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Chapter 1258: 1258
One attack on those lands would cause a massive mobilization of reinforcements . Noah would find himself against hordes of rank 6 magical beasts in no time .

Attacking the old continent was safer, and it required less planning . Noah didn't even need a strategy there . He could take his time and slowly kill all the Eternal Snakes in those regions .

Noah didn't need to aim for the peak rank 6 specimens right away . He could slowly clear the area with hit-and-run tactics . It didn't matter if he happened to lose a corpse or two in the process .

Moreover, he didn't even need to salvage the Snake's glands unless he met a peak rank 6 specimen . He could pursue the quickest approach and ignore the damage that he inflicted on those creatures .

Noah flew above the old continent a few times to perform a simple inspection of its fauna . Three peak rank 6 Eternal Snakes occupied those lands, and they had thirty weaker specimens under their rule .

Those creatures had created three large packs that ruled over different sides of the continent . Ironically, they had divided the landmass according to the old areas of influence .

The mystical fog and the mountain chain were natural borders, so Noah didn't feel surprised when he saw that arrangement . He had also expected that the Eternal Snakes would consider the Papral nation more valuable due to its distance from the inactive dimensional portal .

The ground in the Utra nation was too frail . It could barely accommodate the eight rank 6 specimens that had chosen it as their home . The continent's central regions were in a similar state, but they could withstand the pressure coming from its nine powerful creatures .

Instead, the Papral nation could easily accommodate its sixteen rank 6 specimens . The main issue there was the lack of food, which would eventually lead to internal clashes in the future .

Noah picked the Utra nation as the starting point of the clearing operation on the old continent . As he flew closer to those regions, he could see that the ground was trying to recover now that the dimensional portal had stopped working .

However, the presence of the powerful pack of Snakes made those efforts vain . The energy in the environment converged toward those creatures due to their innate absorption of "Breath" .

'Four in the lower tier, three in the middle tier, and the leader,' Noah summarized in his mind after completing another analysis . 'I might be able to face them together, but I don't know if the world can endure that kind of battle . '

Noah approached the southern coast of the old continent and threw some leftovers of his previous hunts in the sea before hiding inside the sea .

Dark matter came out of his chest once he reached a suitable spot for his ambush . The dark world unfolded around him and hid his presence . Snore also materialized and prepared its deadly beam .

Noah wasn't sure if that bait would work . Magical beasts had sharp instincts, and he couldn't cover the aura of the dark world . He could hide inside it, but he couldn't suppress the radiations of his technique .

Still, Noah knew that the magical beasts had an instinct that often suppressed their ability to think straight . He was aware of how intense their hunger could become .

Those Eternal Snakes had never learnt what it meant to live in a poor environment . Their passive absorption could satisfy them in the Immortal Lands, but it wasn't enough in the lower plane .

Their lingering sense of belonging to the same pack led by divine beings made them resort to cannibalism only when they couldn't endure their hunger anymore . Yet, that was only a temporary solution that didn't solve their core issue .

The Snakes were in a weaker world that couldn't come close to the Immortal Lands in terms of density of "Breath" . Their invasion had also killed the few preys that they could hunt .

Those who managed to adapt to the change of environment would remain calm and probably survive the imminent struggles . The others would start inevitable internal battles that would lead to a few survivors .

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Noah had to wait for weeks before the area above him showed any sign of life . A massive reptilian head stuck out of the coastline and observed the bait in the distance .

Its forked tongue analyzed that part of the sea and warned the creature about the danger hiding in the depths . Still, the Snake waited a bit before retreating into the landmass .

The Snake reappeared a few weeks later . It still performed its careful analysis of the area before disappearing again .

It seemed that the creature didn't trust Noah's bait, but it was clear that it could barely hold back its hunger . It wouldn't have come to inspect the leftovers otherwise .

The Eternal Snake took only a week to reappear for the third time . Noah could see that a trace of determination had emerged on the creature's face, so he prepared Snore for the attack .

However, the beast retreated again after its usual round of inspection . Noah had to wait until its fourth visit in the area to see platforms made of ice forming above the sea .

The Eternal Snakes moved quickly . It didn't want to remain among that dangerous sensation for too long . Its idea was to fill its mouth with leftovers and return to the safety of the landmass .

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Still, a ray of violent dark matter carved a hole in its head and killed the creature on the spot . The beast couldn't even hope to dodge since it could sense the attack only after it left the dark world .

His first prey on the landmass ended up being a middle tier specimen . Those in the lower rank were aware of their weakness, so they didn't explore past their patrol areas .

Noah quickly seized the corpse and took a part of its flesh for himself . The rest of its body went with the bait to improve its appeal in the eyes of those beasts .

His tactic worked since another middle tier Snake soon jumped off the coastline and began to fly toward the bait . Still, it shared the same fate as the last creature . A dark beam pierced its head and killed it on the spot .

Noah took the entirety of the corpse at that time since he didn't want to risk luring out the peak rank 6 specimen . He would directly face the leader once he removed its underlings .

The third middle tier creature appeared on the coastline and followed the example of its predecessors . Its death happened in the same way too . One beam was enough to kill that massive Snake and seize a large amount of valuable flesh .

Noah left the bait in place to see if any of the lower tier specimens would arrive . Yet, they didn't move from their territories even if they had lost their pack's higher-ups .