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Published at 26th of August 2019 07:50:06 AM

Chapter 126
'Light element!'

Noah finally understood the reason for his conflicting instincts .
'Talent, wealth, and a rare element . No wonder he has so many followers, his future will be extraordinary . '
He let go of the girl's hand and stood up .
"I believe no one of you wants to get hanged naked on the board, right?"
The youths shook their heads almost immediately .
"Good, you must know that I'm quite short on money lately and this makes me really vengeful . Is it possible that you have some kind of solution to my problem?"
The students understood the meaning behind his words and took out a total of two thousand Credits from their storage devices .
Noah gathered the crystals and nodded at them .
"Just one last thing . You are my seniors so you must have a better accommodation, am I right?"
The lodgings were decided according to the seniority of the students and their distance from the source of the river was chosen based on their strength in their class .
However, the academy allowed challenges between students if they wanted to improve their accommodation .
They could also be traded or given away with the authorization of both interested parts .
Noah didn't really want to challenge other students but since the chance presented itself, he wouldn't waste it .
"So, who of you has the closest one to the source of the river?"

The students turned to look at one of the boys .
Noah smiled and crouched toward him .
The student panicked and began to plead .
"No please, my family invested so much in my studies here . I had to pay an incredible sum to g- . "
Noah stopped him and patted his shoulder while shaking his head .
"I know, I know . The love of a family is important in the life of a cultivator . What are a few days hanged in front of the whole academy in comparison?"
The student paled and gritted his teeth .
"Fine but one da-"
A kick hit him in the face .
Noah's eyes shined with a cold light as he focused his mental energy on the youth .
"One day you what? I only wanted to cultivate in peace but you came to me seeking trouble . If it wasn't for the academy's rules, I would have killed all of you already . "
The students trembled at Noah's pressure .
They knew that he was telling the truth .
"I will warn you just once: if you ever approach me again with bad intentions, I will gladly get expelled only to taste the pleasure of taking your worthless lives . Are we clear?"

His mental pressure intensified, it could be said that the strength of his sea of consciousness was unmatched among those near his age .
One by one, the students slowly nodded and Noah released the pressure .
"Since we have an understanding, I say that we can go back to the academy . Our story will be that you were ambushed by Sun tigers and that I luckily saved you . Since you were so grateful to me, you decided to treat me with your accommodation, ok?"
Some of them tried to complain but his pressure unfolded again .

"You know, I'm open to suggestions . For example, what was your story for when you were done with me? I don't believe you have the guts to kill me . "
They trembled, silently accepting his conditions and Noah helped them getting dressed .
The girls wept to no end and the boys showed only envy gazes at the sight of Noah dressing the women .
Noah was completely indifferent during the whole time .
'What's the point of being this good looking if you are so weak? Luckily, I'm not a total newbie regarding women . '
He had lived for more than forty years over-all .
Even without considering his aloof personality, the bodies of girls that young posed no appeal to him .
When he finished dressing all the students, Noah took out some of his clothes from his space-ring and tied them together to form a large carpet .
Then he threw the students over it while Echo exited his body .

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A youth and a big bat carried ten students with broken limbs through Arolyac forest .
Their pace was slow but in half a day they managed to reach the gate of the academy .
Noah put his token on the ground and the passage opened .
Echo went back into his body and Noah slowly carried the crowded carpet into the academy ground .
Samuel was still waiting there with a smirk on his face which turned in an astonished expression as he saw the outcome of the ambush .
Noah saw him and put a smile on his face .
"Ah, if it isn't the heir of the Muwlos family . Come here and take care of these poor students that I luckily rescued . I have a small matter to attend with this one . "
Noah grabbed the one that had the best accommodation and uncaringly carried it toward the building where he first received the token .
Samuel waited for Noah to leave before nearing the group of impaired students .
They had all their limbs broken and some of them missed many teeth in their mouths .
"W-what happened?"
He could not help but ask that question .
The students lowered their heads until one of the girls spoke with a soft voice .
"He *sniff* saved us form a pack of Sun tigers . "

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The story was obviously made up, how could a pack of rank 3 magical beasts beat that badly ten students of the academy?
Samuel wasn't that stupid and replied to her .
"Tell me what has happened . I will report everything to a teacher and we will ruin him!"
That time, it was one of the male students that answered .
"Forget it, Samuel . That guy fights like a demon and he even had room to hold back . He didn't even use that black smoke you spoke about . I just want to stay away from him . "
Meanwhile, Noah had arrived in front of the old woman that gave him the token .
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She was speaking with a skeptical tone toward the student on Noah's back .
"Are you sure that you, Kent Omon, want to exchange your lodging with Vance's one?"
Kent answered softly .
"Yes, I'm sure . "
The woman sighed and shook her head .
"Your tokens please . "