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Chapter 1210: 1210
The images that had appeared in his head gave off the same vibe as a Bloodline Inheritance . Yet, they were also similar to the dreams he experienced when he was still absorbing the Light-devouring Dragons' bloodline .

Noah couldn't understand what King Elbas had created just by listening to his sensations . He had to dig deeper in the memories contained inside the crystal to discover more about that item and Second Prince .

His mental waves went back inside the crystal, and more images flew toward his mind . Noah didn't want to go through many cycles of that process, so he continued to maintain the connection with the item until no more colors entered his consciousness .

Noah let his mind process those pieces of information until he obtained an orderly series of images . Even some sounds began to echo inside his mental walls as those pictures started to move .

"Failure," King Elbas' voice resounded inside Noah's mind .

The sound wasn't clear . It was muffled, and it seemed to come from far away .

The images showed King Elbas handling a series of items to inspect the red crystal that had received his blood . His mouth would move at times, but no sound came out of it .

Noah guessed that those memories were incomplete . He had a vague idea about the experiment that the Royals' leader was performing, but he had too many questions about the whole matter .

Moreover, King Elbas was mostly talking by himself . His mouth moved only when his considerations couldn't remain inside his mind anymore .

That scene depicted King Elbas in his natural environment . Intense curiosity brimmed in his eyes as he inspected the crystal with various inscribed items . The Royal's focus was on his creation, and he didn't show any anger in front of a failure .

'If these are memories,' Noah thought as the images became foggy for a few seconds, 'Who is watching him?'

Noah obtained the answer to his question as soon as the images became clear again .

King Elbas pinched the crystal in front of him and shattered it into pieces before turning toward the images' point of view . His muffled voice resounded once again inside Noah's mind as the Royal pointed at his palm to open a wound .

"Second," King Elbas murmured, "I've never succeeded at the second attempts . "

The Royal dropped his blood on the point of view . Shades of red appeared on the images as the drops flowed on top of them .

The redness began to flicker, and the images became clear once again as the drops vanished . Noah could guess what had happened at that point . The second crystal had absorbed King Elbas' blood, and a consciousness awakened .

Then, at the peak of the images' clarity, Second Prince's voice resounded inside Noah's mind . "Who are you?"

"I am your Father," King Elbas answered as he hurriedly picked his inscribed items again to inspect the crystal .

His expression remained stern as the process continued, but the light coming out of his eyes became brighter as he read the results of his analysis .

"I did it," King Elbas murmured . "You are the first living being created through my blood . You shall be my heir . I'll award you the name of First Prince!"

Silence filled the room, but King Elbas patiently waited for an answer to arrive . Yet, when the crystal spoke, the Royal could only show a mix of surprise and interest .

The redness became more intense as Second Prince's voice resounded in Noah's head . "First? I'm the second! You have destroyed First!"

King Elbas didn't initially understand what Second Prince meant, but everything became clear to him when he turned to look at the pieces of the other red crystal .

"Oh," King Elbas said, "You could already see before inheriting my will . Part of me must have flowed inside you when I assembled the crystal . "

King Elbas performed more tests, but he eventually put everything away to speak with his creation . "Fine, I'll call you Second . I will teach you what I know before giving you a body . I'll probably make more of you if the experiment turns out to be a success . "

King Elbas stretched his hands to take the crystal, and the images became foggy after he picked it . Noah waited for a while, but he could only see two more scenes from the memories he had obtained .

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The first one showed Second Prince running through what appeared to be a lab . The crystal in his forehead was the point of view, so Noah didn't manage to get a good look at the environment while he remained immersed in those memories .

Second Prince gasped for air as he climbed a stair that ended into a trap door . His hands managed to lift its edges and make some of the air outside it flow inside the lab before someone flung him back at the bottom of the room .

King Elbas appeared in Second Prince's vision, but his expression didn't carry the same excitement as the first images . There were only seriousness and a tinge of disappointment on his face .

"You are too free," King Elbas said while heaving a sigh . "Your potential is immense, but you carry my desires and dreams . I can't let you fulfill yourself before I leave this world . "

The images became foggy as soon as King Elbas' hand stretched to cover Second Prince's vision .

The second scene showed a place that Noah remembered well . It depicted the separate reality when Noah killed First Prince and First Princess .

The redness in Second Prince's vision flickered to no end as he kept his focus on Noah . The images became more vivid as he killed the two descendants .

Noah could sense his ambition in the images . It was as if his individuality had flowed inside Second Prince and had left a mark in his mind .

'Did I inspire Second Prince?' Noah wondered as the images became foggy, and the memories ended .

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There were still many questions inside his mind, but Noah wasn't really interested in Second Prince's life .

Every living being went through hardships, and many of them carried traumas of those events for most of their journey . Overcoming and owning them was what allowed them to reach higher peaks in their path .

However, a detail in those images had caught his attention . When Second Prince lifted the trap door, Noah had seen part of the structure that stood on top of the lab .

Noah didn't see much, but he recognized the style of the structure's inside . He couldn't forget them since he had lived in similar buildings for a while .

'The Capital in the Utra nation,' Noah concluded in his mind .

There was only one place in the entire world that had such polished buildings, and the old Capital was one of the few spots that could still hide secrets from Noah .

Noah didn't believe that the Capital held any riches since the Elbas family had moved all its assets to the new continent and had placed the dimensional portal in that nation .

Yet, there was a chance that it still hid King Elbas' old lab . If that turned out to be accurate, Noah felt relatively sure that he could find some research there .