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Chapter 1267: 1267
Noah had faced beings capable of wielding divine might in his life . His cultivation level had always been inadequate on those occasions, and the current situation wasn't any different .

The gap between the heroic and divine ranks wasn't something that secret arts or special techniques could cover . Gods lived in a league of their own .

All those powerful beings had managed to elevate their existences past their mortal restraints . They had obtained power that went past what a lower plane could contain .

Noah knew how even a small shard of divine might could unleash a power that no heroic being could face . That level wouldn't be so difficult to reach otherwise .

Yet, he had always felt a rush of ambition whenever he came into contact with one of those existences . Noah couldn't wait to reach that level . His whole life was about getting stronger, and that league was the final stage .

Noah felt exactly like that when the shockwave swept him, but his rush of ambition was far more intense at that time . Every fiber of his existence shook in excitement when he saw that he could withstand that catastrophic event .

'I'm only one step behind you,' Noah thought as he rushed toward the southern coast .

He could feel it in his very core . He didn't have a chance against the leader of the Eternal Snakes, but he was close, closer than he had ever been in his entire life .

The divine ranks were right around the corner . Noah only had to cross the last hurdle and elevate his existence to where it strived to be .

Noah's battle had awakened the quasi-rank 7 Eternal Snake . A creature on that level couldn't fail to sense the commotion happening above the lava lake .

Someone had dared to invade its domain, and that couldn't go unpunished . The quasi-divine creature had to show the world that it was the true king of that landmass .

The shockwave shattered the ground and opened large cracks in many regions . Cliffs appeared everywhere in the new continent, and only the central lands remained unaffected by that pressure .

A thick layer of ice created with the silver liquid of the divine leaders covered the central lands . A quasi-rank 7 creature couldn't destroy it with a simple roar . Matter on that level wouldn't normally be in a lower plane .

The Snake's gaze inspected the lands around it once it finished expressing its anger . It didn't sense any trace of the invader, but it could see the state of the packs that had faced him .

The three packs had suffered a lot during Noah's assault . He had killed one specimen at the peak of the sixth rank, two in the upper tier, and almost twenty among middle and lower tier .

Less than seventy rank 6 Snakes remained in the world after Noah's assault . The quasi-rank 7 creature wanted to return to the Immortal Lands one day, but it didn't know if that number was enough to ascend .

Noah was a threat to its ascension . It had to eliminate anyone who put its reserve of food in danger .

The Snake shot toward the southern coast when it made sure that Noah had left the continent . Its sprint through the sky made the whole golden net tremble, and shards of that inscription fell before dispersing in the air .

Its sole movements were enough to damage the formation that Second Prince had created after decades of study . The creature didn't even care that its actions were bringing the world closer to its end .

The quasi-rank 7 creature reached the coast in less than an hour . Its speed went beyond any other existence in the lower plane, and the violence released during its leaps was enough to threaten the very structure of the world .

It was as if the world itself was saying that something on that level couldn't be there . The Snake's power had already surpassed the heroic ranks, so it had to go in a world that could contain it .

Noah had long since left the area by the time the leader arrived . He had sensed its anger, and he didn't hesitate to sprint toward the nearest entrance to the separate dimension while the creature reached the coast .

Yet, he didn't use the teleportation matrix to leave . He held back from activating it because he wanted to see what the quasi-rank 7 Snake would do and learn more about its power .

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Quasi-rank 7 beings were slightly different from complete divine existences . They had access to power that went beyond the heroic ranks, but they weren't proper gods .

The Ape God couldn't express divine might too often, and the winged beast was nothing but a fly in Shandal's eyes . The god of the Empire also had its limits . He had a limited amount of divine "Breath" .

The quasi-rank 7 Snake was similar to the leader of the winged beasts . Its power wasn't wholly divine, but it didn't have limitations when it came to expressing its might . It was always above the heroic ranks in terms of battle prowess .

The Snakes' leader released another angry roar when it sensed that Noah's tracks led to the sea . He had gone underwater to return to the teleportation matrix, and that had made him hard to track .

The Snake wasn't a marine beast . That environment couldn't affect its battle prowess, but it reduced the range of its awareness . The creature wouldn't be able to sense him even if he was nearby .

Noah kept his mind focused on the creature . His attention was on the final target of his hunt, and he didn't care if his consciousness ended up revealing his position .

He wouldn't let go of that chance . Learning about his prey was a crucial aspect of his hunt, and he had another reason to delay his return in the separate dimension .

His ambition was exploding . Feeling so close to that level of power had put his existence aflame . His dantian began to improve on its own during that process .

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His individuality also helped his other centers of power, and his black hole activated on its own to support that process . It had sensed Noah's peculiar mental state, and it didn't hesitate to provide dark matter to quicken that improvement .

The quasi-rank 7 Snake began to slam its tail on the southern coast's lands, avoiding the lava lake in the process . The terrain sunk under those repeated blows, and the sea soon took over the area .

The sea submerged entire regions . The weaker Snakes could only escape during that expression of pure anger, and some of them even suffered injuries in the process .

The quasi-rank 7 Snake stopped attacking the coast only after the sea had invaded most of its lands . Its mouth opened at that point, and a wave of silver liquid fell on the ground as it flew across the areas that it had destroyed .

The sea froze . A thick layer of ice replaced the lost territories and created lands that radiated the leader's aura . It was as if those regions were now an extension of the Snake's senses .

The Snake then raised its head at the sky and spat more of its liquid . A vast cloud soon formed, and silver drops began to fall everywhere on the new continent .