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Chapter 1263: 1263
The owner of that voice didn't try to hide its presence . Noah recognized him as soon as he sensed his aura . Second Prince had come to visit him .

"Is this your way of ambushing me?" Noah asked without turning .

Noah had asked Second Prince to remain a constant threat in his life, but the Royal had disappeared from the political scene after that conversation .

"The world is too frail to endure a battle between us," Second prince replied . "Saving this plane has the priority . We can go back to our games only after everything stabilizes . "

"You aren't helping the world if the rest of your family is still here," Noah said while turning .

Second Prince hadn't changed in those years, but his expression appeared more relaxed . He didn't carry his wide smile or his expressionless face anymore . He seemed at peace .

"This net should stop the expansion of the cracks for a whole century," Second Prince replied without giving importance to Noah's comment . "I can create more of these and find a permanent solution in those years . "

Noah's eyes lit up at those words . He didn't care that Second Prince was an exceptional inscription master, but the capabilities of the golden net interested him .

"How much can this protection endure?" Noah asked as he pointed at the net .

Second Prince's expression froze for an instant at those words . He knew what Noah would do if he told him the truth . After all, he had observed his feats during the past years .

Yet, Noah's approach wasn't wrong, and Second Prince knew that . The Royal tried to fix the world through inscriptions, while Noah aimed to kill all the powerful creatures that prevented the healing process with their pressure .

"I guess," Second Prince said before stopping to think, "You should be able to go all-out once . The Royal Reinforcement will lose most of its energy to suppress you, but I know you will take down a considerable number of Eternal Snakes . "

"Oh?" Noah continued, "Will you let me destroy your creation?"

"I can't stop you anyway," Second Prince replied . "I might as well wish you good luck . "

Second Prince had remained calm even after Noah had tried to taunt him . He didn't seem to care about his creation at all . He had accepted that Noah would create a mess anyway, and it was better to do it while his golden net was active .

Moreover, Second Prince exuded newfound confidence in his aura, which was the opposite of his face . The Royal's expression expressed laziness and aloofness .

The red crystal still occupied the center of his forehead . That was Second Prince's core in the end . The Royal was an inscribed human created by King Elbas .

"Did you find your path?" Noah asked as he turned to look at the magical beasts in the distance .

Second Prince didn't answer immediately . He turned to look in the same direction as Noah for a while before replying . "Yes . You were right, but I won't give up on my legacy . "

Noah didn't answer . He had been slightly curious about the issue, but he didn't need to know anything else . He only wanted to know if Second Prince could remain a threat for him even in the solid stage .

"I will surpass my Father," Second Prince continued . "King Elbas was a monster, but I'm his rightful heir . I must do better . "

Noah shrugged his shoulders and left for the southern coast of the new continent . He had chosen his target, so he had no reason to hesitate .

Moreover, his hunts were more interesting than his conversations with Second Prince since he couldn't gain anything out of him . The golden net was the only reason why the Royal had earned some of his respect .

His ambition began to push his centers of power beyond their limits as he flew toward a specific pack . His cultivation level reached the solid stage in no time now that his real strength was bordering that breakthrough .

The southern coast of the new continent held one of the best training areas in the entire landmass . Even King Elbas didn't dare to modify that region after he had conquered it .

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The lava lake was the best training area for heroic cultivators with a fire aptitude, but it also contained a divine creature's remains at its bottom . No one confirmed that, and those who could explore its bottom didn't bother to inform the others .

The ancient aura that it radiated was an irresistible bait for the Eternal Snakes since it reminded them of the Immortal Lands . The same went for the regions frozen by the divine beings' silver liquid . The central areas of the new continent had the highest density of beast in the world now .

Noah wanted to go to the lava lake to seize the remains at its bottom . He didn't know if his space-ring could hold them or if he could reach the bottom . However, he could use that region to test how close he was to the divine ranks .

Since the last opponent in the world was the massive quasi-rank 7 Snake, he wanted to have something that told him how close he was to that level .

The lava lake was the home of three packs, but only two had peak rank 6 specimens . The other had two creatures in the upper tier, which balanced the overall power of those groups .

Noah's centers of power had long surpassed the solid stage, and they were still growing . His ambition was overflowing now that he had obtained the chance to go all-out .

He didn't even hide his presence . Noah descended toward the lava lake and waited for all the Eternal Snakes in the area to notice him . He had to try something before going all-out .

The Snakes felt suspicious at first, but they sent the middle tier specimens to investigate . Those creatures converged toward while using both their necks and tail as whips .

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Noah didn't move . He let the array of tails and heads land on his body and fling him away . He ended up in the sea, but his ambition didn't stop overflowing .

'Can't they damage me a bit more?' Noah complained in his mind as he shot back in the sky and returned to the lava lake .

The attacks had created multiple bruises and a few cuts in Noah's body, but he limited himself to inhale as much air as possible to launch his new innate ability .

The world lost its light for an instant, and a starry sky appeared right above the lave lake . All the beasts in the area could understand that the invader had returned, and they didn't hesitate to charge toward him .

Noah waited for the flames to do something different while he watched middle tier snakes drawing closer . The attack he had launched was identical to his previous ability, but he couldn't believe that he had failed .

The Snakes drew even closer, but a strange radiance soon began to shine from the black flames . A silverish light created a halo around the tongues of fire and divided them .

Then, a few tongues of flames separated from the main attack and converged toward Noah . They landed on his body and recreated his skin to heal his injuries .

They couldn't do much against the bruises, but those small cuts vanished without leaving any trace .

All in all, the ability was powerful, far better than his previous innate ability . However, Noah had yet to master it . The silver halo didn't appear immediately during his attack, and that couldn't happen again .