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Chapter 1244: 1244
Noah only had the Demonic Form at that point . The sparks generated lightning bolts that destroyed his fiendish armor and landed on his skin . However, the damage that they inflicted wasn't even worthy of consideration for someone like Noah .

His skin cracked, and many cuts appeared on his body . Yet, his resilience went beyond both magical beasts and hybrids . Those injuries didn't even manage to slow him down .

Noah crossed that barrage of spells and entered inside the maimed tornado . Calm filled the area, but two figures soon appeared in his vision .

God's Left Hand and Great Elder Diana were both injured . The last array of attacks had crushed their defenses and threatened to kill them on the spot .

The complete activation of their inscribed scrolls had saved them from certain death . The tornado and the countless sparks that filled its surface were the best spells that those items could generate .

God's Left Hand had already suffered some light injuries during the previous exchanges, but the last clash left her maimed . Her left arm had disappeared, and part of her torso had become a bloody mess .

The injuries even spread to her legs . Her entire left side was about to fall apart, and only her mental energy kept it together .

Great Elder Diana was a bit better off, but she had also suffered her share of damage . Her right hand had lost a few fingers, and patches of broken skin filled her legs .

A few cuts had appeared on her torso and face too . Yet, those were still light injuries for an expert on that level .

The Matriarchs had to endure attacks that were on the same level as those launched by them . The difference in the injuries came from the innate defenses of their bodies .

The toughness of Noah's skin could match the power of a couple of defensive spells, while the Matriarchs' bodies were far below the magical beasts' level . The duo couldn't surpass him when it came to resilience, even if they were two against one .

Noah sprinted toward the Matriarchs, but they both snapped their fingers when they saw him . Their individualities also surged while they prepared new attacks . The dark world's suppression couldn't reach the empty area at the center of the tornado .

The tornado and the sparks caved in . They began to fill the area with pieces of attacks that flew for a while before converging toward Noah .

Meanwhile, Great Elder Diana and God's Left Hand unleashed techniques that carried their intense individualities .

God's Left Hand was a calamity . Her winds existed to destroy and fly unbound through both land and sky .

Great Elder Diana had perfect control over her wild element . Sparks accumulated around her and gave birth to countless minute arrows, with each of them carrying the power of her lightning bolts .

Those spells joined the collapse of the previous ones in their flight toward Noah . He sensed threats from every direction, but he had every intention to continue moving forward .

Dark matter came out of his chest as he deployed the dark world again . The spells that carried the Matriarchs' individualities lost power as the higher energy banished those laws from Noah's domain .

Noah could charge through them without worrying about his safety once the dark world suppressed those spells . He waved his hand to launch slashes that tore through the violent gales, and his body destroyed the arrows when they crashed on him .

The arrows only managed to leave small dots on his skin . Those weren't even worthy of being injuries for his standards, but he could understand how dangerous it would have been to face those attacks without the dark world .

Both God's Left Hand and Great Elder Diana could injure him if he ignored their attacks . The Matriarchs were worthy of his respect even if they relied on their numerical advantage to deal with his techniques .

Noah quickly made his way through the spells and arrived in front of the Matriarchs . His sword cut through the fabric of the sky as it slashed toward them .

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Both Matriarchs activated a talisman to deal with that attack . Black winds raged out of God's Left Hand's palm, and a giant bird-like creature made of lightning bolts came out of Great Elder Diana's figure .

Part of those spells fell into the crack created by Noah's slash, but the rest of them swept Noah and pushed him away . However, he managed to wave his hand and Demonic Sword again before returning inside the area with crumbling sparks and winds .

Noah's hand released five casual slashes that landed on God's Left Hand . She didn't have any protection in that situation, so the attack chopped her remaining arm and created five long marks on her torso .

Those injuries were even quite deep . God's Left Hand's life might have been at risk if it wasn't for the array of spells flinging Noah away .

The Demonic Sword released a thick black line that bent the air around it . Great Elder Diana was also defenseless, and the attack severed her lower body, transforming her into nothing more than a floating torso .

Noah suffered injuries too . The winds ravaged his body and rotated as they tried to pierce his skin .

The Matriarchs had given up on inflicting new injuries and focused on enlarging those suffered during the previous exchanges . Noah's chest was their favorite target since it was full of small holes due to Great Elder Diana's arrows .

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The black winds crashed on Noah, and the bird-like creature engulfed him before trapping him inside its body . Lightning bolts ran through its figure and landed on him while trying to stop his momentum and escape from that situation .

The spells had slowly managed to create large wounds on his body, but dark matter promptly came out of them to protect him and prevent further damage . It had also started to heal those injuries .

The winds and lightning bolts appeared indestructible even when he relied on his physical strength, but he soon placed the Demonic Sword on his forehead and focused on his individuality .

His sharpness surged . Countless cuts appeared on the bird's body and made it crumble into a rain of raging sparks . The same went for the gales that still tried to hit him . They became nothing more than shattered air after his slashes finished destroying them .

Noah's sharpness didn't affect only the spells around him . His consciousness reached even the Matriarchs who saw a series of cuts appearing on their maimed bodies out of nowhere .

God's Left Hand coughed blood as her defensive spells tried to stop that technique . She couldn't stop Noah's cuts at all, and they continued to ravage her body no matter how injured she was .

Great Elder Diana had already lost a lot, and those cuts didn't help her . However, her individuality could deal with the attack more easily . She would directly burn the injuries' edges as soon as they appeared .