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Chapter 1279: 1279
Noah had confirmed that he owned stronger attacks . The quasi-rank 7 Eternal Snake couldn't match his offensive . That was one of the fields where magical beasts inevitably fell behind cultivators .

Noah was almost able to match the creature's physical might . The Snake didn't have other attacks at its disposal, so Noah could overcome it with his sword arts, spells, and techniques .

However, Noah's prowess had a fatal weakness . The power that he expressed during that fight wasn't his real strength . His ambition made him reach that level, but that empowerment had a time limit .

Those limitations had become laxer after he reached the solid stage, but that feature didn't vanish with his breakthrough . Noah would eventually go back to his real level, so he had to kill his opponent before that happened .

The Snakes' leader had a world's worth of stashed energy . Except for the island made of divine ice, all the frozen lands were part of its innate ability .

Noah didn't know if his ambition would last until the Snake depleted that energy . Still, that was only the back-up plan . His main strategy saw him killing his opponent before its ability activated .

'I should slow it down at least,' Noah thought as he stared at the storm .

The world went dark for an instant . Black flames surrounded by a blinding silver halo had appeared in the environment when the light returned . Noah had decided to reveal his innate ability when he understood that he couldn't kill his opponent quickly .

The black flames struggled to affect the storm . That ice carried the leader's aura and power, so they couldn't burn it unless it lost most of its energy .

Yet, there was plenty of extra energy in the environment . The world had even returned to a perfect state, so the flames could still be of some use .

Noah's fire burned the "Breath" in the environment and the smallest ice-shards as they surrounded the storm . Small flames then separated from the main attack and converged toward Noah to transfer their energy .

The small damage suffered during the clash with the Snake healed in a few seconds . The extra energy remained inside the black hole, ready to assist Noah's body whenever an injury appeared .

The Snake eventually made its move . The creature leaped through the storm and flames to charge at Noah, but Snore didn't hesitate to launch another black beam in its direction .

The creature performed an evasive maneuver, and Noah created black lines on its path . More slashes then landed on its body, and Snore tilted its head to prepare its innate ability again .

The Snake could only call upon its ice again . One of the frozen regions under the battlefield rose before breaking apart and engulfing the creature in a second storm .

Noah knew that he would lose if he let the Snake continue like that . Yet, he didn't have anything else at his disposal . He had already used his innate ability, slashes, and Blood Companion . There was only one last card to play .

The Eternal Snake came out of the storm again, and trails of ice followed the creature in its charge toward Noah . Snore launched a dark beam to force it to change direction, and Noah deployed his slashes again to interrupt its evasive maneuvers .

The creature didn't hesitate to rely on its innate ability again . The storm that followed it fused with the ice that had surged from the terrain to heal and hide it .

Yet, a cry suddenly resounded from inside the storm, and Snore immediately aimed at the source of that sound . The dark beam destroyed everything on its path, and a second roar echoed through the sky once the attack crossed the barrage of ice .

Noah still didn't have a clear vision of his opponent, and the storm hindered his mental waves . Yet, he accumulated his power anyway and prepared for the Snake to appear again .

He didn't want to launch his strongest attack unless he was sure that he could kill his opponent . Normal injuries were useless against the Snake . Only a fatal blow could make a difference in that battle .

Nothing happened for a few seconds . The storm closed the hole made by the dark beam and continued to hide the creature, but a third cry of pain soon echoed through the sky and gave away the Snake's position .

Night had followed the Snake inside the storm and had attacked it as soon as the ice hid it . The Pterodactyl didn't have the power to kill the creature on its own, but it could counter the creature's most annoying ability .

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The dark beam could hit the Snake when Night forced it to reveal its position . The creature didn't even expect the attack to arrive, so it wouldn't perform evasive maneuvers in that situation .

The creature didn't even want to come out of the storm because Noah's slashes could reach it anywhere as long as he could lock his mental waves on its body . The Snake could only remain in a passive position when Noah relied on all his powerful assets .

Noah's excitement became more intense as he watched those exchanges . His instincts told him that he had a chance to kill the creature as long as he continued to fight like that .

The Demonic Sword began to tremble and leak dark matter once it stuffed its structure with energy . Noah was ready to unleash his strongest attack, but he held back from slashing at the storm .

The Snake had already survived that attack once . Its ice had saved it, and Noah didn't know for how long Night could create those opportunities . The creature would eventually become used to that fighting style and use the ice differently .

Noah had to kill the beast before that . He couldn't waste his attack in another pointless destruction that would bring him back to square one .

Noah waited until a roar resounded from inside the storm again . Snore immediately spewed its dark beam at that signal, and Noah used that attack as the path for his slash .

The Demonic Sword descended, but nothing came out of it just yet . Noah straightened his blade and aligned it with the dark beam before pulling it back .

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Then, when the dark beam was about to end, Noah thrust the Demonic Sword forward, and a sharp storm of dark matter came out of it .

Noah's lunge used the hole created by the dark beam to fill the insides of the storm with his sharpness and destructive might . The attack enlarged the injuries created by Snore's ability and made the creature release another cry .

Night continued its silent offensive while darkness spread inside the storm . The dark matter helped the Pterodactyl's ability and allowed it to express more power .

Since the Snake didn't stop screaming in pain, Noah and Snore could launch multiple attacks . Their offensive was relentless and precise, and pieces of the creature's body vanished before the ice could even begin to heal the old injuries .

The storm stopped raging at some point . The ice in the air fell back into the frozen ground, and a massive figure became visible among that debris .

Noah could see the Snake falling together with the chunks of ice . The creature had lost its head and many other pieces of its body during the last exchanges .