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Chapter 1230: 1230
Noah found himself stuck inside the ice . Cracks appeared on its surface as he tried to pull his feet off of it, but the ability managed to delay him for one instant .

The Snake exploited that chance to leap toward Noah again . The creature was above him before he could even decide what to launch to escape from that situation .

Noah could only let his vast experience guide him in that situation . His blade rose to meet the insides of the Snake's head, and dark matter flowed inside his weapon to create one of his strongest slashes .

The Demonic Sword became bigger before clashing with the Snake's mouth . When the two touched, Noah felt an unstoppable force flowing through the weapon and reaching his arms .

His connection with the Demonic Sword made him aware that the blade couldn't take that force head-on . The Snake's physical strength could shatter his living weapon and his body at the same time!

However, Noah had never planned to challenge the beast with his physical strength . He had always known to be inferior to that creature . Only his superior techniques could make him triumph in that battle .

The ice covering his feet shattered as Noah endured the pressure that landed on his body . His veins bulged and exploded as he gave his everything to stop that charge for a second .

Cracks appeared on the surface of the Demonic Sword during the clash . The blade suffered structural damages even if the dark matter made its fabric almost indestructible .

Still, Noah's attack managed to hurt the creature . His blade stabbed the insides of its mouth and dug deep in its skin . It even reached the skull after crossing its muscles .

Noah's body sunk in the layer of ice . He used the physical strength of the Snake to escape from the other side of that prison .

Once his feet touched the air again, he recalled the Demonic Sword inside his space-ring and let the momentum created in the clash fling him downward .

The Snake didn't let him go . It shattered the ice and charged after him while the shards gathered inside its mouth . The injury that Noah had created healed before the beast reached him .

The Eternal Snake opened its mouth to prepare its bite, but Noah sprinted away before it could finish its attack . A shockwave came out when its maw closed, but it didn't manage to reach its opponent at that time .

Noah had become used to the battle rhythm by then . Even with its immense strength and troublesome innate ability, the Snake was still a magical beast, and that made its fighting style limited .

However, that was everything it could do . The magical beasts' weaknesses were still there even if the Eternal Snake expressed the absolute peak of the sixth rank . Even the inhabitants of the Immortal Lands couldn't escape the limits of their species .

Noah never stopped sprinting . He knew that he couldn't let the Snake retake the upper hand, but he didn't use that chance to escape .

He could launch one last attack before the effects of his ambition faded . The drawbacks would also be quite harsh at that time, so he aimed to deliver a killing blow .

That was his last chance to get something out of the battle . The next ones would go better since he had already gathered enough data about that species, so he could target other benefits now .

The Snake appeared unable to pinpoint his location . It had managed to follow him previously because the shockwaves forced him out of his dimension, but he was untouchable as long as he remained outside of its range .

The creature roared in anger, and the claws on its arms began to shine with a silver color . Waves of its liquid shot out of its limbs whenever it waved them, but those attacks were slower than its previous ones .

'The liquid is threatening only when it follows the charges,' Noah thought as he dodged the silver waves flying through the sky .

He would love to find out how such a species had developed their battle style, but he couldn't waste time in that situation . He could only guess that divine beings' guidance and the Immortal Lands' pressure had made their understanding about their abilities evolve .

Ice appeared in every direction . The entire area froze as the Snake continued to unleash its anger on the sky . It couldn't forgive the ant that had cut its tail .

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Noah continued to sprint around the Snake until an opening arrived . The creature had stopped and had turned toward the center of the continent after a while . It seemed that its mission had resumed being a priority in its mind once it lost its opponent .

At that point, Noah sprinted toward its head and reached it in less than an instant . The Snake appeared happy to see him, but Noah didn't bother to notice those details in that situation .

Dark matter flowed inside his Demonic Sword as his blade descended . The cracks on the weapon spread as Noah pushed its structure over its limits .

He had to go beyond what the Demonic Sword could endure in that state if he wanted to kill the Snake .

Noah slashed, and a fissure appeared on top of the Snake . A long cut appeared on the creature's head, and the blood that spurted out of it fell into the void .

The cut was deep, but Noah didn't manage to make it go all the way down to the other side of its head . The slash didn't have the same piercing ability as the lunge, but his assault didn't end there .

More blood came of the injury when Night flew across it . The Pterodactyl dug through its muscles to open a path for its brain . Everything would be over if Noah managed to destroy that vital organ .

Snore also appeared under the fissure and launched its elemental attacks inside the wound . Its fire, gales, and ice opened the path for its lightning bolts and eventually managed to crack the Snake's skull .

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Night flew back inside the injury at that point . It seeped inside the cracked skull and cut everything it could, but the Snake leaped toward the ground at that point .

Noah, Night, and Snore gathered in the sky and watched the Snake crash on the ground . His cultivation level began to decrease as the effects of his ambition waned, but he didn't retreat just yet .

He had to know if the damage he had dealt in the last exchange was enough to bring the creature to the death's door .

The Eternal Snake was at the bottom of a pit created after its charge, but it didn't move . It barely showed any sign of being alive .

However, the ice that had accumulated on the battlefield shattered and converged toward the creature's head . Noah could only sigh when he saw the shards filling the injury and beginning to change color .

Growls also began to come out of its motionless mouth . It was only a matter of seconds before the Snake healed and resumed to charge at Noah .

'I'm close,' Noah thought as he shot one last glance at the Snake before leaving the area . He had confirmed that his current power allowed him to survive a battle on that level for a few minutes .