again .

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The Royal dodged the attack, but anger appeared in his expression when he saw that Noah had launched a simple slash at that time . The fear of the previous technique had made him perform an evasive maneuver to avoid something unable to hurt him .

"This one is real," Noah said as he reappeared on top of the escaping Royal and slashed toward him .

Second Prince tried to understand if Noah was speaking the truth, but everything had happened too fast . His consciousness didn't have enough time to analyze the attack, and he couldn't risk suffering from that threatening technique again .

The Royal turned into flames to dodge the slash, but a loud curse resounded in the area when he noticed that Noah had tricked him again . His attack didn't even launch the usual black lines . Noah didn't put any energy into his blow .

Second Prince was about to condense into a human form, but Noah appeared next to him again and slashed without saying anything . The Royal could only perform an evasive maneuver at that point, and he didn't even bother to curse when he noticed that Noah had tricked him again .

That chase continued for a while, and Noah didn't mind that trend . He was barely consuming any energy to follow the Royal, but the latter had to deplete a lot of "Breath" perform his evasive maneuvers .

Noah didn't know how vast Second Prince's reserves of energy were, but that approach gave him enough time to learn about the Royal's limits .

Second Prince understood Noah's intentions, and he eventually decided to stop dodging . His body divided itself into various strands of flames that condensed to create his copies, but a wave of dark matter engulfed them before they could attack .

The Royal reformed in a different spot of the sky after the attack, and he could only show an ugly expression when he saw that cuts had started to appear on his body again .