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Chapter 1233: 1233
The breakthroughs were still far away, and his existence was slowly harmonizing now that he was striving for the peak of the heroic ranks . Only his mind continued to remain above his other centers of power .

Those years' training wasn't different from that done while the three organizations were inside the separate dimension . Yet, Noah had something to strive for now, and that quickened the pace of his growth .

Moreover, he was in the outside world . Thirty-seven and the other experts had done an excellent job making sure that the separate dimension always had "Breath", but nothing could compare with the new continent .

Noah had decided to place his training area near that landmass on purpose . He wouldn't choose a worse place just because it was safer .

The other powerhouses had imitated him . Many caves appeared on the seabed around the new continent as the world's experts resumed to prioritize their power .

Only God's Left Hand and True Speed didn't leave the old continent . The Empire had regained their source of enlightenment now that Shandal had returned .

Shandal had yet to make his move, but Noah's plan didn't involve him . He couldn't care less about the world now that he had such an exciting project at hand .

Noah stopped his intensive training after five years . He found no reason to delay his hunts any longer since his centers of power had already grown a bit .

Also, the battle on the southeastern side of the continent was about to reach a critical state in that period . The Elbas family had stalled as long as it could, but the Eternal Snakes had finally managed to break through the peripheral defenses of those regions .

It was time to decide which side would win that fight, but Noah didn't want that to happen . He felt no mercy for the Royals, but he would rather have the Snakes exhausting their resources than forcing them to escape .

Noah wanted that stall to continue . Forcing the Royals to go all-out could only lead to two disappointing outcomes .

The first saw the Elbas family escaping while preserving most of its resources, which was not ideal . The other was even worse . It viewed the Royals killing all the Snakes and keeping their corpses for themselves .

Noah had to stop that from happening, but there was only one thing that could prevent those situations . He had to help the Elbas family, even if only indirectly .

'I wonder if they will send some more creatures,' Noah thought as he flew toward the southeastern regions while looking at the crack in the sky .

Nothing had changed around the crack . That opening didn't even leak any superior energy, so it only acted as a constant reminder that there was something better in the world .

Noah guessed that a few years barely counted as time for divine beings . The crack had remained open for less than ten years in the end . Even he could sleep for far more .

The new continent had returned to its wrecked state after the ten peak rank 6 Snakes explored it . The beasts even affected the energy contained in the ground, but their destruction wasn't too concerning .

The ground was simply in pieces, but it was still capable of accommodating magical beasts and plants . It wasn't as broken as when they hid inside the separate dimension .

Noah reached the southeastern part of the new continent and stopped to inspect the battles in those regions . The Snakes didn't work together to destroy the defenses they met, so the Royals had an easier time keeping them busy .

The experts of the other organizations had already learnt a lot about the defenses in those areas . They had started to analyze those formations as soon as the battle with the Snakes began, so Noah could ignore the shining lines that appeared in his vision .

Yet, he couldn't help but remain stunned when he saw the Snakes in action .

According to the reports of the experts, those beasts rarely stopped attacking . They had only taken a few short breaks during those years, but they still assaulted the formations with all their strength .

Their stamina was incredible, and they could also heal themselves by destroying the enemy's attacks . Noah could only think that they truly deserved the title "Eternal" .

'It's time to begin,' Noah thought as he diverted his gaze from the battlefields and inspected the regions around him .

That was a hunt, which meant that Noah could prepare for the battle . He felt confident that he could lure one of the Snakes out, so he didn't need baits for that fight .

Noah had retrieved the remaining Instabilities situated in the traps connected to the separate dimension, but he didn't know if he could use them efficiently against the Eternal Snake .

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His main offensive had to come from his techniques, spells, and individuality .

Noah unfolded his aura once he found an area that was quite distant from the battlefields . Primary energy formed and accumulated in the sky while he filled the ground with Instabilities .

His ambition surged at some point . His cultivation level grew slowly, and spells appeared around his figure as the process continued .

A sea of saber-shaped runes and the Black Hole spell appeared around Noah and began to absorb the primary energy that was accumulating in the area .

Snore also appeared, and his wings unfolded to absorb part of that primary energy . The three abilities that required that process grew stronger as Noah let his ambition bring his cultivation level to the solid stage .

Noah's level continued to grow even after it surpassed the limits of his real rank . It went slightly deeper into the solid stage before stopping completely .

That was the limit of his ambition . Noah needed to get closer to the solid stage with his real cultivation level if he wanted his individuality to produce stronger effects .

Noah let his aura run wild at that point, and a roar came out of his mouth . His cry requested a challenge to one of his old opponents .

The Eternal Snakes would normally prioritize their leaders' orders, but one of them had suffered a lot because of Noah . When the beast sensed his aura and heard that roar, it couldn't help but abandon its assault to charge toward his position .

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Another roar soon echoed through the sky . The Snake replied to Noah's challenge as it charged toward him . Less than a day had to pass before the creature reached its opponent .

Noah revealed a cold smile when he saw the condition of the beast . Its tail didn't regrow in those years, and a long scar tainted its smooth head .

The Snake still carried the signs of the injuries suffered during its battle against Noah . The same went for its anger . The only reason why Noah didn't need a bait was that the beast was still livid about that fight .

Black smoke began to come out of Noah's skin . The fiendish armor soon covered his body, but three copies of his spell suddenly appeared next to him .

The dark matter came out of his chest at that point . A second defensive layer formed on top of the four fiendish armors, but that didn't stop the generation of corrosive smoke .

Then, Noah controlled the Black Hole spell to move in front of him . The black sphere had become an unstable giant star that released violent flares after absorbing a massive amount of primary energy .

Snore and the saber-shaped runes were in the same state . The feathers, the sea of blades, and the Black Hole spell had reached the solid stage in terms of power .

The Eternal Snake didn't stop its charge even when it saw all the techniques that its opponent had prepared beforehand, but Noah had no intention to face it head-on .

Noah waved his clawed hand, and the three copies of his fiendish armor flew inside the Black Hole spell . When they came out of it, they had become fifty meters tall giants .