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Chapter 1276: 1276
'I have time now,' Noah thought as the roars of the Snakes' leader filled the sky .

The pressure radiated by the quasi-rank rank 7 Eternal Snake opened cracks in the sky, but the world fixed them in a matter of seconds . The plane now had enough extra energy to deal with those issues .

Noah observed the Snakes' leader and the world for a while before deciding to return to the separate dimension . His approach could finally change now that he had saved the plane . He could deal with his problems without taking unnecessary risks .

His final opponent was a creature that had taken a step into the divine ranks . He couldn't underestimate it, especially since it was a magical beast .

Noah knew how resilient those creatures were, and the Eternal Snakes even excelled in that quality . He couldn't underestimate how hard it would be to kill a quasi-divine specimen .

He had already confirmed that his attacks could hurt the leader . The issue was whether he had enough energy to kill it .

Also, the whole world had turned into a frozen landmass due to the creature's silver liquid . Noah believed that the leader could use all the ice around it for its healing ability, which would make it virtually immortal unless he managed to kill it in one blow .

'Can I even reach that level with training alone?' Noah wondered as he meditated in between his training sessions .

Killing rank 6 magical beasts with a single attack was easy for him . His centers of power had reached the last part of the sixth rank, so he could express far more might than creatures on a similar level .

Noah had a body that surpassed magical beasts and hybrids in every aspect . His dantian contained energy that he had created to be perfect for his individuality . His mind carried features of both cultivators and beasts .

Those features were enough to place him above normal beings on a similar level . Those three centers of power could make him defy logic already, but Noah had reached a superior realm with his black hole .

The fourth center of power made his might skyrocket . His black hole affected every aspect of his existence, and his dark matter was an energy that he actively used to empower most of his attacks .

The black hole and his superior features made his prowess impossible to evaluate . Even Noah didn't know how strong he was right now, but he didn't plan to remain on the same level for long .

He had to kill a quasi-rank 7 magical beast that could use the entire world to fuel its innate ability . Noah had to raise his base power so that his ambition could push him on a level where he could defeat the Snakes' leader .

Noah had improved in every field of the cultivation journey connected to him . He had the best living weapon, and some of the world's strongest creatures were his puppets .

His darkness expressed his individuality, and his body had just gone through an improvement that had made his innate ability useful again .

His sword arts already went beyond what heroic cultivators could do . Noah had inherited Sword Saint's three main techniques, and he could perform them with ease . He had even begun to develop personal slashes since relying on his individuality would bring him more benefits in the long run .

His mind was improving with the Seventh Kesier rune . Noah could use his mental energy's peculiar properties to devour wills and force his sea of consciousness to grow faster . Still, that could hinder his stable progress with the rune .

The Seventh Kesier rune was too good . Other methods might make his mind grow faster in the short run at the price of its stability, but they would still lose in the long run against the rune .

Noah had a side project that he could complete . His many spells still required a martial art to express might worthy of an existence with a powerful body . However, he mostly disregarded that since he knew it couldn't lead to a sharp improvement in his battle prowess .

His most powerful spells already had martial arts attached . Also, most of the diagrams that he had rebuilt didn't pair well with his expertise . After all, Noah's strongest martial arts were his sword arts .

That left Noah without a clear goal . He only knew that he had to kill the quasi-rank 7 Snake and seize its corpse . That resource was precious for him .

'How can I even defeat it?' Noah thought as he tried to imagine the battle in his mind .

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The main issue in that battle was the ice spread in the world . Noah would normally take his time to destroy the frozen lands and leave the quasi-rank 7 Snake unprepared . Still, the creature could recreate those regions easily .

That approach would never work, especially since the Snakes' leader could sense Noah whenever he damaged the frozen landmass . He couldn't catch the creature by surprise even when it was recovering .

The only option for him was to be stronger than the Snake . Tricks couldn't work against the creature, and the ice accumulated in the world could solve most of its issues .

Noah entered a long period of seclusion now that he had all the time that he desired . He couldn't find any reason to jump directly into a battle that he wasn't sure he could win .

The world still needed to heal completely, so Noah didn't mind spending a few more centuries in seclusion . His power grew well due to his determination and incredible assets .

His body and dantian had remained near their previous level, but his mind had improved at a decent speed . The Seventh Kesier rune made it ignore most of the limitations on the centers of power .

His existence slowly grew inside the last part of the sixth rank . Noah could feel himself changing every day . It was as if his individuality knew that he was steadily striving to evolve into something more .

The seclusion continued for two centuries . Noah's thirst for battles was about to explode after so long spent inside that boring place . He needed to vent his feelings and take care of the main problem in the world .

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'There are still a few powerful underlings,' Noah thought as he flew out of the separate dimension to approach the surface .

The underlings didn't scare him since they wouldn't be capable of joining the battle between Noah and their leader . It was hard to kill Eternal Snakes, but they couldn't affect a fight on that level .

'I can only go there and see for myself if my prowess has reached that realm,' Noah concluded as he let his ambition run wild .

His centers of power reached the peak of the sixth rank before the empowerment stopped . A slash then shot out of his figure and created an opening in the frozen layer above the sea .

A flawless dark sky appeared in his vision after he pierced the frozen land . The world had recovered completely . Noah could go all-out without worrying about the plane's condition .