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Chapter 1247: 1247
Shandal kept his focus on the crack and ignored everything else . He didn't move even after the third wave of invaders rose in the sky to join their companions' offensive .

The azure light radiated by Shandal's palm froze them in time as soon as the halo landed on them . Only the quasi-rank 7 Eternal Snake struggled a bit before joining the other motionless creatures .

Shandal was in a different league . His power alone was enough to stop the whole invasion, but he didn't have any interest in that .

He would close the crack because that mess was his fault, and he was the only existence in the world capable of succeeding in that task . Moreover, there were many valuable existences in the lower plane that deserved a chance to reach the Immortal Lands .

The crack continued to close while the area around it remained frozen in time . Only the leaders' roars continued to echo, but they soon stopped shouting when they realized that their underlings wouldn't manage to stop Shandal .

A series of low growls followed that realization . Noah's eyes widened when he understood the contents of that discussion, and he began to think of ways to help Shandal due to that sudden turn of events .

Still, he soon accepted that he couldn't be of any use in that battle . The army of beasts was enough to kill him even if he relied on all his methods . Shandal was alone in that task .

The leaders suddenly went silent . No sound echoed throughout the world . Only the faint noise made by the melting silver ice spread in the area .

A tremor ran through Shandal's eyes when his instincts warned him about the imminent danger . His mind wasn't the only one to sense that threat . Even the powerhouses in different parts of the world felt the same sensations .

Noah wasn't an exception . He felt that danger with more intensity than everyone else, and he didn't hesitate to take a few steps toward the surface since he was aware of the Snakes' plan .

The silence continued until a loud thud echoed through the world . The sky trembled after that sound and cracks opened on its fabric .

The new cracks led to the void . The leaders were doing something on the other side of the passage, and their actions managed to create repercussions on the lower plane .

A second thud echoed . More tremors filled the sky, and a new series of cracks opened on its structure .

The other powerhouses understood what the leaders were trying to do at that point . Their underlings couldn't defeat Shandal, and they couldn't enter the lower world without destroying it, so they had only one option left .

Those were the contents of the discussion among the divine Snakes . They had briefly reviewed their options to decide that it was better to destroy that lower plane once and for all . As for the Heaven Tribulation, they would deal with it afterward .

A third thud echoed, and cracks leading to the void opened even near the passage for the Immortal Lands . The black and white doors intertwined, but the latter was denser, so it overcame the former, leaving only a few open areas that led to the darkness .

Silence fell in the world again, and no more thuds followed at that time . It almost seemed that the divine Eternal Snakes had given up on their plan, but a claw pierced the opening again and began to apply pressure to reach the lower world .

The claw didn't manage to go too deep due to Shandal's efforts with the crack, but that small part of a divine body was enough to destabilize the world's structure now that it had suffered a lot of damage .

The world began to tremble as the creature tried to enlarge the crack to push its claw deeper into the lower plane . Heaven and Earth attempted to end its efforts through the Tribulation, but the divine being didn't care about the destruction of its talon .

Cracks opened on the green claw, and chunks fell toward the lower world . However, the orange sparks always pulverized them and ensured that the Mortal Lands didn't obtain such valuable materials .

The Snake pushed its claw deeper into the lower world, and the structure of the sky soon reached its limits . All the fissures leading to the void expanded and created connections with each other .

A net formed in the sky, and only a few parts remained intact . The cracks covered most of it .

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Heaven and Earth continued to unleash their anger toward the divine creature, but the Snake didn't care . It continued to push its claw downward even if it had reached a critical state after many lightning bolts .

The net became thicker as the cracks enlarged . Both the landmasses and the seabed began to tremble as the stability of the sky was about to crumble and engulf everything in the void .

That was an apocalyptic view . The world was ending, and the strongest cultivators in the world could only watch as the god of the Empire fixed the situation .

The Heaven Tribulation eventually triumphed over the claw . The cracks on its surface became too deep, making it crumble into a series of green chunks that the orange sparks pulverized .

The passage to the Immortal Lands began to close at full speed again . The many cracks that filled the sky didn't seem to affect that procedure, and no silver liquid appeared to delay it any further .

That opening closed in the following seconds . The passage for the Immortal Lands vanished without leaving any trace, and the leaders on the other side didn't even have the time to release the last roar .

The threat of the Immortal Land had finally vanished, but an issue soon became evident . The cracks connected to the void didn't close, and it didn't take an expert to notice abnormalities in the behavior of the sky .

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The sky continued to remain unstable . The fissures didn't show signs of closing even if there was plenty of "Breath" in the environment .

That phenomenon was bizarre and went against the common knowledge of the world . The sky had never behaved like that . The delay in its healing didn't even come from its lack of energy .

Noah and the others didn't know what to think about in that situation, but Shandal had the answers that they needed .

Shandal snapped his fingers, and the ice under the frozen Eternal Snakes around him shattered . He also released the creatures from their restrictions, and they fell toward the surface as they tried to regain control of their bodies .

The Snakes scattered through the world, and roars soon came out of their mouths as they tried to contact their leaders . However, no answer came from them .

Shandal descended toward Noah at that point, and his confused gaze made the god explain the current situation .

"The sky is injured, and the world is unstable," Shandal said as he inspected the world . "This world is too packed with powerful existences to begin the healing . "