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Chapter 1251: 1251
Daniel remained speechless for a second before nodding . He then raised his head to focus on Noah's reptilian pupils, and memories also began to rise inside his mind .

Noah had been an unreachable rival for most of his life, but Daniel had started to bloom as a cultivator only after he had given up on that rivalry .

Still, Noah had been crucial in Daniel's growth . He had shown him how limited his mindset was, and his many achievements had worked as an inspiration .

Daniel couldn't express how grateful he was for all the chances that the Hive had given him . He was nothing more than a noble without a nation after the Elbas family forced everyone to migrate, but he had found a new home that he wished to protect with his life .

The Hive had given him far more than a home . Daniel could grow both as a person and a cultivator among the Elders .

Nothing similar would have happened without Noah . Their adventure in the Bare Dungeon when they were only human cultivators had been the start of his real journey .

"Let's meet again in the Immortal Lands," Daniel eventually said as he suppressed his memories . "I'm sure Faith won't get over the fact that you didn't say goodbye to her otherwise . "

Noah nodded, and Daniel turned to leave . He flew directly inside the dimensional portal and disappeared from the world .

Elder Julia flew toward Noah at that point, and she bowed before he could say anything . However, she began to peek at him when she saw that he remained silent .

"I don't think there is an Elder who loves the Hive more than you," Noah eventually said . "Only you can be my successor . I'm sure you will be a great Matriarch . "

Elder Julia smiled, and she straightened herself before bowing again . She felt delighted that Noah had acknowledged her value, but there was something else that she wanted to settle before leaving .

"I need a second in command in case something happens to me," Elder Julia said after she straightened herself again .

"That is up to you," Noah replied . "You are the leader of the Hive now . "

That line wasn't enough to satisfy Elder Julia, who continued to give voice to her request . "That won't do it . I want you to take part in this decision . This is an order . "

Noah's eyebrows arched at those words, but a smile appeared on his face when he saw Elder Julia's serious expression . A few names appeared in his mind, but he soon made a decision .

"Daniel Udye," Noah said . "He is the best candidate for that role . "

"Imagine how awkward these goodbyes would have been if the Elbas family didn't improve the portal," Flying Demon commented as he looked toward the vortex . "We would have to wait for the powerhouse to reach the other world before sending the rest . It's quite convenient now . "

"I think I will miss these jokes," Noah said as he shook his head . "Be sure not to remain trapped in a separate dimension this time around . I won't be there to save you . "

"Don't worry!" Flying Demon replied as he flew toward Noah . "I will wait until I reach the Immortal Lands to fall into some trap . You should be able to save me at that point . Maybe you can even use that spectacular technique . "

Flying Demon pretended to wield something extremely heavy and swing it around . It was clear that he wanted to recall the battles when Noah had used magical beasts' corpses as weapons .

"If only we had more time," Noah said as he sighed when the Demon reached him .

"What do you mean?" Flying Demon asked . "We still have the Immortal Lands . I'm sure we will find the time to drink some good wine between millennium and the other . This isn't even worthy of being a separation . "

"He is right," Dreaming Demon said as she reached Noah and her lover . "Our destination is the same . We will simply meet up there . Making grand promises among us is useless . "

"Continue being the backbone of the Hive, Tisha," Noah said as he smiled toward Dreaming Demon . "It will get quite messy pretty soon . "

"Let them come," Dreaming Demon said before releasing a loud snort . "I can't wait to see which organization will be foolish enough to attack us . "

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"I leave the Hive in your hands then," Noah concluded . "See you in the Immortal Lands . "

The Demons wore broad smiles while they nodded at those words, but they soon turned to fly to the dimensional portal . Their figures disappeared as soon as they crossed the vortex . Now only June and Noah remained in the sky .

June flew toward Noah, and the latter opened his mouth to speak, but she promptly placed a finger on his lips . She even shook her head to convey a message that only her lover could understand .

They had already said their goodbyes privately . They didn't need words anymore at that point . They only had to separate and found each other again in the Immortal Lands now .

Noah revealed a warm smile as he took June's hand to free his mouth . The two of them then exchanged a deep kiss, but June soon turned to leave too .

When her figure disappeared inside the dimensional portal, Noah flew toward that dark vortex and stared at the passage .

There was a lofty life in front of him . Noah was the strongest existence among the three organizations, and his last battle against God's Left Hand and Great Elder Diana had revealed that he belonged to a superior league .

He could even aim to conquer the world if he abandoned the old one . Virtually no one could oppose him there . He could even unite the three organizations into a massive force with the power that he wielded .

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However, Noah had never desired a throne nor underlings to command . Being a leader was a burden that he didn't want to endure .

Noah liked freedom . He desired to have no limitations during his pursuit of power . His goals had always been the stars high in the sky, and it had never changed until that moment .

'Heaven in front of me,' Noah thought as he turned to stare at the main world, 'Hell behind my back . '

The cries of the Eternal Snakes filled the sky . Noah could sense some powerful specimens in the distance, near the mountain chain that had previously acted as a danger zone .

His smile slowly vanished as an expressionless face replaced it . A dense coldness came out of his reptilian eyes when he thought about the many specimens he had to kill to save the world .

The dimensional portal was still active, but it would lose its power in one year . Noah could always change idea, but he moved before even considering migrating .

Noah flew back to his cave on the seabed . Countless hunts waited for him, but he had to prepare one last asset before he could feel confident in approaching the many packs that had formed in the world .

It was time to improve Snore .