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Chapter 1289: 1289
The world still had a few rank 6 creatures left, and they wouldn't hesitate to assault the quasi-rank 7 ice once they sensed that the area was safe . Noah needed to secure his gains, but he had to deal with Second Prince first .

The Royal had chosen the worst possible situation to attack him . The drawbacks of his ambition made Noah extremely weak, and that battle would only mark the beginning of other fights .

'Oh well,' Noah concluded as he heaved a helpless sigh, 'Time to suffer an injury . '

Second Prince's copies joined their hands to condense stronger flames and prepare an attack that could piece Noah's body, but an intense aura suddenly filled the area .

The Royal's eyes widened when he sensed that Noah's cultivation level reached the peak of the sixth rank . A chill ran down his spine when he saw that his opponent could still use his individuality to boost his power .

"This shouldn't be possible!" Second Prince's copies shouted at the same time .

The Royal had studied Noah during the past centuries . Second Prince had used his methods to watch his battles and understand his power, so he could guess that Noah's condition was far from ideal .

"Don't you care about your centers of power?!" Second Prince asked as fear built inside his mind .

The Royal knew that Noah was extremely resourceful . He always had a secret weapon or some strategy that could make him win otherwise impossible battles .

However, Noah had just fought against a quasi-rank 7 creature! He had revealed everything he had, and he had drained his reserves of energy . The stress accumulated by his centers of power also made them quite frail, so he was in no condition to fight properly .

"Better than dying," Noah said as his cold smile widened .

Second Prince could now see the depths of Noah's insanity . He was selfless when it came to what he was willing to sacrifice to stay alive . Moreover, no fear had appeared in his eyes even after he understood the danger that had fallen on him .

Noah wouldn't allow himself to end up in a passive position . He couldn't underestimate the preparations completed by Second Prince in those centuries . The Royal wasn't delusional, and he would have never attacked him if he didn't have a solid plan .

Noah trusted Second Prince enough to believe that the Royal could kill him if he didn't go all-out . Noah would rather suffer injuries that he could treat rather than face an unknown danger .

Second Prince's copies began to take a few steps back when Noah's aura swept them, but a shadow soon flew around their figures . Ten of them lost their heads during that moment of hesitation .

Yet, dark matter soon came out of Noah's chest and surrounded the area . The dark world engulfed Second Prince's remaining copies and suppressed their power .

The Royal's copies quickly transformed into flames that tried to fly out of the dark world, but a heavy pressure landed on them and forced them to remain still .

The dark world wasn't a technique that Second Prince could face while Noah's ambition empowered his centers of power . The Royal knew that, but he had attacked him only because he didn't believe that Noah could use his individuality again!

The golden flames struggled to overcome the suppression of the dark world, but they stopped moving when Noah appeared in front of them . Snore's massive figure also became visible as it surrounded them with its body .

The golden flames condensed until they became a small orb that Noah grabbed while he unfolded his consciousness . He knew that Second Prince's real body wasn't there, so he had to find it to get rid of the issue once and for all .

Second Prince's inscriptions surpassed what Noah could comprehend, but the dark world could affect the laws' correct functioning . Noah's ambition also boosted his mind's capabilities, and the Divine Deduction technique activated on its own to bring his awareness to its peak .

The Royal didn't say a word while Noah closed his eyes to focus on the environment . Only a faint fear came out of the lump of flames while Second Prince waited to see if his opponent could find him .

Noah's consciousness became able to pierce the very fabric of the world in that situation . His mental waves seeped through matter and laws as they searched for anything connected to the golden flames .

His mind soon found something, and a surprised expression appeared on Noah's face when he understood from where that trace came . He couldn't help but shoot a surprised glance toward the golden flames before moving in the direction of that connection .

The flames remained silent at first, but they soon grew restless when Second Prince saw Noah flying in the right direction . Still, they couldn't escape his grasp while the dark matter suppressed them .

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The dark world moved together with Noah as he reached a seemingly random spot in the sky . The flames in his hand started to detonate at that point, but the dark matter suppressed their explosions and forced them to remain in Noah's grasp .

'I would have never found him if I didn't use my ambition again,' Noah thought as he straightened his fingers of his free hand to make them resemble a blade .

"Stop!" Second Prince's voice echoed in the area when Noah pierced the world's structure with his arm .

His limb moved through the void until he found what he was looking for . Noah then pulled back his arm and enlarged the crack to allow the passage of his target .

Noah pulled a scared Second Prince from the void . The Royal couldn't believe that Noah had actually found him there, but there wasn't much he could do anymore .

The dark world had started suppressing Second Prince as soon as he entered its range . Noah's firm fingers also held his neck and threatened to kill him on the spot .

Second Prince lost any will to fight after that overwhelming display of power . He couldn't even put up a decent battle when Noah used his ambition to empower his centers of power .

Noah inspected Second Prince . The Royal had covered his body in inscriptions to survive the void's environment, but they appeared to work only because he wasn't a real human .

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The shining lines that filled his body converged toward the red crystal at the center of his forehead . They didn't even have the iconic golden color of the Elbas family . Most of those inscriptions radiated crimson shades while they tried to illuminate the dark world .

'What should I do with him now?' Noah wondered as he inspected Second Prince .

A peaceful expression had appeared on the Royal's face after he accepted death . There also seemed to be some relief in his eyes . It was as if Second Prince felt happy that his struggles were about to end .

Truth be told, Noah didn't need to kill Second Prince . The Royal was more useful alive than dead, especially when there was an entire world to rebuild .

Noah quickly reviewed the issue before shattering the flames in his hand and reaching for the red crystal . Second Prince didn't even struggle when Noah ripped his core away from his body .

Second Prince's body began to age at a fast pace after Noah removed the crystal . It soon turned into ashes that the dark world finished destroying .

"Stay there until I decide what to do with you," Noah said as he threw the crystal . Snore's open mouth materialized in its trajectory and made it disappear .