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Chapter 1278: 1278
The leader's condition was pitiful . The slash had created large holes in its body and had severed entire pieces of its flesh . The Snake was more than seven hundred meters long, but it had turned into a maimed shape that barely had any living feature left .

Noah's attack had exposed the Snake's organs . It had destroyed a third of its face and severed its clawed arms . Its body was a mess of broken flesh and holes that pierced it from side to side, but the creature didn't appear worried .

Dark matter began to accumulate near Noah again, and a shadow flew out of his space-ring . Snore's hisses also echoed through the sky, but the Blood Companion didn't reveal itself while its Master gathered power again .

Noah's instincts told him that something was off, so he didn't hesitate to prepare another massive slash . However, the entire world began to tremble before he could finish gathering energy .

The cracks created by the slash enlarged as earthquakes filled the whole world . Noah's sharpness continued to open cuts in the environment, but that event didn't depend on his attacks .

The frozen landmasses rose toward the sky . Tall silver mountains formed in the world as the ice reacted to the Snakes' leader intentions .

Large chunks of ice separated from the mountains and shattered to take the form of thick ice-shards as they flew toward the leader . A storm soon covered the creature and hid it from Noah .

Noah knew what was happening, so he couldn't allow that process to continue . He pointed his blade toward the storm of ice-shards before performing multiple lunges that carried all the power accumulated until that moment .

A series of sharp black pillars fell toward the ground and pierced the storm of ice-shards . The island made of divine ice shook under the might carried by Noah's attack, but no cracks appeared on its surface .

The storm quickly dispersed as Noah's aura consumed it, but a figure shot out of it before the pillars could hit it . A dangerous sensation accompanied that vision, and Noah raised his sword to prepare for the imminent clash .

The figure disappeared from the island, and Noah slashed at his side as he followed its movements . In an instant, the leader's massive body appeared next to him and clashed with the Demonic Sword .

The Snake didn't deploy any special technique . It had reached that speed through its brute force, and cracks had opened in the sky after that jump . The world couldn't endure its physical strength .

The armors on his arms broke as Noah tried to fend the Snake off . Things would become dangerous if he let the creature gain the upper hand in the fight .

Noah didn't forget his first battle against that species . Eternal Snakes could chain leaps and attacks to generate a relentless offensive . He couldn't end up in that situation against the quasi-rank 7 creature .

His veins bulged, and the Demonic Sword roared as Noah mustered all the power inside him to endure the attack . A web of cracks opened from the spot where the blade and the Snake touched . The shockwaves released in their clash destroyed the sky's fabric .

That was the peak of a lower plane . Creatures below the divine ranks couldn't wield a greater physical strength . Noah and the leader were showing the world what it meant to be at its apex!

Noah began to slide in the air at some point . The Snake was still stronger than him when it came to its physical strength . The empowerment of his ambition and the innate superiority of his centers of power weren't enough to make him match that quasi-divine creature .

Yet, part of him had expected that outcome . Noah respected the divine ranks too much to let his new power blind him in front of the obvious .

Noah was the best heroic cultivator in history, but the Snakes' leader had taken a step into the divine ranks . Techniques and abilities were useless in front of a power that surpassed him in quality and quantity .

His ambition made him defy logic, but divine creatures could defy laws . They were existences that stood among the very rules of the world in terms of power .

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Noah felt surprised when he saw the leader's condition . He had been too focused on the clash to notice that its body had almost healed completely . He could barely find any injury on the creature .

The ice-shards had recreated even the missing pieces of flesh . The Snakes' leader could do what its underlings couldn't . Its innate ability allowed it to regrow even the severed parts of its body .

Noah didn't think about anything when he noticed that feature . He noted down that piece of information and stored it in the back of his mind as he called for his hidden asset .

He couldn't let anything distract him in that situation . The slightest delay in his reactions could make him end up in a relentless series of attacks that he would have a hard time escaping .

A massive reptilian head suddenly came out of Noah's fiendish armor . Snore had formed inside the defensive layer made of dark matter and had remained hidden as it waited for a chance .

The outcome of Noah's first attack had shown him that he couldn't kill the quasi-rank 7 creature in one blow . He could have a chance if he slashed from a short distance after completing his preparations, but Noah knew that the Snake would never allow that to happen .

Noah needed another method to kill the Snake, and he could only think of his Blood Companion's innate ability when he considered the destructiveness of his attacks . The dark beam was virtually unstoppable, and it was the perfect weapon against creatures of that species .

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Snore's head grew as it came out of Noah's armor . Its six horns began to gather elemental attacks and redirect their energy toward the Blood Companion's mouth .

The power that pushed Noah back suddenly disappeared as the leader leaped in the air before jumping again to assault its opponent . The Snake showed great agility and control of its massive body by performing two sprints in a row .

Snore tilted its head while Noah closed his eyes to spread his mental waves in the area . A dark beam came out of the Blood Companion's mouth as he laid the Demonic Sword on his forehead .

The Snakes' leader performed a sharp evasive maneuver when it sensed the dangerousness that accompanied the beam . The creature leaped again to dodge the attack, but a series of dark lines materialized in front of it when it changed direction .

The dark lines didn't wait for the Snake to crash upon them . They flew toward the creature and opened cuts in multiple spots . Its mouth even became a bloody mess after their passage .

Other black lines appeared in the area and pierced the leader in different spots . Noah launched all the attacks that he could muster, and Snore spat another dark beam aimed at the creature's head . Yet, a storm of ice suddenly surged from the ground and engulfed the Snake .

The power radiated by the ice even hid the leader's presence . An entire frozen region had separated from the landmass and had flown in the sky to help the Snake .