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Published at 25th of January 2021 10:40:05 PM

Chapter 1250: 1250
Noah still recalled that Elder Julia and Elder Austin were the first rank 5 Elders to join the new continent's colonization . Those secret missions had laid the foundation of the current power of the Hive .

Elder Austin had died during Ravaging Demon's sudden attack, but Elder Julia had continued to improve until she became one of the Hive pillars .

She was Chasing Demon's true heir . He had taught her how to control the Copying Technique, and she had been in charge of managing the Hive ever since his sacrifice .

Skully was nothing more than a consciousness and a pile of bones when Noah first met her . The Kesier Apes had taken control of the hidden world, and she was in charge of the rebellious faction .

Noah had prolonged her lifespan by fusing her with a Kesier Ape, and he had freed her underlings when he destroyed the hidden world .

Upon returning to the Hive, Skully had decided to manage the hybrid armies . Those troops had flourished under her rule, and only a few of them lost control of their mental capabilities during those years .

Dreaming Demon and Flying Demon were lifelong friends . Noah had found them in Divine Architect's separate dimension and saved them from certain death .

That event started a long series of adventures that saw the trio spreading chaos throughout the world . The raids on the Utra nation and the many tunnels in the separate dimension also came from their collaboration .

The Demons had even helped Noah getting his revenge against his family . They had been on the frontlines in every war or battle after they revealed themselves to the world .

They also carried Divine Demon's original mindset . Dreaming Demon and Flying Demon were existences that truly embodied the will of the defeated Demon Sects .

The memories with Daniel went way back in the past . Noah didn't care about him when he was in the Royal Academy, but he didn't forget the events in the Bare Dungeon .

Daniel was nothing more than a promising noble back then, but his life turned upside down after meeting Noah . The events with the Cause and the migration of the Udye family ultimately led him to become another pillar of the Hive .

In the end, Noah looked at June, and countless memories surged inside his mind .

Noah had met June on the air-ship leading to the Royal Academy, and they had fought on that same vehicle . That signed the beginning of a relationship that didn't fade through the years .

The battles inside the Royal Inheritance had strengthened their friendship and led them to live together for a while . The gift of Eccentric Thunder's inheritance had created a bond that they couldn't ignore even when they belonged to different organizations .

Noah didn't know what to say when the powerhouses looked at him . He couldn't help but recall countless memories featuring them . Yet, he felt at peace when he thought about that separation .

'I have shared many lives with them,' Noah thought as he recalled what kind of man he was before his transmigration . 'To think that my life would be so full . '

The man who saw no value in life had ended up experiencing far more than the average cultivator . Noah had survived where many would have fallen, and he didn't neglect his desires along the way .

"Why isn't he just sending us off?" Flying Demon pretended to whisper as he turned toward her lover .

"We won't see him until we reach the Immortal Lands," Dreaming Demon replied in a normal tone . "It's normal to go through your life's experiences after such a big separation . "

"I actually have to ask him something before going away," Daniel said as he joined that conversation . "A Patriarch should have a say in these political matters . "

"As if Faith cares about the politics!" June replied while shooting an angry look toward Daniel . "The whole world knows about you two . We have been inside a separate dimension for five hundred years . You can't hide anything in that environment . "

"It's still a matter of political relevance," Daniel said . "The Patriarch must approve . I'm sure Chasing Demon has done the same with the two of you . "

"Silence!" Elder Julia shouted . "You can wait until I become the Matriarch and ask me if you are scared of his judgment . "

"I think I'm the only one who has no hope to see him again," Skully said as she joined that conversation . "I should have more time with him to express my gratitude properly . "

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"I don't think he cares about that," Flying Demon replied .

"He surely doesn't care about that," June added . "I bet that we are nothing more than pawns who apply pressure on the world at this point . You should never underestimate how addicted he is to his training . "

"You are right," Dreaming Demon said, "We should leave soon . We are consuming precious time . "

Noah didn't completely understand what was happening at first . The powerhouses spoke as if they were aware that he would remain in the main world .

However, he had revealed his intentions only to June . He didn't believe that she had spread that news to the powerhouses, but he couldn't find other possible explanations .

His questioning gaze went on June, but she shook her head before opening her mouth to speak . "Don't look at me . They figured it out on their own . I guess they know you quite well . "

Noah's eyes widened, and he moved his questioning gaze to the other powerhouses . Yet, they all nodded while wearing smiles .

"I even wondered whether I had to make a speech," Noah said before heaving a sigh . "Well, there is no point since all of you are aware of my intentions . "

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Noah stopped speaking to look the powerhouses in their eyes again . Then, he resumed . "I won't be leaving with you . The current state of the world is too beneficial to my cultivation method to give up on it so easily . "

"Don't worry about us," Dreaming Demon said . "The Hive will remain one of the stronger organizations in the world, even without you . You have raised it well . "

"We will be fine," Flying Demon continued . "I was growing bored of being the strongest organization anyway . Some struggles can only benefit us . "

Skully flew toward Noah at that point, and she kowtowed in front of him before he could say anything .

She remained in that position for a while before standing up and heading for the dimensional portal . Her figure disappeared as soon as she crossed that vortex .

Noah couldn't help but think that he would never see Skully again . He didn't manage to make her a dantian in the end, but she would continue to fulfill the promises made with Danielle and the Ape God .

The hybrids would grow strong and without mental instabilities due to the training method polished through the years . Thirty-seven could create replicas of Noah's spherical runes, so the future of those creatures would be bright .

The Kesier Apes would also be free to thrive among the other creatures in the Hive's ranks . The Ape God would obtain what it had always wanted . Its species won't see another slaughter as long as the Hive remained in power .