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Chapter 1261: 1261
Noah didn't sense anyone observing him during his hunts, but the Royals were experts in fields that he couldn't even fathom . There was a chance that they had seen his battles without alerting his innate awareness .

The cave in the seabed didn't have any defense . Noah couldn't relax there, and his mental state was crucial for the success of the procedure .

Noah rested inside the separate dimension for a few weeks and started training only after he felt sure that his centers of power had dispersed the stress accumulated in the last battle .

Once Noah returned to his peak, he began the preparation for the procedure .

Noah had already completed all the steps required for the success of the procedure . He had changed the nature of the Eternal Snake's glands without breaking them . Now he only had to do the same before proceeding with the fusion .

The head of the peak rank 6 Snake was in his possession . Noah only had to seize the glands and perform the transformation he had mastered to become ready for the fusion .

The alteration of the gland's nature went perfectly . The fact that they were organs at the peak of the sixth rank didn't matter in front of Noah's higher energy .

His wills and dark matter turned those organs into dark sturdy sacks that didn't contain anything . They could still produce an altered version of the silver liquid, but Noah needed them devoid of any foreign substance .

'It's finally time,' Noah thought as he summoned Snore .

The Blood Companion formed next to him and shrunk as it followed his orders . Snore became a small winged snake that wasn't even one meter long .

Noah couldn't escape its usual issue in those procedures . His natural defense was too high, and it was hard to create precise wounds that could allow him to perform his fusion .

The Demonic Sword could solve that if Noah decided to go all-out, but Snore could do the same without wasting his precious energy . After all, Noah wanted to remain at his peak even when his torso was open .

Noah took some blood from the dissected reptilian head and traced two lines on his naked torso . Snore charged its innate ability and released a small dark beam that moved on those marks .

Even Noah's incredible skin broke under Snore's dark beam . That violent energy could hurt its caster, so it wasn't a surprise that it could damage his body .

'It's easier when my body is my weakest center of power,' Noah thought as pain began to spread in his mind .

Noah had faced problems whenever he had to modify certain parts of his body because his cultivation level wasn't high enough to hurt him . Elder Austin had often helped him solving that issue, but Noah's attacks were now stronger than his tissues .

The dark beam pierced his body from side to side, but it left his lungs untouched . Noah immediately focused on stopping his black hole from improving his recovery, but his fourth center of power didn't seem interested in that damage .

'You understand me,' Noah thought as he heaved a sigh .

His fourth center of power was mostly autonomous, but it depended on his subconscious . It couldn't possibly stop Noah from becoming stronger now that his whole existence desired that fusion .

'My last problem is gone,' Noah concluded as he spread those cuts to expose his insides .

He had already planned how to approach that fusion . He wouldn't need to break his rib cage to reach his lungs since the glands would liquefy during the forging .

Noah laid his back on the floor and placed the altered glands inside his injuries . The forging only needed the organs to be close, so he didn't need to pay too much attention to their position .

Blood tainted the floor of the reinforced room in which he had chosen to perform the fusion . His hands rose to touch the glands, and his mind focused on the only emotion that could make that forging possible .

Dark matter came out of his chest and flowed through his mind . When it came out of his mental sphere, the higher energy carried an intense ambition .

That wasn't the usual ambition shown when he pushed his centers of power beyond their actual level . That feeling carried unquenchable greed, which was what Noah needed .

Only a fool would try to improve his body even after it had reached such an unfathomable level . Yet, Noah couldn't give up on possible empowerments because he was already strong .

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His ambition always made him desire more power, giving birth to intense greed that wouldn't feel satisfied until it had obtained everything it wanted .

Noah's constant hunger had stopped bothering him after he had obtained the fourth center of power . However, his instincts had become more intense and deeper since they had fused with the very core of his individuality .

A vague shade in his existence would become a flashy characteristic of his individuality . Anything fueled by his ambition would reach intensity levels that could even lead Noah away from his original path .

That was the real drawback of his ambition . A bit of stress on his centers of power was nothing compared to the constant worry that his individuality could render him blind .

The dark matter covered Noah's chest as it poured his ambition into the glands . The structure of those organs trembled as a new drive fused with their fabric and forced them to liquefy .

The same fabric of the glands began to desire that fusion . Noah was affecting the laws in their structure with his will . His creation allowed him to modify the matter without much effort .

Coldness spread in his chest, but an intense pain soon suppressed all his senses . The entirety of his mind fell victim to that sensation, and Noah could only spare some attention to the actual procedure while it endured that suffering .

Noah had become used to those procedures by then . Pain couldn't make him lose focus nor control of the fusion . He was a real expert in those fields .

The glands liquefied and fused with his lungs . Noah soon found himself unable to breathe, and even the few grunts that tried to come out of his mouth ended up being nothing more than silent gestures .

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Dark matter flowed inside his body together with the liquefied glands . Noah's higher energy worked as a glue capable of filling every flaw in the organs stabilizing inside his chest .

Noah's felt his lungs growing before shrinking again . They then expanded to restart that cycle of absorption and distribution of the new material in their structure .

The fusion went smoothly . Both lungs and the glands already knew what they had to do . Noah's body followed his desires, and the Snake's organs carried his ambition, so they accepted themselves .

The same went for the nature of those organs . After the modifications, the glands had become suitable for Noah's body, and they accepted their new structure and nature .

A few problems arose after the entirety of the glands had fused with his lungs . Those organs carried two different innate abilities in the end . It was only normal for their laws to fight for the ownership of that matter .

However, the black hole released more dark matter at that point . A thick layer of higher energy covered Noah's lungs and isolated them from the rest of his body .

The dark matter created two incubators that suppressed those conflicts and helped to adjust the structure of those organs . Part of the energy absorbed by the black hole also flowed inside their structure and pushed them to fuse completely .

Noah heaved a sigh of relief when he inspected the incubators . He had been ready to throw away his lungs in case they threatened to explode, but his fourth center of power had behaved according to his predictions .