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Chapter 1228: 1228
'You finally noticed me,' Noah thought as his aura continued to surge .

He could now feel what June went through during her battles . Facing an opponent above his level forced his individuality to push his centers of power .

In Noah's case, the empowerment didn't come due to the production of more energy . His centers of power went beyond their stage because his ambition made them reach levels that Noah would eventually achieve .

Noah's individuality worked as a secret art when it came to battles . His true meaning covered multiple aspects of the cultivation journey, but that was its real application during fights .

The Snake suppressed its sensations to stare at its opponent in anger . Snore had already reformed and was restraining its mouth, but the creature didn't care about that annoying puppet .

The magical beast disregarded everything else to stare at Noah with the intensity that only a peak rank 6 existence could exert .

Noah felt a heavy pressure landing on his mind . He could sense part of his instincts pressing him to bow his head in front of such a mighty creature . However, he wasn't a mere magical beast . His existence had long surpassed the limits of those species .

His pride surged and filled his aura . His sharp mental waves raged around his figure and radiated the entirety of his existence .

Noah's consciousness destroyed the "Breath" around him and slowed down the Eternal Snake's healing properties . Tinges of his sharpness formed inside cuts on the tail and opened more wounds as his aura flowed .

It was as if Noah's existence was on fire . All the aspects of his individuality strived for their peak as his ambition fueled them . There didn't seem to be a limit to the level that he could reach when he expressed its true meaning .

Noah couldn't help but release a roar while the Eternal Snake stared at him . A peak rank 6 being was trying to suppress him, but the sheer power released by his existence was enough to fend that pressure off .

He had the peak of the heroic ranks in front of him . That was the very top of the world, but his power allowed him to damage it .

Nothing else in the world could bring Noah more ecstasy than that . He could finally wield power to injure the strongest beings in the world after a life spent enduring their suppression .

Becoming a powerhouse had freed him from many annoying aspects of a lower plane, but now he could claim to have true freedom . He had touched the peak that many sought to reach .

Noah didn't miss that detail, even when that wave of feelings was engulfing his mind . Anything coming from the Immortal Lands interested him a lot, and he couldn't help but compare the magical beasts living in the lower plane with the Eternal Snake .

'Living there doesn't only affect the body,' Noah thought as his roar echoed in the sky . 'It's not a proper intelligent beast, but it comes close to it . '

The benefits given by the Immortal Lands went far beyond better nutrients . The calm that Noah could see in the creature's eyes was something that he had never seen in another magical beast .

It made sense that the Immortal Lands' white sky would affect even the magical beasts, but Noah had never understood how deeply it could change their behavior .

"Ant can't win me," The Snake growled, and Noah understood the meaning behind those cries .

A tinge of scorn appeared on the Snake's expression . It didn't care that Noah still had its blade stabbed in its tail and Snore was restraining its mouth . It didn't appear concerned at all .

"Ant?" Noah said using roars instead of human words . "I am a monster . "

The world lost its light for an instant as Noah spewed black flames on the beast's head . Snore pointed its wings toward that spot too, and a series of saber-shaped runes shot out of them .

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The Snake didn't expect the flames, and it didn't imagine that Snore could attack while restraining its mouth . The properties of the dark matter surprised the creature from the Immortal Lands and gave it no time to react .

Noah didn't stay still while the attacks crashed on the beast's head . Part of the Demonic Sword melted, and a second blade formed in his hands as he walked toward the edges of the wounds .

The other part of the Demonic Sword still kept the creature locked on the ground . It wouldn't last for long without Noah holding it, but it gave him enough time to launch another attack while the fire and Snore assaulted the head .

Night appeared next to Noah, and dark matter came out of his chest . The dark world formed in a second, but it soon flowed inside the Demonic Sword .

More cuts opened on the Snake's tail . Night had exploited that instant when the dark world covered the environment to use its innate ability to its fullest and inflict as much damage as it could .

The world of laws appeared in Noah's eyes as green blood splatted out of the new injuries . He walked among those splashes and let his individuality guide his mind .

The black hole rotated at full speed as Noah's destruction studied the structure of the wounded tail and found weak spots in it . He soon knew where he had to hit to inflict more damage .

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Night continued to ravage the Snake's skin while Noah raised his blade . The sky shattered whenever the weapon moved, but he couldn't even sense the changes around him in that state .

An angry roar soon resounded in the area, but Noah's blade descended at that point . A large fissure replaced a chunk of the Snake's body, and the rest of the tail twisted as it remained stuck on the ground by the other Demonic Sword .

Noah had to use his movement technique to escape from the pulling force of the void, and he reappeared on top of the other Demonic Sword to look at the result of his attacks .

The last slash had severed the Eternal Snake's tail . His attack had managed to cut a peak rank 6 beast's body from side to side .

The tail was the thinnest part of the creature's body after its arms, but Noah wouldn't be humble with his achievements . His prowess was worthy of respect, especially when he considered his actual cultivation level .

Noah was a liquid stage powerhouse, but his blows could inflict serious injuries to a peak rank 6 creature . Only King Elbas could match that achievement with his many inscribed items .

The severed tail disappeared as Noah stored it inside his space-ring . The two pieces of the Demonic Sword also fused to reform his living weapon .