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Published at 26th of January 2021 05:55:21 AM

Chapter 1212: 1212
"Why didn't you run?" Noah asked as he browsed through some of the scrolls on a dusty shelf . "You knew which memories the crystal you left behind contained . You knew that I would have come here . "

The scrolls contained studies aimed for cultivators in the fourth rank fifth rank, but even Noah could see that the current inscription methods were more advanced than those described .

King Elbas might have been a genius, but most of his knowledge had become public domain . Only his latest inventions were still a secret, and the world wasn't sure if his descendants knew all of them .

"I came at you with the strength of ten powerhouses at the peak of the liquid stage," Second Prince replied as he took a bag of blood from a drawer next to him, "But I lost anyway . What should I try next time? Should I wait until I can do the same at the solid stage? Should I take my victory if I manage to become a god before you?"

Noah didn't answer that question . He had found a book that described some taming method, and he promptly stored it .

The Hive didn't need help in controlling the hybrids as long as Noah and Skully were there . However, Noah would eventually ascend, and beings stronger than Skully were bound to appear sooner or later .

Noah didn't want to leave the Hive unprepared for the army of hybrids, so he stored that book to improve Thirty-seven's knowledge . The automaton would take care of teaching it to the others when the time was right .

"These studies don't belong to you," Second Prince said as he poured a few drops of blood on his forehead . His crystal absorbed the liquid, and a small part of its missing piece regrow after that procedure .

"Didn't you just admit your eternal defeat?" Noah asked as he continued to browse through that collection . He wanted to make sure that he didn't miss anything valuable, so he inspected every item that he found .

Second Prince remained speechless after Noah's reply . He had vented previously, but he didn't expect Noah to treat that lab as if it was his raiding ground .

In the end, Second Prince sighed before asking Noah a question . "Why didn't you kill me? Don't tell me that you have started to pity me . "

"You are a cursed existence," Noah began to speak as he heard those words . "Your Father has tortured and restrained you . Isn't this how life normally goes?"

Noah wasn't serious, but Second Prince didn't laugh . He shook his head and continued the treatment for his crystal .

Some of the shelves fell when Noah moved them to inspect certain items . The most important resource in the lab appeared to be the scrolls and books, but even those were quite old for the current era .

"You," Second Prince hesitated for a moment before resuming speaking, "Your ambition . It touched me in the separate reality . I managed to awaken a part of my personality in that place . "

Noah didn't answer . He could feel that Second Prince's speech wasn't over . He didn't know what the Royal was about to say, but he didn't have much to do . Looting a lab didn't require much attention .

"How can an existence like you choose to live?" Second Prince asked . "I've read your story, I've made my investigations, and I know about a part of your individuality . Your law of ambition burns hotter than Father's flames . I didn't think it to be possible . "

Noah recalled his defeat against King Elbas . The Royal had overwhelmed the forces of the entire world with his golden flames, and some of the powerhouses still feared that color .

The memories of such a massive battle could even affect the minds of the strongest cultivator . King Elbas was an existence worthy of creating those traumas .

"Why would I even help you?" Noah asked .

Second Prince wasn't his ally . Part of him knew that they weren't enemies either, especially after learning how King Elbas had manipulated him . Yet, Noah couldn't find any reason to help him .

"I still am King Elbas' heir," Second Prince replied . "I am the best inscription master in the world now . "

Noah shook his head as he continued to browse through that collection of antiques . Second Prince was willing to bribe him as long as he could receive an answer to his question .

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"What is your source of energy?" Noah asked . "Do you even have a dantian?"

Second Prince's eyes lit up when he saw that Noah had taken an interest in him . That gave him hope, but he had to answer honestly to avoid triggering another battle .

"My dantian is only for show," Second Prince began to explain . "It grows and absorbs laws, but it contains no "Breath" . My energy comes from the seabed . "

Noah didn't need to show a curious expression to make Second Prince understand that he wanted to hear more about that method . He only turned and looked at the Royal with his usual cold reptilian eyes .

"The new continent was powerful enough to fuel formations on its own," Second Prince explained . "The seabed is quite similar . I have a formation connected to a teleportation matrix down there . The energy that it gathers flows directly into my dantian . "

"So," Noah spoke to make sure that he couldn't gain anything from eating Second Prince . "Your dantian is worthless, isn't it?"

"Yes," Second Prince showed a smile as he replied . "I'm only a consciousness that moves puppets . I wouldn't satisfy you if you were to eat me . "

Noah could only sigh at that discovery . Learning about Second Prince's cultivation method made him want to scan the seabed and see if he could find that formation .

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If the Hive learnt how to harness energy from the seabed, it wouldn't have any problem activating the Copying Technique .

"You ask me how," Noah said as his inspection continued . "I don't know . I'm alive, so I choose to live . There isn't anything outside of it . My ambition is boundless, but I would have remained alive without it too . "

"Do you think I can?" Second Prince asked .

"You are the only one turning this into an issue," Noah quickly replied . "Alive, dead, human, monster, who cares . You can cultivate, so you can live this life . "

Noah's words were something that Second Prince had repeated himself many times, but they had a different weight when Noah was the one to speak them .

Second Prince suddenly seemed to understand something, but his mood didn't change . He remained pensive, and he didn't appear wholly convinced about Noah's point .

"The thing about your dantian," Noah began his speech, "You are completely useless to me without it . Killing you gives me no benefits, but I have another role in mind that you can fill . "

"Which is?" Second Prince asked .

"Deal with my boredom," Noah replied . "I'm going to grow bored of these lands quite soon if no one tries to reach the top of the world . I don't want to spend the solid stage in seclusion . "