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Chapter 1290: 1290
His body struggled to contain the strength that it carried . The weight of his other centers of power also became almost unbearable, and only the dark matter flowing inside his tissues managed to keep them in one piece .

His mind felt heavy, especially since Noah could stop the production of new mental energy . Cracks appeared on his mental sphere due to the internal pressure that pressed on its walls .

Noah also felt confused . His body couldn't fully contain his sea of consciousness, so he would black-out for a few instants every once in a while .

His dantian had it a bit easier than his other centers of power due to the almost absence of darkness in its insides . However, the muscles pressing on its walls made it regress by a few years .

The only organ that continued to work correctly was the fourth center of power . Noah's black hole provided every inch of his body with as much dark matter as it needed and prevented him from falling apart .

Noah couldn't leave the frozen structure while he endured that painful process . Ideally, he would need to isolate himself in a safe place and sleep until his centers of power dispersed the accumulated stress and gained their strength back .

Yet, the quasi-rank 7 ice was the most appealing resource in the world after the frozen land created by the divine silver liquid . The creatures that had survived the battle between Noah and the Snakes' leader would kill to take a bite of that structure .

Noah could barely remain conscious in that condition, but his aura still leaked from his figure, and the magical beasts in the world could sense the dangerousness that it carried . They would never decide to approach the frozen structure as long as he remained there .

Noah went through cycles of roars of pain, blood loss, injuries opening out of nowhere, and sudden surges of power while he endured the drawbacks of his ambition .

Snore, Night, and the Demonic Sword surveilled the area around the frozen structure while he remained immersed in his painful healing process . They could understand how harsh that situation was for him, and they didn't hesitate to support him in the best way they could .

Noah's body wanted to fall apart . Pieces of his skin even dispersed their energy when they became unable to contain it . Yet, his dark matter always managed to prevent the worst possible outcome whenever those situations appeared .

Nothing could help Noah's healing process . Any other external energy would only break his already frail tissues and worsen his condition .

Their decision to avoid the frozen structure didn't come only from the fear that Noah's aura caused inside their minds . The surviving rank 6 Eternal Snakes had understood that their leader had lost against him, and that made Noah the new ruler of the world in their view .

His victory had put him at the very peak of that lower plane . He had become the king of the world even if his mind was too confused to realize it .

Moreover, he wasn't a cultivator, so the magical beasts had more respect for his power . Their instincts saw the frozen structure as Noah's lair, which suppressed their innate greed for valuable resources .

Noah felt as if he was in a long nightmare . His mind went dark and played scenes from his memory while his dark matter prevented it from escaping his body .

Chaotic images appeared in his vision, and his instincts reacted at certain scenes . His body would even spit flames on its own whenever he saw some of his old opponents .

Clarity slowly returned to his mind as his condition stabilized . Noah returned lucid only to sense a wave of tiredness filling every corner of his existence .

His mental waves quickly sent a series of reports to his mind once they understood that Noah was conscious again . He became aware of the damage that afflicted his body in a few seconds, and his expression turned grim when he sensed that his cultivation level had fallen .

His dantian had shrunk, and his body had lost some of its power . His mind had also suffered a series of injuries that sent sharp waves of pain to his mental sea .

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Each of those problems was quite severe, and Noah could only sigh at that sight . He had paid the price to get rid of Second Prince quickly, and he had to deal with the consequences of his actions now .

Noah straightened himself before sitting cross-legged on the frozen structure . He didn't dare to cultivate in his condition, but he tried to take control of the black hole to improve its healing abilities .

His mind, dantian, and body needed to undergo a long recovery, but Noah wanted to shorten that process by focusing all his efforts on one of them .

The black hole didn't struggle and let Noah direct its action . His fourth center of power redirected most of its dark matter toward his mind and helped it close the cracks that had appeared on its walls .

Noah couldn't think properly with his mind in that condition, so he wanted to fix it before analyzing his centers of power again . The loss of power annoyed him, but he could take his time to get his cultivation level back once he secured his mental stability .

Thin patches of dark matter covered the cracks on his mental walls and allowed his mind to use most of its mental energy to fix them . Crystal-like structures filled those fissures and quickened the healing process while the higher energy took care of the external pressure .

Noah's mind took a while to heal . His center of power was near the peak of the sixth rank, so it needed a massive amount of mental energy to recover .

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Noah's mental sturdiness was also incredible, so his center of power took longer than usual to return to a decent state . His mind required forty years to fix the cracks and reach a perfect condition .

His body and dantian had stabilized on their own while Noah fixed his mind . They had mostly suffered from a loss of power, so they didn't need dark matter to heal eventual injuries .

Noah couldn't let the matter about his loss of power go . His ambition wouldn't allow him to remain calm until he returned to his previous cultivation level .

Noah felt like an addict going through withdrawal as he studied his dantian and made sure that it could cultivate again . His Demonic Sword didn't hesitate to fly toward him once he confirmed that he could resume his training .

His dantian began to expand again, and some calm filled Noah's mind when he lost himself in that feeling . The center of power grew quickly since his existence was ready to reach superior levels . Noah returned to his previous peak in less than fifty years .