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Chapter 1219: 1219
The three organizations wouldn't hold back anymore now that King Elbas had left the lower plane . The Elbas family had to leave the new continent and pay for what it had done to the world's previous overlords .

The powerhouses gathered above the region defended by the Titan . All the rank 6 existences of the invaders flew there to begin a joint assault to one of the last champions of the Elbas family .

They didn't have a proper strategy since they had yet to test the limits of the puppet . However, they were ready to unleash everything they had in that battle .

Noah approached that battle with a heavy mind . Part of him wanted to test himself against that puppet, but he knew he had to hide his power in front of the other organizations .

His instincts told him that he couldn't face the Titan on his own . Still, he felt close to its level of power . After all, his ambition alone brought him near the solid stage in terms of battle prowess .

Noah felt slightly conflicted about the whole matter, but he decided to test the puppet with the other powerhouses before choosing how to approach that battle .

His biggest issue was the golden fire protecting its red skin . Noah was unsure whether he could face it when it came to its physical might .

Noah and the others had gathered a lot of experience with the other puppets, so they knew how to coordinate themselves in those fights . He didn't even have to give orders to make them start the assault .

Flying Demon and Dreaming Demon covered the battlefield with their coordinated spells . White flowers spread everywhere in that chunk of sky, and heavy mental waves came out of the ice they generated .

Daniel and Faith had learnt how to make their attacks work together with the Demons . Their individualities had a wide area of influence, so they could use them to pave the way for the Demons' spells .

Faith's mental waves flew through Dreaming Demon's consciousness and faced the golden flames head-on . Their goal was to reduce part of its destructiveness .

Daniel did something similar . His light took the shape of dense white trails that avoided the flowers to attack the flames .

Faith and Daniel were only gaseous stage powerhouses, so their individualities couldn't affect the flames too much . Items in the upper tier were above their power, but their attacks managed to cause some changes in that defensive layer .

The flames didn't lose much power, but they slowly shrunk under the effect of those individualities . Drops of blood appeared inside them as Daniel turned them into their true form and made them unable to fuel the puppet again .

Dreaming Demon even managed to make a few strands of fire fight among themselves . Yet, even the work of four gaseous stage powerhouses couldn't create a flaw in the flames .

Those were only superficial damages . The puppet generated new flames continuously, so the four only affected part of their external layers .

Elder Laura and Elder Regina had learnt to work together too . They both gave birth to various creatures with their spells, so they could create battle formations meant to counter the puppet's innate abilities when they cooperated .

The two of them also came from the same organization . They had the time to study and prepare techniques that could damage the golden flames in that period .

The tactic that led to better outcomes saw Elder Regina creating an army made of countless worm-type creatures and Elder Laura shooting snake-like beasts that ate them to apply a layer of protection around their bodies .

That gave the puppets enough time to reach the flames and detonate around the Titan . When paired with their companions' attacks, their spells could fly through the fire until they were almost above the red metal .

Elder Julia had gathered enough experience to make her attacks aim for the flaws that her companions created . She could condense her wind-slashes into small blades that pierced the weakened spots among the flames and create long paths that led to the Titan's skin .

The other gaseous stage powerhouses could only have a supportive role . Their individualities made them capable of powerful attacks, but that was a useless feature against flames that could surpass them in their raw form .

The best attack of a gaseous stage powerhouse couldn't even come near a casual spell launched by a being in the solid stage . The same went for the weaker experts . They could only cast techniques that worsened the flaws created by their companions .

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The efforts of the gaseous stage powerhouses made them able to replace one of the leaders, but the Titan was different from the other puppets . It wielded long swords that forced one of the experts in the liquid stage to block the shockwaves that they created .

The powerhouses fought outside of the fiery swords' range, but they had to remain inside the reach of their shockwaves if they wanted their influence to maintain its power .

That forced Great Elder Diana to focus her offensive on destroying any harmful shockwave that aimed for the weaker powerhouses . She could launch attacks toward the puppet even with that role, but she didn't manage to inflict significant damages when she split her attention .

God's Left Hand helped the other Matriarchs with her new role, but her main job was to clear the weakened golden flames and create an opening that Noah could exploit .

The invaders had to use part of their power to defend . It was up to Noah to make up for that loss of firepower .

Noah didn't join that battle immediately . He remained at the battlefield's edges as his companions became used to the Titan's fighting style .

His ambition had already brought his aura to the quasi-solid stage level, but he waited before making his move . He had to see if the puppet gave them hope to win that battle before deciding how to act .

The Titan was relentless . It slashed with its swords and tried to hit the powerhouses at the edges of the battlefield, but it could only reach them with the shockwaves generated with its attacks .

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The leaders blocked those shockwaves, so the invaders and the Titan remained in a situation where they were unable to hurt each other .

Noah activated the Divine Deduction technique to evaluate his options, but he soon understood that he had already grasped all the aspects of that battle .

His only option was to fly through the slashes and reach the Titan to exploit the openings created by his companions . However, charging inside the puppet's range would give it the chance to inflict some damage with its technique .

He had to risk something to obtain benefits . Noah never hesitated to do that when it benefited him, but that battle would only help the organizations' political influence .

He didn't need to conquer those regions, but his battle intent became more intense as he kept watching the Titan . His instincts told him that he could defeat it if the other powerhouses kept on weakening the golden flames .

Noah glanced at the two Matriarchs before heaving a silent sigh . King Elbas had already proven that a single cultivator could defeat an entire world, so it was pointless to hold back when he desired to test himself .

"Don't stop attacking," Noah said as he broke his stance to sprint inside the Titan's range . "I'm going to try something different . "