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Published at 26th of January 2021 05:55:11 AM

Chapter 1223: 1223
"Almighty!" God's Left Hand shouted again before kowtowing on the air .

Tears fell from her eyes, and her aura became stronger as she expressed her utmost respect toward her leader . It was as if Shandal's return in the lower plane had stirred her individuality to improve .

The other powerhouses showed different reactions at that scene . Concern appeared on most of them, but those who had been in Shandal's separate dimension didn't feel any fear .

The reappearance of the God of the Empire would give a new life to that organization . His sole presence was enough to make it become the strongest force in the world, and his guidance would make its growth spike again .

It was normal for the powerhouses from other organizations to fear Shandal . His return would make them lose some of the benefits they experienced while he was in the Immortal Lands .

Instead, the powerhouses who had been in Shandal's dimension knew that he didn't mean any harm . The God wouldn't influence the political environment . He only cared about sending more cultivators to the Immortal Lands .

As for Noah, he could barely focus in that situation since his instincts were screaming like crazy . They had gone silent after the lightning bolt fell, but they had soon started to warn him again .

Noah wanted to focus on Shandal, but his mind didn't allow him to do it . His eyes moved between the egg and the crack in the sky on their own . They didn't even give him the time to look at the divine cultivator!

The egg made Noah feel the most intense hunger that he had ever felt in his life . It was as if he had gone back to when he was a hybrid . It took all his concentration to remain sane in that condition .

The hole in the sky made him feel danger . Noah sensed a massive menace whenever he looked at white light leaking from that connection to the Immortal Lands .

That dangerous feeling helped to keep in check his hunger, but Noah felt conflicted anyway . He didn't know what to think in that situation . Too much was happening at the same time, and his mind acted as an enemy due to all the sensations that filled it .

Noah's black hole rotated and sent a large amount of energy toward his mind . His condition slowly stabilized, but his instincts continued to run wild through his mental sea .

The black hole had only made Noah able to endure those sensations . It didn't make them disappear .

Once Noah's stabilized, he could finally inspect the god . Shandal was gasping for air while sitting cross-legged on the ground . The debris created after the lightning bolt destroyed the Hydra surrounded him, but he had eyes only for the egg between his arms .

What surprised Noah the most was the aura exuded by the egg . That was a proper rank 7 item, and the energy that it spread in the environment made every magical beast and hybrid hungry for it .

'Can a creature be born directly as a divine being?' Noah wondered as he continued to inspect the egg .

His senses weren't reliable when it came to the divine realm since he was still too weak to grasp it . Noah didn't manage to pinpoint the actual cause of that divine aura . Both the material that made the egg and the creature inside it could be the source .

'This hunger isn't natural,' Noah thought . 'Divine creatures shouldn't cause these reactions inside me . '

Noah had already been in the same room with divine items and resources, but his hunger had never reached that level of intensity . The only explanation was that the egg had some unique features .

'That would also explain this flashy return,' Noah thought as his eyes went on the sky .

The danger that he felt coming from the crack was peculiar too . It was different from the lightning bolt that had fallen in the lower plane . It appeared almost alive when Noah tried to analyze it .

However, the crack began to close as the seconds passed . The hole shrunk as the structure of the sky enlarged to block that passage for the Immortal Lands .

"Almighty!" God's Left Hand shouted again without raising her head .

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Shandal heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that the crack had started to close itself . His attention could finally go on the group of powerhouses staring at him while wearing stunned expressions .

"I didn't plan to return so soon," Shandal announced as he stood up, "But I couldn't escape in any other way . I had to make Heaven and Earth notice me to open this shortcut . Nothing cuts through planes better than a Tribulation . "

Shandal appeared to be in a happy mood . He began to laugh on his own, and he didn't even care that his hair and beard were a mess . Only one braid had survived . The lightning bolt had destroyed the others .

His aura seeped through the environment and affected the matter that made it . Shandal was a failed divine cultivator, but he carried some features of a true god .

God's Left Hand couldn't contain her excitement anymore after she heard her leader speak . She straightened her position and flew toward Shandal to welcome him back to the lower plane properly .

Gales formed in the air after she passed . Her individuality made her a calamity that served only Shandal, so the Patriarch's return made her power grow .

The other powerhouses relaxed when they saw God's Left Hand's actions, and some felt intrigued about the whole situation . They didn't know how valuable the egg was, but they mostly wanted to talk with an actual god anyway .

"Don't move," Noah said in a low tone after True Speed left the group to follow his Matriarch .

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Noah had purposely waited for the powerhouses of the Empire to leave the group before giving his warnings . The hole in the sky had yet to close, and he still felt danger coming from it . It was better to wait until the fissure disappeared before moving right under it .

True Speed and God's Left Hand didn't manage to reach Shandal since a growl came out of the fissure and echoed through the whole lower plane . The air in the sky shattered, and cracks opened when that sound passed .

None of the powerhouses had doubts when it came to evaluating Shandal's enemy . Everyone knew that only a creature in the divine ranks could give birth to such an intense sound .

Noah had to condense his consciousness inside his mental sphere to endure the vibrations caused by the growl . His mind could understand the meaning behind that cry .

"Human thief," The creature on the other side of the fissure said .

Noah felt curious about the matter, but he couldn't step forward and ask for the details of Shandal's journey . He had to organize a specific meeting for that topic .

Still, the surprises weren't over yet . Noah was about to evaluate whether to greet Shandal when a curved green claw pierced the fissure in the sky and enlarged its edges .