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Chapter 1291: 1291
Noah couldn't bear seeing his level regress . His addiction toward cultivation didn't allow him to stay put until he regained what he had lost while he recovered .

Many powerful creatures had died during the battle against the quasi-rank 7 Snake . The leader had also eaten some of them in the past centuries . The world had gone from being packed with rank 6 beasts to having only a few of them left .

However, Noah didn't lack food . The quasi-rank 7 ice and the maimed corpse of the Snakes' leader would keep him satisfied for a long time . There was also a chance that they would be enough to bring his body to the peak of the upper tier .

The only problem with that material was its sturdiness . Noah couldn't destroy it without relying on his ambition, but he wouldn't bring stress on his centers of power for that small issue .

Snore, Night, and the Demonic Sword could help him in that matter . They could slowly break the ice into shards that Noah could eat to nourish his body .

The main force in that gathering of resources was Night since its two companions lacked the precision required in that task . Snore's dark beam even threatened to destroy that valuable material, so it had to rely only on its physical strength to help in the matter .

The three assets didn't go along well, but they could ignore that when it came to Noah's needs . The Demonic Sword and Snore even accepted Night as the leader of that operation since they acknowledged the creature as the trio's smartest .

Noah's mental state was still quite messy due to his need to restore his power, but he didn't fail to notice his assets' behavior . He could see how Night had abandoned some of the most extreme features of its personality and overall matured as a living being .

'Maybe it is just preparing for the Immortal Lands,' Noah considered that option, but he didn't linger on the matter for too long .

It was only normal for Night to change after what it had gone through . The modifications on its body alone were enough to alter its mindset, and the prolonged stay with Noah had also adjusted its attitude to suit its new situation .

Night wasn't a simple magical beast anymore . Noah had forced its existence to evolve, and the Pterodactyl slowly accepted that change . It had grown more silent and mature, and its intelligence had also improved as it improved in its new body .

On the other hand, Snore and the Demonic Sword had mostly remained the same . The blade had learnt to control its hunger, but that didn't count as an alteration of its behavior .

Noah's level grew quickly, and he soon returned to his previous peak . The quasi-rank 7 ice was the best food in the entire world . His body recovered in no time .

The time to think about his future arrived after Noah fixed his centers of power . He had remained on top of the frozen structure for almost two centuries . The world had already adapted to the catastrophic changes that happened during the battle against the Snakes' leader .

The magma that had flowed out of the broken seabed had solidified and had given birth to a large land that connected multiple islands . Sparse pieces of territories floated on the sea and created areas where terrestrial magical beasts could live .

The sea had returned to cover most of the world, and the living beings had adapted to that environment . The few remaining rank 6 Eternal Snakes had taken control of the lands, and new marine creatures had begun to appear in the sea .

The "Breath" favored the birth of creatures that suited the new environment . They were mostly snake-like creatures due to the Eternal Snakes' influence, but variants appeared from time to time .

The world was slowly regaining its diversity . That process would have typically stirred Noah's curiosity, but his mind was busy with more important matters in that period .

Noah didn't have any other opponent . He had reached the peak of the world, and his cultivation level was nearing the end of the heroic ranks .

The Immortal Lands were right around the corner . Noah only had to push his centers of power to the heroic ranks' peak and face the Tribulations to ascend .

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That required some preparations, but they weren't a problem . Most powerhouses would struggle once they reached the last part of the sixth rank, but Noah's situation couldn't be more perfect .

Noah had the Seventh Kesier rune for his mind, a large amount of quasi-rank 7 ice, and his individuality had already begun to strive for the state of law .

He had everything he needed to become a god . Now he only had to cultivate until the breakthroughs arrived .

Noah could take care of other projects if he desired . He could decide what to do with Second Prince and the rest of the Elbas family . He could review his assets and apply eventual improvements whenever he found flaws . Noah could even create new spells or techniques .

However, he didn't care about the Elbas family, and he would rather work on his assets after he obtained divine power . He would review his battle prowess before the Tribulations, but he didn't see the point in investing time in projects that he could complete after becoming a god .

Noah quickly understood why existences about to reach the peak of the heroic ranks didn't interfere with the political world anymore . There was no point in those struggles once the Immortal Lands became a real possibility .

The ants had their games . The others had their journey toward the sky to take care of, and Noah had finally reached that point . His eyes couldn't remain on the ground anymore . He would complete his unfinished business after he reached the next rank .

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'Which should I face first?' Noah wondered as he inspected his centers of power .

His body was the weakest among them, but the world had many resources that could quickly raise its power . Both the divine and quasi-rank 7 ice were resources that could push its strength to the peak smoothly .

His dantian was stronger than his body, and Noah's trusted his individuality . He knew that he wouldn't face bottlenecks during his meditations, but he lacked the resources to quicken the process .

His mind was already nearing the peak of the rank, and Noah had the Seventh Kesier rune . He believed that his sea of consciousness would be the first to advance if he trained his centers of power equally .

Noah could prioritize other centers of power if he wanted, but he didn't find any reason to delay his breakthroughs . His mind was closer to the seventh rank, so he would face the Earth Tribulation first .

'Earth,' Noah thought as the memories from his past Earth Tribulation resurfaced in his mind . 'I guess we will see each other again soon . '