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Chapter 1281: 1281
A quasi-rank 7 creature was an opponent that Noah could overcome due to his ambition and the many advantages connected to his centers of power . However, the presence of a divine item changed everything .

The Snake's weakest feature had just become its strongest . The divine armor covered its entire body . Its assaults were now unstoppable .

The dark beam had incredible destructive properties, but it couldn't overcome such a difference in power . The dark matter had to evolve before it could make a dent in that armor .

The same went for the rest of Noah's abilities . Nothing he had could make up for that difference in power . He had been able to fight the Snake until now because most of his attacks carried might that defied logic . Still, the armor marked a point that he couldn't cross at his current level .

Noah didn't retreat in front of that threat . His ambition became more intense as he analyzed the Snake and its divine item .

The Snake's power hinted at an important detail . The creature wasn't a complete divine beast, so that armor was the best it could do . Noah even guessed that it couldn't keep it active for a long time .

Yet, the Snake had used only a quarter of the ice in the world to create that protection . Logic said that it could perform that technique three more times before it depleted its core material .

Also, the actual power of the Snake didn't change after it created its armor . The creature was still a beast that Noah could suppress even if there were an abyss of difference between their levels .

The Snake would end up in a sorry state as long as Noah managed to cross the armor . That defensive item was troublesome, but he still had a chance to defeat his opponent .

The divine armor had only three openings . The ice didn't cover the Snake's eyes and insides of its mouth, which left them exposed to the same attacks that had managed to suppress it before .

Noah only had to prevent the Snake from summoning the storms again while aiming for a quick kill . If he succeeded, he could even test if his theory was on point .

He didn't believe that the Snake could rely on those techniques often . The armor and the reconstruction of its head were skills that went beyond lower realms, so there had to be a limit to how many of them it could perform .

It was a simple matter of logic . The Snake wasn't a divine being, so its divine techniques usually had drawbacks and limitations that Noah could exploit .

The Snake lost its patience when it saw that Noah didn't attack . The sudden blow from before left it slightly confused, but it was too angry at Noah to let him do as he pleased .

The Snake reached Noah's position in an instant, but he was ready . The creature's speed didn't increase after the storms, so he knew exactly how fast it was .

Noah could dodge and escape until he wielded enough power to defeat the creature without relying on strategies . However, he didn't plan to leave the battlefield just yet . The sight of something in the divine ranks had ignited his desire to test himself .

Noah raised his free hand, and the six fiendish giants flew next to him to help him in the task . The Snake arrived in an instant, but it found six pairs of clawed hands waiting for it .

An immense force landed on Noah and shattered the armors protecting his right arm . Still, he didn't suffer any injury at that time . The fiendish giants had eased the impact with the creature .

Noah didn't waste time . He pointed the Demonic Sword toward one of the eyes and lunged while unleashing all his accumulated power .

The Snake didn't have the time to dodge . It was still trying to fling Noah's away when a torrent of dark matter pierced its eye and ravaged its insides .

Noah's assets didn't let the other eye go . Snore bit the other side of the Snake's head and released its dark beam . Night also moved and fused with the insides of the creature to unleash its destruction .

The Snake screamed in pain, but Noah didn't waste the moment when the creature opened its mouth . Two of his fiendish giants entered it and exploded to fill the creature's body with a cloud of poisonous, corrosive smoke .

The sea of saber-shaped runes followed the fiendish giants . They entered the Snake's mouth and began to ravage everything they could .

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In an instant, Noah had unleashed the entirety of his arsenal on the creature . He did not doubt that his abilities would kill the Snake on the spot, but he was more interested in what happened afterward .

The Snake began to fall toward the ground after that series of attacks . Yet, one of the fiendish giants grabbed it, and Snore coiled itself around it to restrain it .

There was nothing but dark matter, corrosive smoke, and floating pieces of flesh inside the divine armor . Noah's attacks had reduced its body into a messy pulp of blood and skin that were about to disappear due to the sharpness still lingering inside the divine item .

However, the silver armor lit up before the last of the Snake's tissues could disappear . A blinding light came out of it, and angry roars soon echoed through the sky .

When the silver light disappeared, Noah could see that the Snakes' leader had wholly reformed . All its injuries had disappeared, but the armor had paid the price for that restoration .

The ice of the armor had become thinner after that round of healing . Noah could sense that it even expressed less power than before .

Noah's eyes lit up when he saw that . He now knew how to defeat the Snake . It could take a while, but he had a strategy, at least .

The Snake leaped away and destroyed two fiendish giants with its charge . Then, it made a sharp turn to charge toward Noah again .

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Noah didn't fear that attack . He could inflict more damage than the creature did, so he didn't mind playing the target in that battle . Moreover, he felt too excited in that situation that he didn't mind taking those blows head-on .

The two remaining fiendish giants and Snore stepped forward to intercept the charge, and Noah raised his hand again to help in the task . However, his cultivation level suddenly dropped and reminded him that he didn't own that power yet .

'Not now!' Noah cursed in his mind as he threw every disposable attack at the creature .

The Black Hole spell flew toward the Snake together with the two fiendish giants . Snore even helped them, but Night reappeared next to Noah and flew inside his space-ring .

The giant uneven sphere exploded, but its power wasn't suitable for that type of battle . Hitting the holes in the armor required precise and condensed attacks, and the Black Hole spell was the opposite of that .

The fiendish giants and Snore did their best to stop the Snake . The copies even detonated when they saw that they couldn't stop the creature anymore .

When the Snakes' leader managed to cross those hindrances, it saw only a human-shaped crack . It couldn't sense Noah anywhere .