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Published at 26th of August 2019 07:50:07 AM

Chapter 125
The Ashura was a humanoid magical beast with three heads and six arms .

The Three forms of the Ashura, as a rank 4 technique, could inherently improve the martial art of a cultivator multiplying his attacks till they reached the number of arms of the Ashura .
Each form, on the other hand, had more amazing effects .
The First form could increase the number of attacks by a large amount, creating material after-images through the "Breath" of the cultivator .
However, fighting in that way comported a heavy burden on the cultivator's mind .
Noah was battling seven people at the same time, his mental energy depleted to aid his concentration on his various opponents .
He didn't commit any mistakes though, there were no flaws in his combat style .
He had already been used on dividing his senses with the blood companion so it had been easier for him to learn the First form .
Little by little, all the students were pushed back with many small cuts appearing on their bodies .
In Noah's perception, it was like fighting each one of them in a one versus one battle .
'I don't believe that any of them can match my proficiency!'
He had wielded a saber since the age of eight and he had fought nonstop since that moment, there was no way that some spoiled kids could match his blows .
In about thirty minutes, the seven students were all on their knees, covered in injuries .
Noah drank a potion to refill his mental energy, the fight had almost depleted it completely .

'The martial art is amazing but I still can't use it . The First form is the limit of my current level . '
He was sweating profusely and his dantian was almost empty, yet he had managed to defeat all the youths without gravely injuring them .
He neared one of them and pressed him on the ground .
Then he pointed his feet on his junctures and arched his limbs in their opposite angle .
Cracking sounds and screams resounded in that area of the forest as Noah proceeded to break the arms and legs of each one of the attackers .
Then he tied them up to the biggest tree and slowly stripped them .
The students were either crying, pleading for mercy, or cursing him loudly .
They were eight man and two women, all tied, naked, and with their limbs broken .
Noah spoke to the group .
"I believe that you won't die just because of these wounds and your limbs will be fine after a few weeks of rest . I will go and finish my mission now, I'll take care of you when I come back . "
More curses were spewed from their mouths but Noah simply neared the ones that spoke and punched them until all their teeth had fallen .
Silence reigned in the group of tied students after that treatment .
Noah then pretended to go on his way but instead concealed his presence after he was away from their sight a returned to the tree where they were restrained .

He sat on one of the branches and meditated to refill his dantian while his attention was on the students .
"That fucker! How daring he is to-"

"Shut up! This is all your fault! I should have never followed you in this suicide mission . "
"I agree, that guy is simply too frightening . "
"Frightening? That guy is a demon in a human's hide! He didn't even spare Val and Leah from this treatment . "
The eyes of the males unconsciously focused the naked bodies of the two girls who were crying and trying to cover their bodies .
However, their limbs were lifeless, there was nothing that could hide their figures .
"I believe that we should stop bothering Vance, I don't really want to think of what would happen if we lose another time to him . "
The students agreed and Noah nodded from his position above them .
'It seems that I won't have to plan a way to secretly kill them . '
Noah cultivated for half a day and then went to the lake that his mission indicated .
Fifteen or so three meters tall yellow tigers were silently occupying that territory .

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According to what he had learnt in the magical beasts' course, the Sun tigers stored flames in their bodies which forced them to continuously disperse the heat with external methods .
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It was common for their kind to occupy an environment with cold water in it .
'I'll test my martial art a bit more . '
Rank 3 creatures had lost any form of threat in Noah's eyes, they were simply training for him .
Noah used twenty minutes to kill every tiger and stored their bodies in his space-ring as proof of his successful mission .
He then rested to return to his peak form and moved back to the students .
Most of them were struggling to break free from their bindings, they were cultivators after all, their wounds had already healed .
Noah neared them slowly and shook his head showing his disappointment .
"And here I thought that you had learnt your lessons . It seems that you really don't care about your teeth . "
The students trembled, since their limbs were broken, they were powerless to oppose to Noah .
"Mercy, please! I promise I will never d-"
A kick stopped him from speaking any more .

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Noah sat in front of the naked youths and smiled coldly looking each of them straight in the eyes .
Only when all of them had their head lowered, he began to speak .
"I believe that Daniel isn't aware of your plan, right?"
One of the girls raised her head and spoke through the tears on her face .
"How could he! He is generous and kind, he will neve-"
A slap hit her face while Noah continued .
"Only short answers from now on . If I want to know more, I will ask . "
After he was sure that they understood, he spoke again .
"Why do you all follow him? I mean, I understand that his character and his status are amazing but that shouldn't be enough for people to bother me just to improve their relationship with him . "
The students lowered their heads, unwilling to answer .
Noah sighed .
"It seems that I have to break your hands and feet too . "
He neared one of the girls and held her hand .
He began to apply pressure on his grip and the girl screamed in pain until one of the boys gave him what he wanted .
"Wait! Daniel isn't just talented and wealthy, he is also the only light mage of the academy!"