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Chapter 1220: 1220
The dark world expanded and slowed down the swords for an instant . The Titan's weapon soon pierced Noah's dark matter and destroyed the cloud, but they only found a human-shaped crack when they reached the center of the technique .

Another cloud appeared where the powerhouses' attacks converged . The dark world unfolded again, but a layer of corrosive smoke covered its edges and enlarged the path through the golden fire created by Noah's companions .

Noah could change the shape of the dark world as he liked . He could even modify some of its features according to his needs .

His dark matter created tunnels where the corrosive smoke of his Demonic Form flew freely . That allowed his spell to damage the flames even if the dark world surrounded his figure .

The Titan's flames had endured the assault of the other powerhouses for a while by then . The experts from the three organizations had created an opening above the puppet's chest, and Noah's had sprinted to unleash his dark world and corrosive smoke there .

The Demonic Form spell finished to destroy the weakened flames and uncovered the Titan's chest . Noah now had the defenseless red metal right in front of him, and his cultivation level had already reached the point where he could launch a slash capable of ripping off a large chunk of the puppet .

However, launching his strongest slash would exhaust all the power that he had gathered through his ambition .

Noah knew that his group couldn't defeat the Titan in the same way as the other puppets . He and his companions couldn't exploit the damage created with one slash since the fiery swords blocked most of the attacks that entered their range .

One large wound wasn't enough to force the Titan into a passive position . Noah had to do far more if he wanted to have a chance to defeat that opponent .

Noah's black hole rotated faster as he decided to remain there . He was fast enough to dodge the blades, and being a bait could make his companions more useful in the battle .

The Titan spread its arms before pointing its swords toward the center of the new cloud and thrusting them . The fire that made those weapons fused and created a dense mass of flames when they converged on the same spot, but they only hit a human-shaped crack again .

Noah reappeared on top of the Titan . The dark world had taken the shape of a dense defensive layer that covered his fuming armor when he came out of his dimension .

It was as if the sky couldn't withstand the amount of energy he had condensed into a small area . Even the sunlight couldn't overcome the gravitational pull that surrounded him .

Noah had transformed into a black hole that had the shape of the Demonic Form . The pressure that affected the sky weighed on his body, but it also gave him immense power .

There was a limit to the number of attacks that he could perform when the dark world took that shape, but Noah had chosen to use that technique because he had a clear strategy in mind .

The golden flames in that spot were intact, but Noah's technique allowed him to remain among them without suffering any injury for a few seconds .

The Titan swung its swords upward, but Noah delivered a punch to the puppet's head before they could reach him . His fist dug into the red metal and arrived in the empty insides filled with inscriptions .

The puppet lost its balance after that attack . Noah's punch created a shockwave that made the Titan bend backward, and its swords missed him by a few meters due to the impact .

The powerhouses didn't let that chance to waste . Noah had chosen to charge in a spot full of golden flames, leaving the cleared area unused . The Titan's chest didn't have fire protecting it, and its swords didn't launch shockwaves toward the other assets anymore .

The path was clear . The powerhouses launched everything they had at the Titan's chest, and deep cracks appeared on the red metal in that spot . Their joint attack allowed them to create some decent damage .

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Noah sprinted away to reappear on the Titan's chest . He couldn't survive for long among the golden flames, and that area was the only spot without fire that allowed him to continue unleashing the power of his individuality .

Noah delivered another punch, and he tried to use the cracks opened by his companions to increase the amount of damage he could inflict . Another shockwave ran through the Titan, and it made it miss its attack again .

Meanwhile, a large chunk of its chest fell, and Noah flew directly inside it .

The powerhouses remained speechless when they saw Noah entering the Titan, but they could only trust him in that situation . They resumed their destruction of the flames, and they aimed at the damaged spots to slow down the healing properties of the creature .

Noah's defensive layer had recovered during his previous attack, so it could face the golden flames again . The puppet's insides were full of fire, but his protection could survive for a couple of seconds in that environment .

The world of laws appeared in Noah's vision as he inspected the inscriptions inside the puppet . His expertise in that field was poor, but he could vaguely understand which lines were more important .

'Not yet,' Noah thought as he sprinted upward to pierce the Titan's head from the spot he had previously damaged .

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Noah continued to fly until he escaped from the range of the flames, and his aura became more intense as he saw the Titan restoring its balance and aiming its swords at him again .

The empowerment given by his ambition was about to end . Noah couldn't match solid stage powerhouses for too long . He could only launch two more weaker attacks before the effects of his law vanished .

The fact that he had been in that superior state for three exchanges prevented him from launching his strongest slash, but Noah had already expected that .

He planned to force the Titan's attention on him since he could continue to damage it and expose flaws in its battle style at the same time .

That allowed his companions to use offensive spells against the red metal . They didn't need to limit themselves to defending and destroying the flames anymore since Noah took care of part of that already .

The gaseous stage powerhouses couldn't do much, but his approach gave Great Elder Diana the chance to attack multiple times . Also, the whole group could aim directly for the red metal after they removed the flames .

Noah's strategy multiplied the offensive prowess of the group . While he acted as bait, Great Elder Diana could always attack the puppet, and her companions had the time for a direct blow once every two exchanges!