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Chapter 1256: 1256
One of the most significant flaws in the Elemental Forging method was that inscribing the same item multiple times would lead to a weaker structure . The final product wouldn't carry the intended power either .

Noah had fused his body with a Light-devouring Dragon when he was only a human cultivator . In theory, he had already used the first round of forging .

That was the reason why he had held back from improving his bloodline . He had managed to link the fourth center of power to his heart, but that wasn't a proper forging . His body had taken care of fusing the two organs for him .

Yet, Noah's body had gone through many changes since the fusion with the magical beast . It had evolved to express his individuality, and it had also entirely changed after attuning with the black star .

Noah's confidence came from that event . His body had evolved past the initial forging and had broken through the limits of the three major types of beings . Many experts still viewed him as a hybrid, but Noah knew that he had become something far superior .

Since the evolution had modified every fiber of his body, Noah felt confident that it didn't carry any trace of the previous forging . Moreover, the dark matter improved his tissues constantly, so he didn't believe that they still counted as inscribed items .

Noah couldn't test that because any trace of his forging had vanished after the many evolutions . Thirty-seven's hesitation came from that issue . The automaton wouldn't advise undergoing a forging in those conditions .

However, Noah had already made his mind, and he had also chosen the organs that he had to fuse . A failure in the procedure wouldn't kill him if he limited the forging to a few parts of his body .

The organs that he had decided to modify were his lungs . The Light-devouring Dragons' innate ability was powerful when it came to the magical beasts' world, but it fell short compared to Noah's prowess .

A strong ability wasn't enough for him anymore . Noah needed the best of the best at his current level . He would ignore any skill weaker than his slashes otherwise .

The Light-devouring Dragons' flames had unlimited potential, but Noah's growth had outclassed even that ability . His fast improvements didn't give time to his innate ability to catch up .

Noah's flames were by no means weak . They were stronger than any innate ability cast by magical beasts in the middle tier . Yet, his battle prowess had already reached the peak of the upper tier, which made them useless when he went all-out .

Noah didn't want to give up on his flames, and he wouldn't just ignore them as he strived for the higher ranks . Improving an ability was easier than creating a new one in the end . He preferred to invest time in that project rather than spend years meditating to invent something .

Of course, Noah invested time in that project because he believed that the finished product would bring his battle prowess to a superior level . He could already imagine his flames obtaining the same capabilities as the Eternal Snake's silver liquid .

There was another aspect of his body that made him confident in the success of the procedure . The black hole automatically helped in any struggle that Noah faced . He didn't even need to control it to obtain its support .

His fourth center of power would surely help during the fusion . Noah didn't fear anything with the dark matter by his side .

The main problem in that project was the modification of the Eternal Snake's glands . Those creatures had a water aptitude, and the nature of their innate ability didn't work well with flames, even if they were of the darkness element .

That was a structural issue that Noah had to solve to approach the last stage of the project . He also had to modify the glands to match his lungs in terms of raw power and fabric .

The experience gathered while creating living weapons helped Noah with those issues . Thirty-seven had also reviewed the project, so Noah already had a series of concrete ideas for the testing phase .

The glands didn't share the same sturdiness of the Eternal Snake's skin . They were softer and had an innate immunity to the freezing properties of the silver liquid .

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Noah's lungs were the same, even if their immunity worked on his flames . His first step consisted in making the two organs compatible while modifying only the glands .

It would have been easier to modify both organs and make them reach a common ground . Still, Noah couldn't change his body due to the flaws of his inscription method .

Each Eternal Snake had two glands, and Noah approached the testing phase one organ at the time . He even experimented more wildly since he had gathered many corpses . He could ignore losing a few materials if that helped him create the strongest possible version of his final product .

Noah had to come out of his cave from time to time to search for crucial materials . The Hive had emptied the inventories in the separate dimension, so he had to gather resources by himself .

That ended up being relatively easy . The higher-ups of the three organizations had completed a thorough inspection of the world after they came out of the separate dimension, so Noah knew where to find the materials that he needed .

The Eternal Snakes' invasion couldn't affect those spots too much because they contained rank 6 materials . Noah mostly needed sturdy metals that could change the glands' nature, so there was a limit to the damage that those creatures could cause in those areas .

The only obstacles in the gathering of materials were the creatures that inhabited those areas . Yet, that only increased the number of corpses in Noah's possession . His kill count went from eleven to sixteen in the weeks that followed his first hunt .

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Noah's initial tests turned out to be complete failures, but he expected as much . Changing an organ's nature wasn't an easy feat, especially when he had to make it as powerful as his lungs .

Noah could test more than ten different metals on each gland since he only aimed to change their nature in that phase . His approach was similar to when he had modified the Demonic Form spell . He would cut the organ into pieces and test different fusions to see what worked .

Noah had to come out of his cave to gather materials multiple times during that phase . He even had to find another opening for the red sea to search for creatures and materials that could bring the nature of the glands closed to his needs .

In the end, he completed that phase by involving the Will-consuming runes in the procedure . His greed, ambition, and dark matter managed to change the nature of the glands after sealing them together with a combination of different metals retrieved in the sea of magma .

Noah felt excited at that initial success . That was the biggest hurdle to overcome before the actual fusion, and it had taken him only a couple of years to complete it .

The following phases were easier . Noah only had to apply those modifications to a complete gland without ruining its intrinsic properties .

Then, he needed to hunt a peak upper tier Eternal Snake without damaging its organs . Noah had already killed a creature on that level, but he had ruined its glands when he dissected it . Still, he knew that the battle wouldn't be as harsh as the previous one .