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Published at 26th of January 2021 05:54:59 AM

Chapter 1237: 1237
His body hurt in multiple spots, and blood kept flowing out of his mouth due to his many internal injuries . Noah had yet to examine his condition thoroughly, but he knew that the situation wasn't good .

He had gone all-out against the Eternal Snakes . Different opponents would have required other approaches, but that was the best that Noah could express right now .

He had used his new spells, his ambition, and all his assets . His centers of power needed to grow if he wanted to improve his battle prowess .

The Eternal Snake's corpse and all the pieces of its flesh disappeared when Noah stored them inside his space-ring . He didn't need the entire body for his experiments, so he could eat most of the creature while he recovered .

Noah spat mouthfuls of blood as he set off to fly back to his cave . The drawbacks of his ambition made him feel extremely weak, but he ignored the pain coming from his body to leave the area .

His consciousness remained wary of other possible threats . He was at his weakest now, and that would be the perfect moment to ambush him .

'This is why I left Second Prince alive,' Noah smirked as he thought that .

Noah knew where the other Eternal Snakes were, so he wouldn't feel any danger in that situation had he not asked Second Prince to remain a threat for him .

Instead, the sole fact that the Royal was out there made Noah remain focused on the environment . His black hole even poured more energy than usual into his injuries to stabilize them and keep him ready to fight .

That was what Noah desired . He wanted his mind to feel in constant danger to force his growth to continue . Peace was his enemy, and only endless hindrances could polish his individuality .

Something strange happened while Noah flew back to his cave . The death of the Eternal Snake didn't go unnoticed . The leaders in the Immortal Lands had their eyes on the lower plane, and they didn't fail to notice that one of their underlings had disappeared .

A roar came out of the crack in the sky when the divine beings noticed that . More cries followed that, and their echoes spread till the bottom of the sea .

The nine peak rank 6 Snakes interrupted their assault on the regions ruled by the Elbas family to regroup and roar at the sky . Noah was still nearby when that happened, so he heard everything .

Those cries didn't have any specific meaning in human words . They only aimed to force an answer from the underlings so that their leaders could understand if one of them had died .

'They can't see everything,' Noah thought as he added that piece of information to the back of his mind .

Noah had already guessed something similar since the leaders didn't react when Shandal hid the egg in his separate dimension . There might even be delays to the images seen in the Immortal Lands due to the distance between the planes .

That event confirmed his hypothesis and added more data to his knowledge about the Immortal Lands . Still, it also made him understand that the leaders wouldn't remain silent while he hunted their underlings .

Noah accelerated while the roars continued to echo through the sky . He didn't know what would happen once the leaders confirmed one of their underlings' death, but he was too weak to face any outcome .

The roars coming from the crack became louder, but the underlings could only keep on releasing their cries . That situation had to continue for an entire hour before the divine beings gave up on finding their missing pawn .

Silence fell in the world at that point . Noah continued to fly at full speed toward his cave, but his instincts told him that something was coming .

The experts in the world began to observe the crack lingering above their heads . The layers of silver ice that covered its edges slowly melted and a few drops fell on the new continent .

Those drops came from the Eternal Snakes' innate ability, but they were far more powerful than those faced by Noah . When they touched the ground, ice spread until it covered entire regions .

Noah saw that happening right in front of his eyes . The drops had fallen near the center of the new continent, and he had yet to cross that area when the regions in his vision became an icy silver land .

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The mere leftovers of a divine being's innate ability had been enough to turn a quarter of the new continent into a frozen land . Noah couldn't even begin to imagine what amount of destruction one of the leaders could unleash .

Noah quickly changed direction . He dived in the sea near the eastern coast to continue his journey back home underwater . Meanwhile, the world around him changed as the divine leaders took the events in the lower plane more seriously .

A green claw pierced the crack again, and the sky threatened to shatter under the might released by the divine beast . A second claw slowly joined the first one and enlarged the fissure that connected the lower and higher plane .

Large fissures connected to the void opened in the sky as the pressure in the lower plane increased . Even the ground began to shake when the aura of that creature spread through the world .

The powerhouses could only feel desperation when they watched that scene . They couldn't hide from that threat unless they decided to migrate to the other world .

More fissures opened in the sky . The situation reached the point when the gravitational pull of the void began to affect some flying magical beasts in the distance .

That scene depicted a world on the verge of falling apart, and Noah didn't hesitate to turn toward the dimensional portal when he saw that the divine being didn't stop .

However, a loud cry of pain suddenly echoed in the sky . Orange sparks ran through the green claws, and cracks appeared on their structure .

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The few green shards that fell from the claws burned into ashes under the effects of the sparks . It seemed that Heaven and Earth wouldn't allow that creature to destroy a lower plane .

Noah changed direction again when he saw that, but his instincts continued to scream even after the divine beast retracted its claws and covered the edges of the crack with silver ice .

The Tribulation couldn't suppress the anger of the leader . Noah could sense that something else was about to come .

Just as his instincts had predicted, many dark-green boulders began to fall from the crack . They resembled meteorites that crashed on different areas of the lower plane and created shockwaves capable of terminating the life of all the weaker creatures in the world .

A divine consciousness spread through the world and suppressed those shockwaves . Shandal saved the inhabitants of the lower plane again, but he didn't make his appearance . He even masked the origin of his aura .

Countless roars resounded in the world when the Eternal Snakes that had just fallen into the world awakened . The second wave of invaders had arrived before Noah and the others could even gain the upper hand against the first .