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Chapter 1287: 1287
His free hand grabbed one side of the nearest crack before he pulled to tear it open . Chunks of ice fell and crumbled under the effects of his Demonic Form as Noah made his way through the giant armor .

The Snake found it hard to aim at Noah while he dug through its armor . He was too small for its new form, and its roars didn't manage to slow down his offensive .

Yet, the creature didn't just stay still while Noah attempted to take its life . If its tail couldn't reach him, it would use the environment to its advantage .

The Snake lowered its head and dived toward the world . The ice had destroyed most of the previous lands when it accumulated around the creature, so the duo soon found themselves underwater .

Noah could sense what was happening around him, but he didn't do anything to dodge the attack . He stabbed his Demonic Sword into the sturdiest piece of ice that he found and prepared himself for the imminent impact .

The Snake slammed its head on the seabed . The rocky ground at the bottom of the sea crumbled under the might of the blow . Magma soon rose from the cracks opened after the impact .

Noah felt his insides churning due to the pressure that reached his body . His bones released screeching noises, and his muscles broke as he focused on remaining attached to the Demonic Sword .

Blood came out of his mouth, and his black hole redirected most of the energy it contained toward the damaged tissues . Noah had begun to suffer serious injuries, but his offensive had to continue .

Snore came out of his armor and launched its dark beam toward the trace of divine aura leaking out of the armor while Noah focused on stabilizing his condition . A large tunnel opened, and he crawled through it as he searched for the Snake's actual body .

Corrosive smoke accumulated in that environment and destroyed all the ice that it found . Since Noah's ambition was still applying its effects, the Demonic Form could consume that powerful material .

The Snake raised its head and resurfaced before flying in the sky . It then lowered its head again before diving toward the seabed . That was its only effective offensive method, so it didn't hesitate to perform it whenever it could .

Noah ripped pieces of the armor apart and stabbed his Demonic Sword in the ice again when he sensed that the impact was near . An intense shockwave resounded in the environment at some point, and he could feel the same pressure as before landing on his body .

Blood flowed everywhere as Noah straightened himself and resumed his assault . His condition kept worsening, but that was the only approach that could lead him to victory .

The immense resilience of Noah's body allowed him to express his peak power even when injuries filled his tissues . His black hole even began to spread dark matter inside him to stabilize and reinforce his condition .

The fourth center of power knew that Noah wanted to put an end to that battle now . He wouldn't have a better chance to defeat the Snake anytime soon otherwise .

The Snake began to resurface again, but that area of the sky went dark as Noah released his flames . Black fire radiating a blinding silver halo spread through the many cavities opened in the giant armor and came out of the ice once it filled that space .

The fire burned the weaker chunks of ice before converging toward Noah to heal his injuries and transfer the energy that it had absorbed .

Flames soon surrounded Noah's figure and closed his injuries . The wounds that had accumulated on his body healed before the creature could reach the summit of the sky .

Noah's new innate ability could show its real power now that it managed to burn the ice . He could achieve the same degree of immortality as the other Eternal Snakes in that situation .

The quasi-rank 7 Snake didn't have many options . Noah was deep into its armor, so it could only continue to slam its head on the seabed to take care of that threat .

The impacts with the seabed injured Noah every time . His armor often broke due to the violence of the crashes . Yet, he always managed to make some progress in his excavations .

The Demonic Form's corrosive smoke and his fire opened large paths through the ice and made sure that the falling chunks would turn into nothing more than dust . Noah didn't want to defeat that technique only to go back to the previous type of battle . He couldn't let the Snake revive after he had invested so much energy in that fight .

Noah found it easy to dig through the ice with the Demonic Sword and Snore . His slashes and lunges always managed to sever and pierce large pieces of the armor, and the dark beam had yet to find a material that could stop it .

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Part of the sea turned red due to the magma that had reached the surface . The creature's relentless dives had created a large passage connected to the central parts of the world .

The dives became more intense after Noah dug through almost half of the giant armor . The Snake could sense that its opponent was about to reach its body, and its survival instincts began to take control of its actions .

The Snake continued to rise and dive, changing spot whenever all the seabed under it fell into the magma . Cracks in the sky opened as it accelerated its movements to slam its head more times .

Noah eventually reached the center of the armor . Injuries kept accumulating on his body and healing, but he ignored that annoying process when he saw the divine armor and the Snake's real body inside it .

The creature tried to escape through the ice when it saw its opponent, but Noah's brute strength surpassed the advantages that the Snake had in that situation . It was its ice in the end . It was only normal for the material to move at its passage .

Noah flew toward the Snake and clutched his clawed hands on a handhold on the divine armor . He then crawled to reach the creature's head and stab his Demonic Sword into one of the eyes . Snore quickly materialized to take care of the other eye, and the two launched their abilities .

A wave of dark matter entered the divine armor and went wild . The higher energy carried Noah's sharpness, his power, and the energy radiated by the living weapon .

Snore launched its dark beam and cleared the insides of the divine armor . Nothing could escape the violent energy released after the attack .

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Noah spat a wave of flames again, and the corrosive smoke continued to destroy ice as it spread in the environment . The divine armor also became thinner as it tried to revive the creature .

Snore didn't let the Snake reform, and more divine ice vanished to fuel its revival . Ice also separated from the giant armor to create gales that aimed to fling Noah away from that important location .

Night revealed its presence at that point . A shadow flew through the barrage of ice and rendered it harmless . That small storm crumbled against the Pterodactyl .

Noah and Snore continued to attack the Snake and destroy the ice . The effects of his ambition had begun to run out, but he didn't stop his offensive .

The divine armor crumbled after the Snake died four more times, but the ice around it converged toward its position and tried to start another healing process .

Noah didn't care about that and continued to launch slashes and lunges toward the powerless creature . The ominous aura radiated by the ice eventually vanished, and he couldn't see ice-shards converging toward the Snake anymore .

When he succeeded in storing the maimed corpse of the creature, Noah knew that he had won .