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Chapter 1288: 1288
Noah didn't believe that at first . The Eternal Snake had come back from the dead so many times that he felt skeptical about its actual death .

However, his instincts soon reassured him, and the ice appeared to have lost the drive that characterized its peculiar behavior . The giant frozen structure had stopped moving, and it soon fell while carrying Noah with it .

The drawbacks of his ambition began to hit his centers of power . Noah felt weak, weaker than he had felt in years . That battle had utterly drained him, but the dark matter released by his black hole filled his body with a refreshing feeling .

The black hole wouldn't allow him to collapse on the spot, but it couldn't heal him either . Even his new flames couldn't fix his current condition since his tiredness didn't come from injuries .

Only a long rest could disperse the stress accumulated by his centers of power . The injuries would arrive if Noah continued to use them without getting rid of the fatigue that they had accumulated .

Those wounds wouldn't even be easy to treat . Stress was tricky to deal with when it came to centers of power, and Noah wasn't an exception . He had a few advantages in the field due to the dark matter and his innate superiority, but he couldn't overwork himself for too long either .

'I need to stop fighting like this,' Noah thought as he raised his head and pointed his feet on the platforms of "Breath" that cultivators used to fly .

The massive frozen structure stopped falling after the area that had witnessed Noah's battle landed on his palm . There was enough ice to cover entire regions in that maimed armor, but Noah could keep it in the air even in his weakened condition .

The Eternal Snake had consumed its divine armor to revive a few times, so only the quasi-rank 7 ice remained in the area now . Still, that material carried the same energy of its body, so Noah could eat it to absorb its nutrients .

His gains in that battle surpassed his wildest expectations . The entire frozen structure had enough ice to revive the Snake five to six times, but now it belonged to Noah . It was as if he had obtained more than six complete quasi-rank 7 corpses after winning that fight .

Noah couldn't store the ice as long as it kept that shape . His space-rings weren't big enough to contain that giant structure, and its power also went beyond what they could hold .

Yet, Noah didn't have to hide anymore now that the Snakes' leader had died . His victory had essentially freed the world from those creatures . He could throw it on the surface and build his new home around it .

The world was a mess after the battle between Noah and the quasi-rank 7 Snake . Most of its old layout was no more . The ice had destroyed entire continents when it flew in the sky to create the frozen armor .

Only a few large islands continued to float on the sea . A few changes would happen due to the magma flowing out of the shattered seabed, but Noah could only settle for the largest piece of land that he found for now .

Noah laid the frozen structure on one of the largest islands before coming out of it to inspect the area . The ice went beyond the edge of that piece of land, but the terrain appeared able to withstand its weight .

Noah had already planned his next moves . His victory against the Snake marked the end of his adventures in the lower plane . It was time to seclude himself until his centers of power reached the seventh rank .

He would have to prepare for the Tribulations, but they didn't worry him too much . Heaven and Earth had already tried to punish him multiple times, but he had only gotten stronger after them . His level of power was already far beyond their fairness .

Still, the world managed to give him one last surprise . A series of powerful presences appeared in the range of Noah's mind, and he could only heave a sigh when he recognized the owner of that aura .

"I guess this is the perfect time to attack me," Noah said without moving his eyes from the ice .

Twenty human figures appeared in the air above him and surrounded the island . They were identical, and they all wore the same small golden crown on their heads .

"This is my last chance to overcome you," Second Prince's copies said at the same time . "I'm grateful for what you have achieved in these years, and I won't forget your teachings . Yet, I'm sure you understand why I am doing this . "

Noah raised his head to stare at the copies that had surrounded the islands . They all exuded the aura of a newly advanced solid stage cultivator .

"I do understand," Noah replied . "I even asked you to do this . "

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Second Prince's copies smiled at the same time when he heard those words, and they pointed their right hands toward Noah as they began to accumulate power .

That was an army of solid stage cultivators . Second Prince would have had a chance of defeating the quasi-rank 7 Snake if Noah didn't take care of the issue first .

"I'll make sure that time won't erase your name from the historical records of the world," Second Prince said as golden flames gathered on his palms .

"You should focus," Noah replied as a cold smile appeared on his face . "Killing me is no easy feat . "

Second Prince snorted before his copies launched their attacks . Waves of golden flames flew out of his hands and filled the island with their destructive might .

The island sunk under the might released by the Royal . The ice remained unaffected by those attacks, but it fell on the seabed after losing its foothold .

Part of it remained on the surface . The frozen structure was too big for the sea . It created a huge silver mountain after most of its body went underwater .

A figure slowly walked out of the wave of golden flames . Noah ignored that attack as he strolled on top of the frozen structure and inspected the areas nearby .

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The flames couldn't hurt his body . The drawbacks of his ambition made his centers of power weaker than their actual level . Still, that didn't apply to his tissues . He felt tired, but his condition didn't affect the sturdiness of his skin .

His body had become too strong after eating the remains of the winged beast . Even the attacks of twenty solid stage cultivators couldn't pierce his innate defenses .

Of course, Second Prince didn't use any special attack . His flames were the most basic spell that he could launch, but that scene still surprised him .

Noah was a monster that no labels could classify . His level of power went beyond common knowledge . Inside Second Prince's mind, he appeared far more dangerous than the quasi-rank 7 Snake .


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