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Chapter 1285: 1285
The divine armor didn't budge, but Noah's attack destroyed everything inside it . The surge of dark matter would normally sever only a chunk of the creature's body, but it managed to do far more damage in that closed area .

The ice in the world began to tremble after the Snake died for the fourth time . The ominous aura radiated by that material became more intense and forced more frozen regions to shoot in the sky .

The ice appeared alive . It reacted to the creature's condition and didn't hesitate to fill the sky with storms when it sensed that its creator was suffering .

Noah knew that the ice and the Snake had a tight connection, but he didn't expect that material to overreact to the creature's condition .

Some worry appeared inside him . That was only the fourth death, but half of the world's frozen lands had already flown in the sky . Noah couldn't imagine what would happen once that number increased .

However, that situation didn't only benefit the Snake . Noah had initially calculated that the creature would have depleted that amount of ice after its sixth death . Instead, it seemed that the battle would last less than he expected .

That could only benefit him . A shorter battle would remove most of the uncertainties that accompanied his strategies . After all, Noah could lose only if the effects of his ambition ran off . He had already confirmed that the Snake was weaker than him .

Frozen mountains flew in the air and converged toward Noah while ice-shards flowed inside the divine armor to revive the Snake . The ice didn't want him to interfere with the healing process, and he had already accepted that he couldn't avoid ending up far away .

A silver mountain crashed on him, and cracks appeared on its surface before it broke into a series of large chunks of ice that spread through the sky .

The ominous aura suddenly became more intense while Noah flew away, and his fiendish smile widened when he sensed that . Night had hidden inside the armor before the storm arrived . The Pterodactyl confirmed through its connection with Noah's mind that it had killed the creature while it was about to revive .

Noah eventually managed to stop himself and charge toward the massive storm again . Half of the world had fallen into chaos . Still, that was the only possible outcome of a battle between existences at the peak of a lower plane .

More ice surged in the sky and fused with the storm that continued to rage above the frozen lands and sea . Snore had to appear in the open to help Noah fend off the giant silver chunks that flew around the reviving creature .

Pieces of flesh and organs had begun to appear inside the armor, and Noah could even see the spots that Night had cut during its surprise attack .

He purposely slowed down his charge when that scene entered his vision . Noah wanted more ice to accumulate inside the armor so that the Snake's losses would increase after he destroyed its body .

The storm noticed Noah and tried to launch giant frozen boulders in his direction, but Snore appeared again and stopped most of them . The remaining chunks of ice crashed on his body but were unable to do anything .

Noah reached the Snake when a good part of its skeleton, tissues, and muscles had reformed . He stabbed the Demonic Sword inside one of the openings in the armor and released another lunge .

The attack filled the armor's insides with a raging dark matter that destroyed everything on its path . That incomplete body couldn't do anything to stop that destruction .

The Snake's sixth death arrived, and the ice understood that it couldn't stop Noah if it continued to hold back . The world began to tremble as all the frozen regions rose in the sky and converged toward the divine armor .

Noah felt fear when he saw pieces of ice as big as the old continents flying in his direction . He couldn't avoid that attack even if he used his movement technique to shoot high in the sky . The frozen regions were too big to escape from them .

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His Demonic Sword began to tremble as Noah turned . Dark matter seeped out of his blade and began to rotate around it .

Noah wielded the Demonic Sword with both hands and raised it above his head as he focused on one of the huge pieces of ice flying in his direction . Part of the dark matter coming out of his blade created a vertical trail of dense smoke that appeared fused with the weapon .

When the massive piece of ice was about to hit him, Noah slashed, and a black line appeared in front of him . The attack divided the frozen land in half and allowed Noah to remain still while those two silver chunks surpassed him and converged toward the divine armor .

An intense shockwave spread in the sky after all the giant pieces of ice crashed on the Snake's position . A storm of ice-shards and debris flung Noah away, but he managed to stop himself when he was still close enough to inspect that event .

The central areas of the storm condensed and morphed . The ice that had previously covered the whole world had now gathered in the same spot to give birth to a new ability .

Noah could only prepare for the worst as he waited for the Snake to come out . He couldn't charge at the storm when it contained all the ice in the world . His physical strength was immense, but he would need to have a divine body to deal with those hindrances .

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The storm quieted down after its central parts condensed, and the ice flying in the external areas also fell to fuse with that giant body . A massive silver mountain appeared in the sky once the process ended, and Noah couldn't even see its summit due to its immensity .

The ice began to morph again after that structure became stable . The mountain stretched, and a reptilian head soon appeared among those vague features .

Clawed arms grew from its bottom, and a tail soon became visible on its back . The mountain further condensed then, and its vague features became more detailed as they took the aspect of the Eternal Snake .

All the ice generated through the leader's innate ability had condensed in that area to create a massive armor . The Snake had now become almost as big as half of the old continents . It was immense .

Noah could only modify the strategies in his mind at that sight . He knew that the Snake would show something else once it neared its death, but he didn't expect it to summon all the ice in the world .

Luckily for him, the new armor wasn't a divine item . It exuded the same level of power as the Snakes' leader .