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Chapter 1255: 1255
Snore had finally become able to wield the real power of the dark matter after the modifications . The base level of Noah's fourth center of power didn't limit its prowess anymore . The Blood Companion had obtained an ability on par with its Master's slashes!

'I can go wild,' Noah revealed a cold smile as he thought that .

A human-shaped crack replaced his figure as he entered his dimension . Eternal Snakes were nimble once in combat, but their maximum speed couldn't compare to Noah's movement technique .

The upper tier magical beast tried its best to run away, but a shadow soon appeared above its head and released a thick slash that flung the creature into the seabed .

The Snake straightened its position and filled the area with the silver liquid, freezing the water and creating a defensive layer . Still, Snore had reformed by then, and it didn't hesitate to launch another threatening beam .

The attack pierced the ice and landed on the Eternal Snake's body, creating a large hole right below the other . Silver shards soon converged in that spot to close the injury, but Noah wouldn't give the creature time to heal .

Noah reappeared next to the first hole . His cultivation level had broken through the solid stage with his ambition, and the dark world had flowed inside the Demonic Sword to push its power beyond its structural limits .

The Eternal Snake opened its mouth to spit its silver liquid toward Noah, but the latter had already raised its weapon . The slash that followed that gesture opened a fissure that finished severing the creature's body .

Noah severed the Eternal Snake's body, and its head fell on the seabed . A dense trail of silver liquid accompanied its fall, and ice-shards soon tried to patch its injuries .

However, Noah had attacked the hole near the Snake's head . The creature had lost most of its body in that exchange .

The upper tier Eternal Snake was nothing more than a head connected to a few strands of maimed flesh . It couldn't even move properly in that condition . Noah could land on it and press his blade on the injury created by his first slash .

The pleading cries of the Snakes couldn't shake Noah's mind . He filled the Demonic Sword with dark matter again and began to pierce the creature's skull .

Using Snore's beam would kill the creature more quickly, but Noah wanted to preserve the Eternal Snake's glands . His Blood Companion had already ruined the two middle tier specimens, so he had to be careful when collecting his prey .

Noah knew that the world only had less than four hundred years left, but he wouldn't postpone a project that could improve his species . Becoming stronger would make him hunt faster, so he didn't mind investing time in the testing phase .

Noah collected the corpses in his space-ring . He had taken a few more storage devices before the Hive's departure, so he could store the creatures freely for the time being .

He didn't want to dispose them inside the separate dimension just yet . His ambition was still pushing his centers of power above their real level, so he could keep hunting .

The area that he had chosen for his first hunt held only small packs of weaker Snakes . The strongest ones were in the new continent, so he could enjoy his battles without worrying too much about his strategy .

Noah could go wild . The strongest specimens in the area were in the upper tier, but Snore could carve holes through their bodies with its new ability . Those threatening creatures couldn't oppose him anymore now that all his assets had reached a satisfying level .

The only drawback of Snore's new ability was its high consumption of dark matter due to the constant regeneration and the violent energy condensed in the form of a beam . Yet, the black hole in Noah's chest didn't seem to have limits .

Noah even wondered if he would witness his fourth center of power reaching its limits in those hunts, but the black hole continued to work normally even after he spent a whole day hunting Eternal Snakes .

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It was easier to prolong the effects of his ambition if he didn't push his centers of power too much . Remaining at the bottom of the solid stage was enough to kill all the creatures in the area and maintain the empowerment for an entire day .

Noah's hunts had played exactly like the first one . The Eternal Snakes would initially try to face him due to their innate aggression, but Snore suppressed them every time .

The Blood Companion also became used to its new ability as it continued to fight . Its aim improved, and it soon managed to hit the Snake's neck with extreme precision .

Noah didn't have to worry about losing valuable materials anymore by the end of the day . It took him only one hunt to seize all the body parts that he needed for his project, and he had also obtained a large amount of nutrient flesh in the process .

The cave dug in the seabed had become too small for his needs at that point, but Noah didn't mind investing some time to enlarge it . He wanted to return to the separate dimension only when he needed to cultivate .

'I knew it would be easier now that Snore has become useful,' Noah thought as he inspected his loot, 'But I didn't expect to meet the requirements for the testing phase so soon . '

Noah sat in front of seven maimed reptilian heads . They all had a series of holes at their center due to the many lunges used to kill them .

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Most of them were at the peak of the lower tier, and only one of them was in the upper tier . The leader of the area was in the first group of creatures, so Noah could find only weaker specimens during the rest of the hunt .

He had more corpses in his space-rings . The rest of the bodies of those seven creatures and four more Snakes had remained inside his storage devices because he had ruined their glands during the battle .

Noah could only use them as resources for his body, but that result didn't disappoint him . After all, he had already gathered more than enough resources for his project .

'I should start immediately,' Noah thought as he began to dissect the heads to seize the organs that he needed, 'Completing this phase will bring me one step closer to improving my bloodline . '

Creating a complete prototype wasn't the end of Noah's project . He needed to fuse his product with his body, which meant that he required something on a similar level .

Still, his body didn't follow standard labels when it came to describing its power . Even a specimen in the upper tier couldn't match the energy contained in its tissues .

Noah was sure that he would need the glands of a peak rank 6 specimen to complete his project and obtain that incredible ability .