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Chapter 1284: 1284
Noah wouldn't let it do as it wished . Each second spent in that situation was time that he couldn't use to fight, so he didn't hesitate to raise his sword to attack the restrained beast .

The Demonic Sword pierced the creature's scales and dug its skin before releasing a torrent of dark matter that destroyed its insides . The attack engulfed the beast's skull and came out from its back .

The Snake lost the upper part of its head after a single attack . Slashes capable of a large area of effect were pointless against that opponent . Noah only needed to be precise and deadly .

The frozen lands in the world surged toward the sky when they sensed the Snake's death . A storm made of large chunks of ice engulfed the duo and separated them .

Ice crashed on Noah and flung him away . His corrosive smoke couldn't prevent those chunks from hitting him, but they only managed to crack his armor when they landed on his body .

The dark matter that surrounded his figure began to freeze, but the armor forcefully expanded to create the dark world and prevented any chunk from reaching Noah's position .

Noah's physical strength was above the Snake now, but the storm could still hinder his movements, and he couldn't let that happen . He couldn't let the creature stall .

The dark world enhanced Noah's awareness and allowed him to sense the traces left by the creature . The storm had already hidden the Snake's aura, but it had yet to cover the smell of blood lingering in the air .

Noah sprinted forward, and the dark world condensed in the form of a fiendish armor before he entered his dimension . The shockwaves released by the storm attempted to stop his movement technique, but Noah fended that pressure off by relying on his physical might .

A presence eventually appeared in the dark environment . Noah quickly came out of his dimension and saw countless ice-shards converging toward the corpse of the Snake that floated in the air .

Noah couldn't reach it in time to stop the healing process, but the same didn't apply to his assets . A giant reptilian head came out of his armor and spat a dark beam toward the motionless creature .

Snore's violent energy engulfed the quasi-rank 7 Snake and created a massive hole in its head . The ice accumulated until that moment crumbled, but more frozen lands separated from the ground to help the creature .

It was as if the Eternal Snake was the favored son of the world . Every piece of ice in the plane worked for the creature and tried its best to revive it .

Of course, that was only the best possible outcome . Noah had created multiple strategies before the battle, so he could adapt his approach according to the creature's reactions .

Noah charged forward until the Eternal Snake appeared in his vision again . Snore's head came out of his armor and launched another dark beam, and the ability successfully interrupted the healing process .

The ice began to radiate an ominous aura at that point . It seemed to have its own mind, and it didn't like that Noah kept interrupting the Snake's revival .

Entire frozen regions shot in the sky and aimed for him while giving birth to raging storms . Chunks of ice as big as mountains flew in his direction and crashed on his figure before shattering into a wave of smaller ice-shards .

Even Noah's new physical might didn't allow him to fend off those attacks . He inevitably lost his momentum as he tried to stop himself from crashing on the ground .

His saber-shaped runes had remained outside of the battlefield before that moment, but they flew to help Noah when he remained entangled in the storm of ice .

The dark sabers turned into smoke that seeped through the storm before condensing into a solid form once they reached Noah . They then flew toward him and began to rotate to open a path where he could escape .

The saber-shaped runes had arrayed themselves to create a drill-like structure that Noah followed to leave the storm . Many of them broke in the process, but they succeeded in making Noah reach a safe area .

Storms raged in the distance . Noah knew that his opponent was inside them, but he couldn't avoid what was about to happen . He knew what would come out from that violent mass of ice .

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An angry roar suddenly echoed through the sky . A giant figure shot out of the storm and charged at Noah while releasing more silver liquid .

The divine armor had appeared around the creature . Ice covered its entire body except for its eyes and the insides of its mouth without affecting its flexibility .

The battle had already reached the point when Noah couldn't abuse his physical superiority anymore, but he didn't mind it . He calmly accepted that his first strategy had failed and that it was time to deploy the next one .

The chunks of ice that the Snake didn't use during its revival flew alongside the creature . Noah's opponent had also begun to fight differently after their last clash, but there was a limit to how much its fighting style could change .

Noah didn't show any fear and charged at the incoming beast without entering his dimension . It was in his interest to clash with the Snake, so he didn't let it lose track of him .

Cracks opened in the sky as the two charged toward each other . The Snake radiated a silver light due to its armor and the storm following it . Its assault made even the world tremble due to its connection with the frozen lands .

Noah radiated pure blackness . Corrosive smoke flew out of him and created a giant dark cloud as he charged toward his opponent . His spell had already covered most of the sky behind him during those short seconds .

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The Snake lowered its head and flipped its body in the instant before the clash . Its massive tail swung toward Noah while carrying a wave of ice with it .

The creature had learnt from its past mistakes . Noah could kill it while it was inside the divine armor . Yet, the back of the defensive layer didn't have any opening, so it could attack its opponent safely .

Noah didn't slow down his charge at that sight . His cold eyes analyzed the tail for an instant before focusing again on his opponent's head .

He couldn't waste time against a material that he couldn't break . He had to remain focused on the spots where his weapons could inflict some damage .

The chunks of ice flying together with the tail suddenly crumbled as a shadow moved past them . Snore even came out of Noah's armor and hissed as it rose toward the massive tail .

A loud clash happened between the Snake's tail and Noah's puppets, but he didn't even look in their direction . He flew past the creature's body and reached its head, where he stabbed his blade in one of the openings .

Then, a storm of dark matter filled the insides of the divine armor . That was the fourth death experienced by the Snake in the battle .