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Chapter 1260: 1260
The frail ground of the old continent had crumbled under his attacks, but that was nothing compared to what was about to happen . Noah had restrained himself before, but he couldn't do the same against his last opponent .

The peak rank 6 Eternal Snake filled the area with silver liquid that created multiple layers of ice . It had seen how deadly Noah's abilities were, so it wouldn't take risks when facing him .

On the other hand, Noah was quite at ease . He had already beaten a similar creature in the past . The effort had left him badly injured, but he was far stronger than before now .

His centers of power were still on a similar level, but he had added a powerful weapon to his arsenal . That addition alone gave him all the confidence that he needed in the battle .

Of course, he couldn't attack mindlessly . He still had to retrieve the creature's glands, meaning that he had to leave the lower part of its head undamaged .

The Snake leaped toward Noah . Its charge destroyed part of the defensive layers to create a cloud of ice-shards that fell on the ground .

The creature didn't need to hold back . Its species was famous for its healing abilities, so it had naturally developed a reckless battle style .

Noah respected that behavior, but he had long since learnt how to counter that troublesome ability . The Eternal Snakes could close their injuries with the ice-shards, but they couldn't regrow entire pieces of their bodies .

The Eternal Snake reached Noah in an instant . Silver liquid came out of its open mouth, and its fangs threatened to close on the black armor . Yet, a series of cuts appeared on the slimy insides of its maw before the creature could finish its attack .

Magical beasts had a fatal weakness that cultivators could easily exploit . Their battle style was always the same, and there was a limit to how much they could improve it .

Even creatures that had lived in the Immortal Lands and bordered the state of intelligent beasts couldn't do much about that . Their single center of power didn't give them any chance to break through their species' limitations .

Noah had already studied the Eternal Snakes and learnt all their moves . He even knew their internal composition better than any other expert in the magical beasts' field, so that species couldn't surprise him anymore .

His opponent wielded raw strength far superior to his, but that would be useless if it couldn't land a single blow on him .

Night ravaged the insides of the upper part of the creature's mouth before leaving that spot and merging with the environment again . Noah used that chance to sprint toward the center of its body and thrust the Demonic Sword in its flesh .

The beam effortlessly carved a hole in the Snake's body, and Noah swung his blade as soon as the violent energy dispersed . The creature became aware of its surroundings only to see half of its body falling toward the ground .

The Snake released a cry that expressed both pain and anger . The ice-shards that had previously accumulated in the environment flew toward its mouth and body to close the injuries . Meanwhile, its head shot toward its enemy .

However, the Snake didn't sense anything when it closed its mouth on the human figure, and a painful sensation soon spread from its body .

The creature saw that Noah had reappeared near the large injury and had stabbed its flesh again . The Blood Companion had also reformed by its side, and the dark beam soon shot out of its mouth to carve another large hole .

Noah followed Snore's attack with a powerful slash to cut the pieces of flesh that kept the injured part connected to the main body . Another big chunk of the Eternal Snake fell toward the ground under its angry gaze .

Technically speaking, the Eternal Snake was faster than Noah in close combat . Its physical might was also above his, and the shockwaves that the creature released with each attack could destabilize him .

Yet, Noah knew what type of attack the creature would launch . He didn't even need to see his opponent to know where and when he had to dodge .

That gave Noah the ability to be a few steps ahead of his opponent . He sprinted even before the enemy's attacks started, and he reached its body in time to exploit the openings left during its offensive .

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Moreover, the ice-shards couldn't completely heal the wounds that he inflicted . Except for the cuts in its mouth, the Snake's innate ability couldn't fix the damage that it was suffering .

Those exchanges continued for a while . The Snake's body kept becoming shorter every time the creature attacked, and it soon found itself without the flesh needed to perform its leaps .

The Snake lost its agility and explosive speed after Noah cut away enough of its body . He didn't even need to predict his opponent's attacks at that point since he was faster in that phase of the battle .

The creature continued to struggle . It didn't give in even if it had lost most of its body . Still, its attacks were quite pitiful in that condition . They didn't even meet the standards of a peak rank 6 existence .

Noah continued to sever pieces of its body until the Snake was nothing more than a reptilian head standing on top of a trail of ice . Its innate ability had closed its injuries, but its current state made it unable to move properly .

The Snake could only release more silver liquid and create a frozen structure that protected it . Yet, that ice was nothing in front of Noah's blade . The Demonic Sword dug a hole in those defenses in a few slashes .

Noah reached the head and landed at its center, right above the creature's brain . Dark matter flowed inside the Demonic Sword before he thrust it downward .

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The Snake's cried in pain, but Noah didn't stop . His ambition continued to push his centers of power beyond their limits on its own . Thinking that he could complete his project made his individuality explode .

After the seventh lunge, the light abandoned the Eternal Snake's eyes . Noah's kill count had reached fifty specimens at that point, but the main achievement was that another peak rank 6 creature had died .

Only eight peak rank 6 Snakes remained in the world now . There was still the quasi-rank 7 creature above them, but Noah couldn't spare any thought for the hunt after his last victory .

He didn't even care about the condition of the world . Noah would take his time to study the expansion of the cracks later on . Now he could only think about his project .

His ambition continued to surge even if the battle was over . Noah had to forcefully suppress it to stop the empowerment that it gave to his centers of power .

The drawbacks soon arrived, but Noah ignored them . He quickly gathered all the body parts on the battlefield before leaving the old continent to fly toward the separate dimension .

He needed to be completely isolated to feel at ease when performing the fusion . He couldn't trust the cave in the seabed with so many threats in the world .