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Chapter 1209: 1209
Noah had been unable to abandon anything during his journey . His ambition had made him keep his destruction, creation, and other aspects of his existence .

That path was far harsher than other journeys due to the width of the individuality, but Noah had managed to push it to his current level . Now, the ambition that had made him unable to leave anything behind allowed him to express everything simultaneously .

Noah's new slash wasn't exactly a new technique . It used the basics learnt during his training with Sword Saint, and it applied them to all his attacks . Noah only had to pour his ambition into his blows to manifest its effects .

The countless cuts were one of the techniques that best expressed his individuality . Noah only had to slash once to create a virtually endless number of injuries on his opponent .

His slash could generate other slashes . Destruction and creation worked together to give birth to an attack that would keep going as long as Noah's ambition continued to burn .

That was what Sword Saint had taught him . Noah could pour everything he had into his slashes to create an attack that knew no end . It destroyed to create more destruction in an endless cycle .

Second Prince blew himself up again when he saw that Noah had hit him with that troublesome technique . His body reformed high in the sky, but Noah promptly flew after him to continue his assault .

The Royal couldn't regain the upper hand in the battle . He had no way to predict when Noah would activate his individuality's troublesome properties, which forced him to deplete a large amount of energy to dodge all his attacks .

Noah didn't mind that type of battle . His endurance in those conditions was nearly endless, and he barely needed to perform real attacks anymore since Second Prince always performed evasive maneuvers .

The two powerhouses continued to fight in those conditions for entire weeks . Noah never let the Royal escape from his sight, and Second Prince could only rely on his immense reserves of energy to keep dodging .

Noah and Second Prince flew above both continents as their battle continued . The other powerhouses could see them for a few days before their fight led them above the sea again .

There seemed to be no end to that trend . Second Prince never had the time to react, and Noah's battle style was flawless . He never allowed him to do anything other than escaping .

'Where does he keep all this energy?' Noah wondered as he continued to suppress Second Prince .

He had forced the Royal to perform evasive maneuvers more than a thousand times, but Second Prince didn't show any sign of exhaustion . He didn't commit mistakes either, so Noah couldn't hit him with his technique anymore .

The relentless chase saw no changes even after one month . Noah and Second Prince remained locked in that situation, and none of them managed to catch their opponent off-guard .

Noah didn't let that situation win over his determination . He knew that if he let Second Prince go, the Royal would develop countermeasures to his abilities .

That was his best chance to end him . He only had to remain patient and never give a chance to react to his opponent .

Second Prince began to feel the pressure of Noah's approach after the two of them spent two entire months in that situation .

Noah noticed that change in his mindset since the Royal began to test different strategies during his escape .

Second Prince tried to delay the solidification of his body . He attempted to create decoys and copies through his flames, and he even took out inscribed items in the hope of gaining valuable instants .

However, Noah never failed to punish him with his new technique . Second Prince could only blow himself up every time the cuts started to reappear on his body . He had no other way to stop that technique .

Those attempts made Second Prince waste even more energy, but Noah had to suppress him for another month before showing signs of exhaustion .

Second Prince became slower in his reactions . Noah began to land some blows on him even if he didn't test other strategies .

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That development in their battle made Second Prince's situation quite critical . He almost didn't believe that Noah had managed to bring him to his limits, but the Royal could only blame himself .

He didn't underestimate Noah, but the latter had overcome Second Prince's highest evaluations . After all, the Royal could copy himself without dividing his power . He didn't believe that a powerhouse in the liquid stage could defeat that .

Yet, Noah didn't only overcome that technique . He had also forced Second Prince into a situation where he could deplete all his energy . That outcome was simply unbelievable in the Royal's mind, but he couldn't deny the reality of his current condition .

"Curse you!" Second Prince shouted before touching the crystal at the center of his forehead .

Noah used that chance to land another blow on him, but a blinding red light filled his vision afterward .

The halo radiated from the crystal didn't give birth to any dangerous sensation in Noah's mind, but it cut away his connection with the outside world for an instant .

Noah immediately deployed the dark world and activated the Demonic Form to defend himself, but no attack came in his direction .

After the halo vanished and he could sense the outside world again, Noah retracted his spell and dark matter to inspect the environment . Second Prince had used that chance to disappear, but he had left behind half of his crystal .

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Noah felt slightly annoyed that Second Prince had managed to escape him again, especially after he had spent the last three months chasing him through the world .

'I need to invent something new before I face him again,' Noah thought as he picked that half crystal . 'I didn't even manage to understand what he is . '

Noah could only sigh at that outcome, but the crystal soon caught his attention . His mental waves went on the item, and images tried to barge inside his mind at that point .

Noah quickly cut the connection with the crystal . He wanted to be careful when it came to items that belonged to the Elbas family . They knew too much about the inscription fields for him to act recklessly .

Dark matter rose from Noah's chest and entered his mind to create a few defensive layers . Part of his higher energy also reinforced his sturdy mental walls as he prepared himself to connect his consciousness with the crystal again .

Once he prepared all his defenses, Noah spread his mental waves toward the crystal again, and the same flow of images began to enter his mind .

The images were a messy mass of colors at the beginning, but Noah slowly reconstructed them . When he had completed that process, he saw King Elbas pouring his blood on a red crystal .