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Chapter 1235: 1235
The beast was against multiple enemies, and cuts continued to appear inside his most profound injury, but it didn't lose its cool for too long . Noah's offensive had surprised it, but there was no fear in its eyes .

The creature knew how resilient it was . It didn't like to suffer, but it wouldn't hesitate to injure its body to escape from a difficult situation .

It was aware that its healing abilities were off the scale . Weaker beasts would usually ignore how strong their innate skills were, but that didn't apply to the Eternal Snakes .

The beast couldn't create ice in that situation . The five copies and the sea of blades took care of its silver liquid as soon as it escaped its mouth . Yet, there was something that they couldn't suppress .

The Snake began to fall when the corrosive smoke destroyed even the ice that acted as its foothold . Noah's spells chased the creature until it crashed on the ground . Their offensive never stopped, but the beast began to counterattack now that it could exploit its body's flexibility again .

One of the giant fiendish copies exploded when the tail cracked on its figure . Violent gales made of corrosive smoke shot everywhere in the environment, and the energy contained by the fuming armor caused an explosion in the area .

The Snake roared in pain when that wave of energy hit its injuries . Its condition worsened, and the blades exploited that situation to inflict even more damage .

The beast didn't even try to dodge those attacks . Its head remained still as it let Noah's abilities ravage its skin and muscles until it became nothing more than a maimed mass of flesh . Only its skulls continued to give it a reptilian shape .

The Snake's tail continued to crack while that offensive continued . Every attack destroyed part of Noah's abilities, and it didn't mind trading pieces of its skin to take care of them .

The awareness of its nigh-immortality allowed the beast to fight recklessly without suffering too much . After all, it could always regenerate through its innate ability .

A black line appeared next to the Snake's neck and widened to create a portal . Noah came out of it while his Demonic Sword was already aiming to slash at the creature .

The Snake felt an immense danger at that point . Noah had charged the Demonic Sword with the Black Hole spell and the dark matter, and his ambition had also brought his cultivation level to an insane power . That attack could sever its neck .

The blade felt heavy as it descended toward the dark-green scales . The pressure accumulated around its sharp shape ripped the sky's structure and twisted the light that reached that area .

Without defensive methods at hand, the Snake could only resort to the opposite approach . It would attack Noah before his technique landed .

Noah saw how the tail twisted and made a sharp turn to fly toward him . Determination appeared in his eyes as Snore formed in the trajectory of that attack . He wouldn't dodge . He couldn't lose that opportunity .

It wasn't a case that Noah had chosen to use the Warp spell in that situation . He knew that the copies and blades couldn't win on their own . Only the Demonic Sword could inflict deadly injuries .

Noah had waited until the Snake exposed itself before attacking . He had sacrificed most of his spells to create that opportunity . He had reappeared only when the tail destroyed the third giant fiendish copy .

However, the Snake's flexibility had surpassed his expectation . The creature had managed to change the direction of its tail in an instant .

Noah's mind had made the math as soon as he noticed that attack . He wouldn't manage to cut the entire head before the tail landed on his defenses . Yet, the Snake wasn't the only existence that liked to fight recklessly .

The Demonic Sword landed on the dark-green scales and cut them as if they were air . The blade continued to dig through the Snake's body without meeting any hindrance until it crossed half of its width .

The living weapon hadn't become bigger after absorbing that massive amount of energy . However, its range went far beyond its actual shape .

Only half of the Demonic Sword was inside the beast, but the damage that it caused reached even the opposite side of the creature's neck .

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Yet, when Noah was halfway through his slash, the Snake's tail arrived . Its momentum made it pierce the dark matter that made Snore's body, but the Blood Companion released its feathers at that point .

Snore had finished preparing its strongest attack before Noah launched his spells, but he had chosen to preserve it for critical situations . The danger that he felt coming from the tail was enough to decide to use that tool .

The feathers fell on the dark-scales and slowly ripped apart the Snake's tissues . The tail continued to pierce dark matter as it flew through that barrage of attacks, and pieces of skin fell on the ground as it reached for Noah .

The tail became nothing more than a messy and bloody mass of tissues connected to bones, but that wasn't enough to stop its attack .

The tail eventually pierced Snore and landed on Noah while he was still finishing his attack . The Blood Companion had managed to delay the Snake's offensive for less than an instant, and Noah couldn't complete his slash in that time .

Noah felt an immense force landing on the left side of his torso . His two layers of armor tried to stop that attack, but the tail pierced them even if it was badly injured .

That flung Noah away and made him crash on the ground where he dug a long underground tunnel . The terrain shattered while he tried to use the soil to stop himself from going even further away .

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An explosion resounded in the area when Noah shot out of the ground to resume his battle . However, he couldn't help but curse when he saw the condition of his opponent .

Noah had lost less than five seconds inside the ground, but the Snake had been able to destroy all the giant fiendish copies in that period .

When Noah reached the creature again, countless ice-shards were already converging on the injuries that filled its head . Some of them were already healing the beast too!

Noah didn't waste time . His eyes went on the massive cut on its neck where most ice-shards were gathering . There was only a chunk of the Snake's tissues keeping its head and body together . He still had the chance to stop the healing process .

His armors had reformed during his flight back to the battlefield, and his Demonic Sword had never left his hands . However, the Snake didn't hesitate to send its still maimed tail toward its opponent again .

Determination appeared once again in Noah's eyes . His left side hurt, but he couldn't stop now .

The tail landed at the center of his torso after Snore appeared on its trajectory to absorb its power . Another unstoppable force engulfed Noah, but he promptly stabbed the Demonic Sword in one of the few spots on the tail that still had flesh .

He didn't pour any energy inside the weapon, so he could use the sturdiness of the Snake's tissues to his advantage . The blow didn't manage to fling him away at that time . He had managed to remain in the Snake's range by using the Demonic Sword as a handhold .