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Chapter 1225: 1225
An invasion had begun . Ten peak rank 6 creatures had fallen into the world . Their power was enough to alter the division of power between humans and magical beasts, but that wasn't the end .

The creatures above had reinforced the crack in the sky . The passage toward the Immortal Lands was still open, and it didn't show any sign of closing .

No one knew for how long the divine creatures would be able to keep the fissure open . Heaven and Earth would surely punish them for that, but the experts in the lower plane couldn't predict when the Eternal Snakes would become tired .

That allowed the divine creatures to send reinforcements . The experts in the heroic ranks didn't know how powerful the pack in the Immortal Lands was, but they could guess that it didn't have a shortage of peak rank 6 specimens .

The crack was a continuous threat that hung over the world . The organizations had to take care of it before a horde of powerful beasts fell into the lower plane . However, Shandal was the only one that could deal with that issue .

The ice and silver that had covered the crack's edges came from the divine beings in the Immortal Lands . Even the efforts of the whole world would be useless against those materials .

Shandal was the only one capable of expressing power in the divine rank . He had to remove those restrictions and make sure that the crack closed .

Still, it was unsure whether he could deal with the issue . Everyone knew that he wasn't a proper god, so there was a chance that he couldn't destroy those abilities .

It soon became clear that the experts had to cooperate with Shandal, but that meant negotiating with a divine being . The heroic cultivators hesitated to plan a strategy after they understood that they had to fly toward him .

That hesitation appeared even in the experts that had been in the separate dimension under the Odrea nation . Meeting a will was different from talking with an actual divine being .

Noah would typically have no worries in those situations, but he had a lot to lose now . The peak rank 6 Snakes were the best nourishment that he could find in a lower plane, and he wouldn't dare to approach negotiations that involved them unprepared .

'He probably doesn't know about our conversation,' Noah thought as he glanced at Flying Demon, who sensed his stare and turned to nod at him .

Flying Demon had inherited part of Shandal's individuality . He was the perfect powerhouse to bring in that meeting .

The group of powerhouses saw Shandal's will fusing with his figure . The memories of his will flowed inside his mind instantly, and the god showed a different expression when he reopened his eyes to look at the experts .

"I see," Shandal said as his eyes moved among the powerhouses of the Hive .

A satisfied expression appeared on his face, and he started to play with his long beard as he inspected those who had met his will . Noah and the others felt naked under his intense gaze .

"You have grown quite well," Shandal said . "Especially you, man of tw- . "

"I want to discuss something with you," Noah interrupted Shandal before he could speak about his transmigration again . "I believe you want to help us deal with this crisis, but I want to know what role you will play first . I'm interested in some of the creatures that have fallen . "

Noah's hesitation didn't last long . As soon as he saw Shandal's will fusing to the main body, he knew that he could act freely . After all, he was quite crucial to existences that went against Heaven and Earth .

Shandal smiled when he heard those words, and he nodded before sitting on the ground . The experts understood the meaning behind that gesture . That same ground would hold their negotiation .

Noah flew forward, and Flying Demon followed him . Great Elder Diana did the same while bringing Elder Regina with her .

God's Left Hand appeared different from before now that her leader had returned . She radiated intense confidence in her abilities, and her individuality leaked from her figure to affect the environment .

Wild winds formed wherever her influence reached, but they were too weak to hinder the path of her fellow powerhouses . Noah and the others went to the Empire's higher-ups and sat in front of the waiting god .

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God's Left Hand and True Speed didn't sit . They moved behind Shandal's back and remained there as if they were his protectors . Sternness also appeared on their expression when they took those spots .

"You said that you were interested in the Snakes," Shandal said to start the negotiations . "I thought that a creature like you would be more interested in this . "

Shandal moved his arms to reveal the egg, and Noah's pupils shrunk at that sight . His instincts suggested reckless plans to his mind, but he limited himself to suppress them .

"The Eternal Snakes are famous for their longevity and endurance," Shandal said before giving voice to a short laugh . "I don't have the strength to defeat one of them, but this egg will directly give birth to a divine specimen . I want to use its energy to see if I can improve my cultivation level . "

Shandal's statement made Noah give up on the egg . The god of the Empire would use everything he had to fix his condition, so he wasn't willing to put that resource for sale .

"Can living beings be born directly as gods?" Noah asked as curiosity filled his mind .

He had only managed to gather small pieces of information about the Immortal Lands, and none of them talked about the fauna in that place . Even Night was useless in that field since it had lost many memories .

Shandal scratched his beard before replying . "It's rare, but it can happen . There are many divine beings in the Immortal Lands, and some have laws capable of affecting the world . You will find many peculiar things up there . "

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A tremor ran through God's Left Hand's face when she heard those words . Her Patriarch had confirmed that Noah would reach the Immortal Lands . She couldn't believe that even Shandal had acknowledged his talent .

The same went for the powerhouses from the Council . Great Elder Diana and Elder Regina didn't look at Noah, but seeing Shandal being so confident about his statement made them respect Noah even more .

As for Noah, he didn't care about those words . He had only one goal in his mind . He had to secure the powerful specimens that had fallen into the world .

"Only you can take care of the crack," Noah said without commenting on the previous matter .

"I'll deal with the energy that is forcing the sky to remain in that state," Shandal replied . "I won't touch the magical beasts . "

His line reassured Noah, but it worried the other experts . Great Elder Diana even spoke to express her fears . "They are creatures at the peak of the sixth rank . I'm not sure we can take care of them with our current forces . "

"So?" Shandal said while standing up . "This is your challenge to overcome . Good luck . "