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Chapter 1262: 1262
Noah couldn't even test his organs for the time being . He couldn't know if the forging were a success until his lungs stabilized .

However, his dark matter took care of them, and the incubators didn't affect Noah's lifestyle . It was harder to breathe with his lungs in that condition, but he didn't need air to survive .

Noah could only wait and hope that his dark matter would take care of any flaws in his new organs . He felt quite optimistic about the whole fusion, but his eagerness to test his new power made him impatient .

Luckily for Noah, he had plenty of things to do . He had completed all his projects, but there was still a world to save . He could also spend more time training since the packs on the surface needed to reallocate their forces to occupy the now empty lands .

The world was still too damaged to endure harsh battles . Noah would have to slowly kill all the rank 6 creatures until the net of cracks started to close before he could test his limits .

That strategy would be even easier if Noah let the magical beast fill the lands he had cleared . He wouldn't need to resort to baits if the Snakes began to separate on their own .

The desire for a larger lair was an innate instinct in the magical beasts . Noah was sure that the two remaining packs in the old continent would become thinner after some of their specimens moved in the Utra nation .

Noah trained for a while without losing track of the passage of time . A few decades went by, and his power slightly improved in those years .

His dantian continued to approach the peak of the liquid stage while his body grew quickly due to the many preys that he had hunted in the last years .

It had never happened in a lower plane that a magical beast or a hybrid could improve their bodies so quickly . Yet, Noah had already done something similar, and the current situation with the Eternal Snakes could only benefit him even more .

His greatest advantage was that his battle prowess allowed him to hunt prey on a higher level than his body . He didn't have limits now that the lack of suitable targets wasn't an issue anymore .

Noah decided to come out of the separate dimension after fifty years spent training . His lungs were still inside the incubators made of dark matter, but he felt that the modifications were almost complete .

His mission was the main reason behind his decision to interrupt his training . He had to save the world to survive . He didn't expect to ascend in the next centuries .

The net of cracks had continued to expand in those years, but Noah felt glad to see that the destruction of the world had slowed down . It seemed that his hunts had finally brought some results .

'I still have three hundred years, according to Shandal's evaluation,' Noah thought as he inspected the sky . 'I don't plan on fixing this problem in more than that . '

Noah flew toward the old continent after he gave up on evaluating the state of the world . The packs there had behaved as he had predicted . Some of the weaker specimens had migrated to the Utra nation to create a third pack .

The migration didn't involve only the creatures in the old continent . Some Snakes from the other landmass decided to move toward a less crowded area . A few even decided to venture through the sea since it was mostly empty .

Noah didn't do anything reckless . The fauna's changes had revealed to him that the packs were quite easy-going when it came to the migration of a few specimens . They didn't incur any punishment from the leaders .

Part of the mindset developed in the Immortal Lands still occupied the Eternal Snakes' minds . Those creatures were far stronger than beasts on the same level due to their previous environment, but their aggression couldn't compare with those living in a lower plane since birth .

On a purely evolutionary aspect, magical beasts that had grown in a lower plane would find it easier to survive . Instead, the heroic creatures in the Immortal Lands had never suffered from a shortage of food, so they didn't learn what it could mean to let go of one of their underlings .

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The Eternal Snakes were slowly learning the true meaning of hunger . Noah was sure that their instincts told them to keep a low profile due to the state of the world, but a war among those packs was imminent .

Noah took his time to clear the sea again and hunt the creatures in the Utra nation through baits and sudden attacks . His kill count quickly rose to fifty-six, but the world still didn't show any progress .

'I can either wait or cause a mess,' Noah concluded after he reviewed his options .

The remaining Eternal Snakes had many underlings, and there was a limit to how much Noah's baits could work . He didn't fear jumping right in the middle of those packs, but the condition of the world worried him .

He couldn't let too many rank 6 existences clash . That could only enlarge the cracks and bring the world closer to its destruction . Yet, he didn't want to wait for some creatures to occupy the free lands either .

Noah couldn't decide which was the best course of action, so he returned to his training . The incubators were about to open anyway . He could think about that issue only after he had tested his new innate ability .

Something strange happened while Noah was in the separate dimension . Golden lines rose from the seabed and created tall pillars of light that touched the sky and created a second net .

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The second net was golden, and it covered the pieces of the sky that the void had yet to take . It was as if a dome had suddenly appeared to protect the entire world!

Noah overlooked that event while he was inside the separate dimension . Still, he wouldn't have paid attention to it anyway because the layers of protection around his lungs had finally broken in that period .

The incubators made of dark matter opened, and his body reabsorbed the higher energy . Noah could finally start to breathe properly again, but his eagerness to test made him ignore that detail .

Noah came out of the separate dimension in a hurry, but he remained speechless when he saw the golden net that had appeared in the sky .

He couldn't fail to recognize that golden light . That was the iconic color of the Elbas family, and there was no one else in the world capable of such a feat .

That event confirmed that the Elbas family had remained in the lower plane and worked on something that could fix the world . The golden net had that exact purpose . It forced the various pieces of the sky to remain in one place and make it harder for the instabilities to affect them .