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Chapter 1252: 1252
No one knew what the Elbas family was up to, but the Royals didn't visit the dimensional portal before the other organization left, and Noah went in seclusion right afterward .

Noah needed to keep his mind focused on his project, so he couldn't pay attention to the Elbas family . He would learn whether the Royals had left the plane only after he came out of his cave .

The three organizations' departure relieved the world of some internal pressure, but that didn't fix its condition . There were still too many rank 6 existences in the lower plane, so the net of cracks continued to enlarge .

The world had a time limit, and Noah knew that far too well . It was as if he had a death sentence hanging above his head, which fueled his unwavering concentration during his project .

Noah knew that the dimensional portal would remain stable for only one year, but he had long chosen to stay in the main world . He even lost track of the passage of time once he started modifying Snore, and his only hope to leave that world vanished without him even noticing it .

The projects of cultivators near the peak of the heroic ranks would often take a while, and Noah used his first year of seclusion just to set the foundation of Snore's new power .

Snore was a being made of dark matter through a variant of the Body-inscription spell . It was different from Night . It required a connection with Noah since it was a proper Blood Companion .

That made it limited in certain aspects of its power, but it gave Noah more freedom regarding what he could modify .

Night didn't give up on its species . It could express so much power because Noah had built a body capable of an improved version of its innate abilities .

Instead, Snore was a consciousness placed inside a powerful weapon . Noah had created life by fusing the consciousness of an Albino Snake and a body capable of wonders . In theory, its potential grew alongside Noah's expertise .

Since his abilities had always been stronger than his copied elements, Noah had equipped Snore with those attacks to create a puppet capable of facing any enemy .

However, Noah had gone beyond the simple elements after creating the dark world . Those attacks ended up becoming lacking as he continued to surpass his previous limits, especially when he used his ambition .

Night could keep up with him because its innate ability was incredible, and it carried the knowledge of a divine magical beast . Its new body had also removed the restrictions on its species, which gave it the chance to improve even more .

Noah had started to plan Snore's modifications as soon as he tested his battle prowess, but the various events that had fallen upon the world had kept him busy .

Still, he could now focus on his project, and some of the ideas that he planned to implement in the Blood Companion's body surprised even him .

Snore had dark matter as its fabric and used elemental attacks as its abilities . The saber-shaped runes placed on its wings were weapons that copied Noah's spell, but they were disposable items that didn't even suit the Blood Companion's overall structure .

Noah knew that it was time to give a direction to Snore's evolution . The world's perilous condition gave the push that his mind needed to invent an innate ability worthy of belonging to his Blood Companion .

In theory, Snore could launch the dark world since its body could create abilities made of six elements, but Noah found no point in turning that into an actual attack . His black hole already spread dark matter quickly, so he had no reason to build a copy of his technique .

It was pointless to give Snore abilities that he could already use . They would always be stronger when Noah cast them, which would only make him ignore his Blood Companion when it came to battles .

Snore needed something unique that only its status as Blood Companion allowed it to use . Moreover, Noah needed to be able to rely on that ability during battles .

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Years slowly passed as Noah took away, modified, and rebuilt Snore inch by inch . Its foundation was solid and only needed a few additions, but its arms, wings, and head required thorough analysis and changes .

First of all, Noah cut away the arms . He had planned to make Snore able to launch slashes when he first created it, but that idea had turned out to be a failure .

Noah's slashes were attacks that only he could launch . No other existence in the world could replicate them, and even Sword Saint's will had failed in copying their power . Snore had no chance to succeed in that feat .

The wings were useful, but Noah could achieve the same result by creating a sea of saber-shaped runes . The feathers usually had a higher-starting power, but Noah didn't want to have too many abilities reliant on the primary energy .

That would only lower the amount of primary energy in the environment faster . Noah would feel forced to use fewer abilities to optimize the charging of his strongest spells . It was better not to have weak skills at all at that point .

Noah cut away those vast, feathered wings and replaced them with three pairs of smaller wings . The new ones didn't have any weapon attached to their structure . He had created them with the sole purpose of increasing Snore's speed and agility .

Snore's skin became sturdier as Noah reinforced its structure with more layers of dark matter . He wasn't applying any special method to improve the quality of its body . He was piling more materials on each other .

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At last, Noah began to work on Snore's head .

Noah didn't want to deprive Snore of its ability to launch different elemental attacks . They could reveal themselves useful against tricky opponents, and it couldn't hurt to have some variety in its fighting style .

Yet, he wanted them to be only one of its basic abilities, something on which he could build something stronger .

Noah had eliminated the dark world from the poll of possible techniques, but his mind remained fixed on the idea that he had to use all his copied elements for Snore's final ability .

'Creation leads to destruction,' Noah thought when enlightenment dawned upon him .

The dark world was only one of the applications of the copied elements . Noah used them to cast that technique because his higher energy was an expression of his creation, but he could turn them into an ability that Snore could operate more efficiently .

The dark world was a fusion of six elements copied through the dark matter . They worked together to create a place that responded only to Noah's will and acted as his domain .

However, Noah could make them have the opposite effect . He could force instabilities in their fusion to release destructive energy capable of eradicating the very matter of the world .