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Chapter 1243: 1243
It didn't matter that the Matriarchs had prepared for that battle . Noah had various abilities, and the powerhouses couldn't counter all of them . Some of his techniques didn't even have actual countermeasures .

Noah didn't have a time limit in that situation . The power that he wielded in the battle didn't come from his ambition, so he could fight the Matriarchs without having to put his life on the line .

He could rely on his superior battle prowess to exhaust them . That would eventually expose some flaws in their fighting style, and he wouldn't hesitate to exploit them .

God's Left Hand and Great Elder Diana understood that they couldn't defeat Noah with normal methods . He could overcome all their plans and even injure them at the same time .

Great Elder Diana glanced at her companion . A few injuries had appeared on God's Left Hand's body, and she had lost her right eye during the last exchange .

Each of Noah's attacks could be deadly . The two of them wouldn't even have survived for so long if they hadn't studied all his abilities .

Two layers of armor still protected Noah . Instead, the Matriarchs had already shown their tricks . Their traps had also failed, which left them with nothing but injuries .

The sky slowly reformed as Noah and the Matriarchs studied each other . Neither of them appeared willing to make the first move, but Noah soon decided that he had enough of waiting .

A sea of saber-shaped runes came out of his figure and surrounded him . Snore reformed and unfolded its wings, and the Black Hole spell floated toward him .

Copies of his fiendish armor also formed among the sea of blades . They immersed themselves in the Black Hole spell as soon as they appeared in the open, and five giants came out of the dark sphere once the empowerment ended .

The sheer power in Noah's techniques was able to twist the sky's structure and bend the sunlight . That area had become nothing more than a black patch capable of altering the very fabric of the world .

It was as if Noah's abilities were cancer that spread through Heaven and Earth's world and tainted it with his existence . His dark world and corrosive cloud would often hide his arsenal, but the Matriarchs could witness it in its spectacular might in that situation .

Noah lifted his free hand at that point . He pointed at God's Left Hand with two fingers and focused on the sharpness carried by his existence .

God's Left Hand didn't feel anything initially, but a dangerous sensation soon built up inside her mind . She felt that something was about to arrive, but she couldn't understand the nature of that threat .

The Empire's Leader was about to question her, but she soon noticed that traces of Noah's sharpness came out of her companion's technique . Great Elder Diana had prevented the casting of a spell, and a chill ran down God's Left Hand's spine when she saw that the attack had aimed at her forehead .

She couldn't lower her guard for even a second against Noah . She couldn't allow herself to show any flaw against that opponent .

When the duo glanced at Noah again, they noticed that he had disappeared from the center of his abilities . They couldn't sense his presence anymore either, but they couldn't focus on that since the techniques in the distance began to fly toward them .

The five giants moved, surrounded by the tight array of blades . Snore also flew with them and used the dark matter around the fiendish copies to remain intact even if it had lost its connection with Noah .

God's Left Hand waved her fan to create a series of dense gales that resembled snake-like creatures as they flew through the sky to reach Noah's attacks .

Great Elder Diana used her black lenses to generate a barrage of thick lightning bolts that filled the sky with an orange radiance .

The Matriarchs prepared themselves for a loud explosion and intense shockwaves, but their consciousnesses suddenly sensed a presence nearby, and the world around them became dark .

The powerhouses began to retreat as soon as they understood the nature of the darkness that had surrounded them . Noah's dark matter was easy to recognize, so they knew what was about to happen .

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The dark world suppressed the Matriarchs' spells, and Noah's attacks destroyed them after entering his domain . The dark matter even improved their power as it enhanced their effects .

Snore became bigger . The saber-shaped runes accelerated as they turned into smoke . The claws of the giant copies grew as dark matter flowed inside them .

Flashes of orange and gray light shone on the Matriarchs' back and forced them to stop their retreat . Night had attacked them, but their defensive spells had blocked it .

The array of attacks drew closer, and the dark world suppressed any foreign law in the area . The Matriarchs felt cornered, and they could only take out their inscribed scrolls again to rely on the domain's weakness .

All the lines on their scrolls lit up right before Noah's attacks crashed on the duo . The area became a mess of explosions, tornadoes, and lightning storms, but Noah remained nearby, ready to take the life of whoever managed to survive that clash .

Even if he was inside the dark world, Noah didn't understand what was happening in the impact area . The clashes among the many abilities made that zone chaotic, and dark matter often crumbled as shockwaves came out of it .

Noah waited a few seconds before he charged his Demonic Sword with dark matter . His blade grew until it was more than four hundred meters tall, and he slashed at the area that still featured multiple clashes .

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The massive blade descended, and the dark world tuned with the sharpness that it carried to enhance its abilities . That blow contained so much power that even the dark matter opened to let it pass .

Before the slash swept the area, black winds appeared inside the dark world and expanded to create a massive tornado . An array of dense lightning bolts also shot out of the spell, and sparks began to run through those raging gales .

The tornado clashed with the giant blade . The Demonic Sword pierced the spell while losing part of its power, but the lightning bolts that shot out of the tornado prevented Noah's weapon from damaging them any further .

The lightning bolts landed on the giant blade's structural flaws and dispersed most of the dark matter that the Demonic Sword had accumulated . The massive weapon soon became an unstable mess that the tornado could sweep away easily .

The tornado didn't stop expanding . The dark world crumbled under that spell and the lightning bolts that it released . Dark matter also fell apart when it touched the sparks running through the winds .

Noah's technique was about to lose against those spells, but he wouldn't let the Matriarchs regain the upper hand in the battle . He charged right through the storm and used his movement technique to pierce the tornado .

Sparks landed on his body and shattered his robe as cracks opened on his skin . Noah had eventually chosen to suffer some damage in that battle, but that was only part of his regular fighting style . He often decided to sacrifice something to put his opponents in an even worse situation .