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Chapter 1242: 1242
He had initially thought that God's Left Hand's spell matched her individuality, but the dense gales that made it didn't carry her destructiveness .

The tornado rotated slowly, and it acted as a massive club rather than as a calamity . It had an orderly structure while God's Left Hand typically used violent winds .

The fiendish copies fought against the army of wolves before exploding into a dense wave of corrosive smoke . Some of those creatures survived that offensive, but the dark matter that fell on them afterward finished destroying them .

Noah slashed at the tornado . His massive blade cut that rotating figure in half and dispersed its winds through the dark world . It filled the empty spot that the Matriarchs had created with their abilities, but that was useless now .

God's Left Hand reappeared above Noah, outside of the dark world . She was still riding the wolf, and a series of spheres made of raging winds hovered in their palms .

The spheres fell toward the dark gas, and storms appeared in those spots . The raging winds expanded until they became a series of small tornadoes that tried to disperse the dark matter .

Great Elder Diana appeared under Noah, outside of the dark word . Thousands of minute lighting bolts had appeared above her . They resembled small arrows when they shot toward the dense cloud to disperse the dark matter .

The dark world suppressed the Matriarchs' abilities when they entered inside its range, but Noah let them destroy it . His opponents weren't interested in remaining inside his technique anymore . It was better to use it in a different form at the moment .

More dark matter came out of his chest, and a second layer of armor appeared on top of his fiendish figure . Some of the higher energy around him also fused with his protection, and three more copies appeared next to him to go through the same process .

Noah called the Black Hole spell at that point . The small sphere had become quite big during those few exchanges, but it still needed to grow to express its overwhelming power .

Yet, that didn't stop Noah from making the copies go through the spell to turn them into giants . The same went for his Demonic Sword since he immersed it inside the Black Hole spell .

Snore reappeared behind his figure . The Blood Companion couldn't stop the Matriarchs since they had suddenly unleashed far more power than usual, but it didn't suffer any damage in the process .

The Matriarchs moved again . They didn't dare to remain in the same position for fear of having to face one of Noah's threatening attacks .

God's Left Hand dismounted from her wolf and launched it at Noah while she created a series of gales that began to blow around him .

'They want to suppress me by using the void,' Noah thought .

He couldn't fail to recognize the tactic that defeated King Elbas the first time . The Matriarchs' spells made the sky too frail for his physical might . Anything beyond human standards would turn the entire area into a massive fissure .

Noah waved his hand, and a black line appeared in front of him . A portal opened, but the sky's structure crumbled, and the fissure that came after that engulfed the Warp spell .

The Matriarchs didn't stop their offensive . Great Elder Diana followed her attacks by launching other crackling spheres that surrounded the entire frail area .

God's Left Hand waved her fan to create violent gales that circled the frail area and created a barrier that prevented others from crossing it .

The Matriarchs wanted to trap Noah before delivering their final attack . He wouldn't have any escape at that point .

Noah closed his fist, and that simple gesture opened many small cracks around his hand . The sky was too frail, but he quickly found a way to escape from that situation .

His leg bent as Noah crouched in the area . Other cracks appeared around him because of that gesture, but Noah had eyes only for the area with fewer crackling spheres .

The Matriarchs tried to launch more spells, but Noah charged and made the whole area crumbled as he tried to enter his dimension to overcome the hindrances on his path .

The whole area became a massive crack connected to the void that applied a strong gravitational pull on Noah . That suction force was so intense that he couldn't even gather darkness under his feet to sprint away again .

Meanwhile, the Matriarchs had launched more spells . Three giant lightning bolts with the shape of arrows and a wide dense gale surpassed the area's edges and converged toward Noah .

The void was annoying, but the incoming attack worsened his situation . Noah used part of the dark matter inside Snore to create platforms under him and sprint away . As for the enemy spells, he let his copies face them .

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Noah disappeared after the spells exploded . A cloud of gray smoke appeared on its spot, but the void absorbed it in an instant .

The Matriarchs couldn't see Noah anywhere . They didn't think that he had fallen into the void, but they didn't know how he could hide his presence so well .

The two tried to gather again, but Noah reappeared behind God's Left Hand and slashed at the same spot damaged by Night . A second skin made of dense air appeared on top of her figure and blocked the attack, but the crack that it opened sucked away most of that energy .

Noah punched using his free hand at that point, but he saw no fear inside God's Left Hand's eyes . She felt confident in that situation, which meant that she was still hiding something .

A long cut appeared on God's Left Hand's face as Noah began to retreat . Night took the powerhouse's right eye away with its attack .

God's Left Hand broke a talisman at that point, and a wild series of tornadoes formed around her figure and began to fly in every direction .

Those tornadoes also appeared different . It wasn't gray as usual . Its color was closer to a proper black that gave off a dangerous aura .

That wasn't the average wind . Its aura was eerie, but he could sense the danger coming from inside it .

Noah continued to retreat, but an array of lightning bolts blocked his path by creating a tight net that released attacks . He had ended up encircled again, but he didn't mind that situation .

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God's Left Hand had suffered a bit, while Great Elder Diana felt her pride as a powerhouse plummeting whenever Noah survived one of those attacks .

Instead, Noah had yet to suffer any damage . He was even in perfect condition since he didn't use his ambition at all .

Noah wasn't in control of the battlefield, but he still had the upper hand . The Matriarchs were attempting to take him out with a few grand moves, but he preferred to slowly and safely wound them .

Snore charged toward the black winds while Noah sprinted upward . He had no reason to face Great Elder Diana's spell, so he dodged it to disappear from the battlefield again .

The black winds destroyed Snore and crushed even the dark matter that made its body . The Blood Companion couldn't do anything against them, which was why Noah had decided to improve it after completing the other task .

Noah reappeared behind God's Left Hand again while the black winds ravaged its body . His Demonic Sword lunged at her throat, and Night aimed to sever her torso .

The tip of the blade pierced her skin before she exploded into a wave of scorching gales that reformed near Great Elder Diana . A trail of blood still fell from her throat, but she didn't bother to clean it .