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Chapter 1265: 1265
Noah had fused two different organs into one . That didn't only add another feature to his flames . It also empowered them .

The fusion didn't double the flames' power since the Eternal Snake's glands weren't as strong as his lungs . However, the many precious metals and the wills he had used during the procedure raised his final product's overall level by a lot .

His lungs were an inscribed weapon now . It was only normal for their power to go beyond their structural limits . The wills that Noah had forged together with the other material made them surpass what a simple fusion could produce .

Without the empowerment of his ambition, his flames' level of power was in the upper tier . His body alone could almost match magical beasts in the last part of the heroic ranks, so his new ability could go beyond that .

Once his individuality raised the level of his centers of power, Noah's flames could match spells launched by solid stage cultivators . They had become useful again after the fusion, and Noah could only rejoice as he learnt about their features .

The power of his innate ability had surpassed his predictions . The incubators made of dark matter had improved part of the new features and had adapted them to Noah's existence .

That was the reason why they could fix even internal injuries . Noah's healing ability had surpassed its source . He now wielded a superior version of the silver liquid, which also had a destructive effect in his case .

The weaker specimens had retreated after they tasted the power of Noah's flames . The lower tier Snakes that had survived that attack had suffered severe injuries, and the situation of those in the middle tier wasn't any better .

Large patches of charred skin filled the weaker creatures . Some of them had directly lost pieces of their bodies among the flames . After the attack, the only ones that had remained unscathed were the four leaders and the Snakes hidden behind their ice .

'I don't even lose their energy if I happen to burn them,' Noah thought as coldness came out of his reptilian eyes .

Noah would usually avoid destructive abilities when it came to creatures that he could eat . He didn't like to waste resources that could improve his body .

Yet, his innate ability gave him the energy contained in the burned flesh . Part of it would disperse while his flames defeated his opponents' innate defenses, but that loss wasn't too significant .

Noah still obtained the majority of the energy contained in what he burned . That alone made his innate ability more valuable and ideal for every situation .

A few roars came out of their mouths, and Noah's eyes widened when he heard them . The cries carried precise orders directed at the weaker creatures . The leaders were rearranging them to deploy a battle formation!

'How can they know this?!' Noah shouted in his mind .

He had already accepted that the Eternal Snakes were almost intelligent magical beasts . Still, that formation was something that only creatures of the caliber of the winged beast could use properly .

Noah didn't know how the Eternal Snakes could know that battle formation even if they didn't classify as intelligent beasts . Still, he obtained his answer as soon as he saw the packs deploying that technique .

The four leaders retreated and began to fill the environment with silver liquid while the other creatures advanced . The middle tier Snakes occupied the group's external spots, while the lower tier ones remained in the center .

The sky soon froze, but the ice shattered and converged toward the weaker creatures . The leaders didn't stop spitting silver liquid, so more frozen layers appeared in a few seconds .

Noah could interrupt that procedure, but his interest in the magical beasts' field didn't allow him to charge ahead . He wanted to see what those creatures could create when they deployed their techniques .

Armors made of ice-shards took form around the group of weaker Snakes . Most of them covered the middle tier creatures, but they didn't leave those in the lower tier unprotected .

That was a proper platoon made of Eternal Snakes . Noah and Skully had used the hybrids in the same way against King Elbas, but those creatures were pulling that off without having a single intelligent beast among them .

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'They must have seen their divine leaders doing it,' Noah thought when he understood how the Snakes had managed to come up with that battle formation . 'They are replicating what they have done in the Immortal Lands . '

Noah had understood those details from the flaws in the battle formation . The armors weren't complete . The ice-shards had left many vulnerable spots, which meant that the four leaders' control wasn't perfect .

It was clear that Eternal Snakes in the heroic ranks couldn't express that technique's real power . They could arrange themselves in an orderly formation and imitate annoying strategies, but they couldn't perform them perfectly .

Yet, that strategy could still improve their overall prowess . The weaker Snakes would become useful now that they wore armors ready to heal them .

Noah could understand the power behind that battle formation in an instant . The Eternal Snakes wanted to use their nigh-infinite endurance and their healing abilities to exhaust him .

The ice created by the leaders would defend against most abilities, and the weaker Snakes didn't need to hurt their opponents to make them waste energy .

That was a technique that made use of the qualities of their species . Noah guessed that the Eternal Snakes had improved it multiple times until it had reached its current form .

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'Truly spectacular,' Noah thought as he analyzed the battle formation .

Noah felt glad that he had let the Eternal Snakes complete their technique . He had learnt an important detail about the fauna in the Immortal Lands in that battle .

Generally speaking, the weaker specimens in a pack would be nothing more than cannon fodder against a powerful opponent . However, the creatures in the Immortal Lands turned their underlings into weapons that could put even strong enemies in danger .

Noah didn't know which species could deploy a similar technique or even make use of their weaker specimens . Yet, those abilities wouldn't surprise him anymore once he reached the Immortal Lands since he had learnt about their existence .

'It's time to end this,' Noah thought when he saw the group of armored Snakes charging toward him while ice-shards followed their figures .

Those techniques could work against magical beasts that found it hard to defeat the leaders' ice, but Noah had yet to show his real power in that battle .

His ambition surged, and an armor made of dark matter appeared around his figure . That layer of protection took a fiendish shape once corrosive smoke started to come out of his skin .

Second Prince had given him the chance to go all-out, and Noah wouldn't hold back as long as the golden net shone above his head .