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Chapter 1224: 1224
The sky trembled when the claw surpassed the edges of the hole and appeared in the lower plane . A divine aura spread from it, and the world's fabric found itself unable to bear it .

Countless cracks appeared in the sky as the divine aura spread . A lower plane was too frail to endure that creature's aura, but the divine being in the Immortal Land didn't seem to care . It continued to growl and stab its claw deeper into that world .

The powerhouses couldn't do anything in that situation . They didn't even move . There was nowhere to hide when divine beings became involved . King Elbas had already proven that .

'The sky will collapse if that guy tries to cross the barriers between planes,' Noah thought as he studied the claw .

Noah could learn many pieces of information from a single body part, but he didn't know how useful his expertise was in that situation . Even discovering the creature's species wouldn't help him at all unless it had severe flaws .

Yet, even serious flaws wouldn't help him . There was a simple but insurmountable problem in that situation . Noah couldn't damage a divine being . Surviving in its presence was already a remarkable feat .

A tremor suddenly ran through the claw, and a few sparks came out of it before dispersing in the sky . An angry roar followed that event, but the body part began to retreat nonetheless .

The claw disappeared among the white light, but the hole didn't show signs of closing . It was as if something was keeping it open, but that action happened on the other side . Noah and the others couldn't forcefully block it since the culprits were then in the Immortal Lands .

A series of low roars began to echo through the hole again . The meaning that they carried was different, but Noah understood most of it .

"World too frail," The creature growled, "Kill human . Take egg . Make them fear us . "

"What did you even lead here?" Noah asked without moving his eyes from the crack .

Shandal knew that the question was for him . He didn't know how Noah could be so relaxed in his presence, but he didn't feel angry about his gesture .

Instead, Shandal looked above him before heaving a sign and replying to those who were listening . "This is my fault . I might have led the Eternal Snake's species into a lower plane . "

All the powerhouses turned toward Shandal when they heard his words . The name of that species was quite peculiar, and it didn't seem like a good sign .

"What will happen now?" Noah asked without minding that he was speaking with an actual god . His survival instincts made him completely disregard respect and politeness .

"I'm in the same situation, young man," Shandal answered . "We can only believe in Heaven and Earth's restrictions now . "

His cultivation level increased too . Noah couldn't gather much power, but he almost reached the peak of the liquid stage . His eyes had already reopened when something happened in the crack .

Layers of ice and silver reinforced the edges of the passage and forced it to remain open . That method completely stopped the natural healing of the sky .

Shadows appeared through the white light, but some of them released an angry roar when the Heaven Tribulation on the other side punished them .

Their crime against Heaven and Earth was that they had tried to fly into the lower plane while being in the divine ranks . The world couldn't allow that .

Shandal was a peculiar existence, so Heaven and Earth never bothered to punish him . They tried to hit him only when he went in the Immortal Lands .

A series of growls echoed through the sky again, and Noah could hear that they were only complaints aimed at the fragility of the world . There was a chance that those creatures had never lived in a lower plane, so their surprise was understandable .

'It shouldn't be too smart,' Noah thought as he inspected what he could in that situation .

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The Eternal Snake didn't appear to be as smart as other creatures . Night could talk freely, but that species of beasts had many difficulties in reaching that level of expertise with words .

After that failed attempt, the creatures on the other side of the crack sent something into the lower world . Ten giant boulders fell from the sky and crashed on various spots of the world .

The new continent saw the highest number of those meteors falling on its surface . Some of them ended up in the sea, while one even landed in the old landmass .

The crash of those boulders created intense shockwaves that threatened to wipe out the living beings in entire regions, but Shandal intervened at that point .

His consciousness unfolded and covered the world, and his divine "Breath" moved to perform a spell that only a few experts noticed . His individuality made him freeze the shockwaves that remained on their spot until they depleted all the energy that they contained .

Shandal's individuality affected the boulders, but it was only a matter of time before the creatures inside them freed themselves of that cover . They had used it exclusively to preserve their health in the end .

Each boulder radiated a peak rank 6 aura, and they remained in that shape and spots for a long time .

A twitch soon appeared on Shandal's face, who recalled his consciousness and stood up . He couldn't use his divine power for a long time and refilling it was even more troublesome . It was better to save it now that he knew that he couldn't avoid that threat anymore .

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More roars echoed from the hole in the sky . The creatures on the other side cried the same lines again, but only Noah could hear their meaning . Still, the other powerhouses could vaguely understand their purpose .

As the growls echoed through the sky, the ten boulders began to tremble . The white smoke coming out due to the burns suffered during the fall vanished, and a few cracks opened on their figures .

The boulders started to move as those orders reached them . They soon revealed to the world what they were . They had taken that oval form to pass through the hole in the sky and get the surface, but they were nothing more than massive snakes coiled to take that shape .

The ten snakes roared at the sky when they stretched . Noah could immediately understand that those weren't simple snake-like creatures since their cries made them sound like dragons .

Still, he didn't feel fear . Instead, he was excited that such powerful creatures had fallen from the sky . It was as if the Immortal Lands wanted to ensure that the world had enough nutrients to reach the divine ranks .

Moreover, that was the struggle that he had searched for in the last period . Shandal's return had given birth to a battle that would force Noah to overcome his limits, and he didn't desire anything else .

The world was about to undergo a peculiar crisis, and Noah couldn't wait to jump right into it .