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Chapter 1269: 1269
His ambition was an energy that defied levels of power, limits, and laws . Its only purpose was to bring Noah more power, and it didn't matter which method it used to do it .

The structure of the separate dimension changed as Noah's aura filled the area . His cultivation level exploded and spread through the environment around him while carrying his ambition .

The invisible walls of that dark place expanded . The separate dimension enlarged due to the pressure radiated by Noah's aura, but his ambition modified their very structure .

Matter began to appear on those walls . Large patches of a gaseous material condensed inside the limits of the separate dimension and improved their sturdiness .

The gas expanded until it filled the walls of the corridors near Noah . Their structure improved when his ambition seeped into their fabric and made them reach their best state .

Something similar happened to the buildings around him . Dark lines appeared on their structure as Noah's ambition forced them to become their best version of themselves .

It was as if Noah's individuality was forcing the matter to express its true potential . His sole existence was enough to bring buildings and ethereal walls on a level that they wouldn't normally reach without the addition of more inscriptions .

The ground of the separate dimension also changed . Noah's ambition elevated the nature of a few patches of that fake terrain and turned them into real ground .

Those changes weren't temporary empowerment obtained while Noah was there . His ambition had altered their structure forever and pushed it beyond its limits .

That area of the separate dimension became remarkably similar to the outside world . Noah's ambition had elevated its state, and that matter couldn't regress to its previous level anymore .

Noah sensed those changes and understood that he had succeeded in bringing out the real nature of his true meaning . His existence didn't affect only himself anymore . He had begun to alter the laws in the matter .

His true meaning now altered the structure of the world by merely existing . His law was finally forming, and the matter around him couldn't escape the effects of his individuality .

Noah's existence held the same authority as the other laws in the world . He only needed to make his influence grow to reach the divine ranks now .

'A long time has passed again,' Noah thought as he suppressed his aura .

Heaven and Earth couldn't notice the separate dimension because of the precautions taken by Thirty-seven . However, they also ignored that area because its structure was far inferior to the surface .

Noah had needed a whole century to advance . His training always required a lot of time, and he couldn't quicken the arrival of his enlightenment .

Yet, he had still reached the last stage of the heroic ranks at an unbelievable speed . He wasn't sure whether he had crossed the two thousand years mark already, but he knew that no other cultivator was his match when it came to his growth .

Noah didn't waste time comparing himself to other famous existences . His mind had reached a new level of clarity, and his thoughts had attuned with his individuality . He could only think about his power now .

Noah spent a few more decades cultivating . He needed to stabilize his power, and he wanted to see if the Demonic Sword would advance in those years .

The living weapon's potential depended on his cultivation level . Noah's breakthroughs would often lead to the growth of the Demonic Sword .

The blade improved quickly in those years . Noah's breakthrough had unleashed its potential . Moreover, the Demonic Sword hated to remain behind the other companions, so it did its best to reach its Master's level .

The structure of the Demonic Sword changed as it improved . Noah had fused dark matter with its fabric, so its growth didn't affect only its base power .

The blade evolved as it used Noah's ambition as a guideline for its growth . It became longer, and its fabric obtained new features as it improved .

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The Demonic Sword was a unique lifeform . It was a hybrid with the shape of a blade . However, Noah had long since surpassed the limits of those species .

He had fused dark matter with its fabric, but that had only improved its overall structure . Its nature had also changed, but it still lacked one aspect of Noah's power .

That changed after Noah obtained his true meaning . The Demonic Sword transformed into strands of gas once its breakthrough began, and it entered Noah's body to seep inside the black hole .

Noah's fourth center of power purified its structure, and his ambition forced its nature to express its true potential . When the strands of gas came out of his body, the Demonic Sword had reached the upper tier, and it had become able to generate that matter!

Fusing with the dark matter wasn't enough to express Noah's existence . The Demonic Sword had to obtain the fourth center of power to become a weapon worthy of its Master .

The Demonic Sword roared when it reformed in front of Noah . The dark matter that leaked out of its shape began to generate a cloud of higher energy, but Noah promptly wielded it to teach it how to control its new power .

The blade couldn't create the dark world, but it could reach new levels of sharpness now that it owned Noah's higher energy . The breakthrough to the upper tier had given the sword an innate ability .

'I have the dark world,' Noah thought as a smile appeared on his face, 'Snore has the dark beam, and now my sword has something similar . I've never felt so complete . '

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Noah waited a few more years before leaving the separate dimension . He had to make sure that he was in control of his new power before returning to the outside world .

The surface had changed in that period . Most of the new continent had turned into a frozen landmass capable of improving the Eternal Snakes' reproductive capacity .

Many new specimens had appeared in those years, and most of them had reached the third rank while Noah was in seclusion . The quasi-rank 7 Snake had also eaten some of its underlings in the sixth rank, but it had held its hunger back while its new home formed .

The world lacked magical beasts . The Snakes' leader had prioritized rebuilding a fauna over its hunger to ensure that it would have reserves of food in case its Tribulation failed .

Having many powerful specimens spread through the world would quicken the birth of new creatures . The leader's aura couldn't fill the whole plane, so it had to rely on its underlings to complete that task .

Noah's actions had delayed its plans, but the world had finally turned into a suitable breeding ground after those three centuries . The leader could now eat some of its underlings from time to time while it waited for more powerful specimens to appear .

It was the same with the rank 5 Albino Snake, with the only difference that the quasi-rank 7 Eternal Snake wanted to apply that system to the whole world .