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Chapter 1292: 1292
The only land worthy of being his new home was the island made of divine ice . Noah moved the frozen structure there before flying toward the separate dimension to recover the Kesier rune . Night and the Demonic Sword remained behind to guard his quasi-rank 7 resource while he made that trip .

The world belonged to him now, but he couldn't underestimate its inhabitants . The Royals and the rank 6 Eternal Snakes could think about stealing part of the ice if he didn't protect it .

Everything went smoothly . Noah recovered the Seventh Kesier rune and settled on the island made of divine ice . He used the frozen structure's insides as his new training area and isolated himself from the rest of the world as he focused on his centers of power .

Noah needed to push his power to the seventh rank, and the lack of opponents in the world forced him to succeed in the task through normal training sessions . Still, he didn't mind that now that he had almost reached the peak of the sixth rank .

He only had to complete the last part of his journey . His adventures in the lower plane would end there, and Noah gave his everything in that training .

The Seventh Kesier rune enlarged and strengthened his mind . His training sessions with the Demonic Sword improved his dantian and pushed its power toward the higher ranks . The quasi-rank 7 ice continued to provide valuable nutrients that made his body grow .

Noah's centers of power improved smoothly and at a quick pace . The fact that they were striving to the limits of the heroic ranks didn't affect their growth, which continued to be in the realm of monsters .

It was as if Noah's existence had grown tired of remaining in the sixth rank . His individuality wanted to reach the divine realm, and it made his training smoother .

Noah didn't think about anything else . His mind remained focused on his centers of power and never bothered to pay attention to the world around him .

Years, decades, and centuries passed, but Noah barely noticed the flow of time . He remained in the same position for the entirety of that period, and he moved only once a sense of completeness dawned on his mind .

Noah focused on the center of his sea of consciousness and saw that the Seventh Kesier rune had almost formed . He only needed to glance at the piece of fur to complete it and become a rank 7 mage .

The Earth Tribulation would come right after, so he suppressed his desire to reach that level to complete a few preparations .

Noah was an expert when it came to battles inside his mind . He had spent his whole life with the Body-inscription spell and the Elemental Forging method in the end . That ethereal place had become a battlefield multiple times .

Dark matter flowed inside his mental sphere and reinforced his mental walls with multiple defensive layers . Snore's ethereal figure hid inside the higher energy and prepared for the imminent fight .

The saber-shaped rune multiplied as "Breath" entered in its ethereal figure . Multiple weapons entered the layers of dark matter and became ready to fend off any invader .

Night sat on Noah's head and used its connection with his mind to create a projection of its consciousness . The Pterodactyl had decided to fight in the Tribulation as soon as it heard who Noah's opponent would be .

The Demonic Sword did something similar as it laid on his knees . Noah's ethereal figure found his blade in its hands when it opened its eyes and looked at the many protections prepared for the Tribulation .

'It's time,' Noah thought as he opened his real eyes to look at the piece of fur .

Noah only needed a glance to complete the Seventh Kesier rune inside his mind . His mental walls began to expand, but they soon met an invisible barrier that forced them to stop .

The mental walls began to tremble at that point . Those vibrations created a humming sound that resonated with the outside world and triggered a peculiar reaction in his mental sea .

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Noah couldn't see it, but the world around him had grown silent after the humming sound spread in the environment . The waves crashing on the island made of divine ice became quiet, and even the magical beasts swimming in the range of the noise stopped moving .

The humming sound carried an aura capable of stopping the normal functioning of the laws in the matter . It exuded an authority that went beyond the world itself, and Noah could experience it properly for the first time as the Tribulation started .

He had been nothing more than a rank 3 mage when he first approached the Earth Tribulation . Noah had never touched the world of laws at that time, and he had barely known what it meant to be an existence .

However, his individuality was now striving to enter the divine realm . His fourth center of power had also been able to imitate the world's elements and create copies that reflected Noah's existence .

Noah could now understand part of Heaven and Earth's nature . Shandal's theory saw them as a quasi-rank 10 existence that had failed in stepping into the next realm . Their aura could enlighten him on the divine ranks and the levels beyond them .

'Multiple laws create a world,' Noah thought as his ethereal figure stared at his mental sea .

His defensive layers of dark matter had left a spot where Earth could pass . Noah lost control of part of his mental energy while his mental walls continued to radiate the humming sound, but he didn't feel surprised about that event .

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He still recalled how his past Earth Tribulation went . His conversation with that powerful existence had enlightened him and had eventually led to the fusion with the Light-devouring Dragon .

The aura carried with the humming sound was having the same effect . Noah became able to take a peek at the superior realms when he studied that noise, and multiple theories formed in his mind .

Part of his mental energy surged from the mental sea . That lump of dark-brown water morphed until it became Noah's copy . Earth had appeared, and it wore a broad smile as it inspected the area .

The defensive layers of dark matter sealed the opening and condensed as Noah prepared for the clash . The tips of the saber-shaped runes came out of the higher energy and pointed at Earth as they waited for Noah's order .

Figures flew through the dark matter that covered Noah's mental walls . He had prepared an entire army for that clash . Earth couldn't even gain access to his mental energy with the higher energy isolating the battlefield .

Earth appeared slightly interested in the dark matter, but it mostly exuded amusement through its expression . Then, it opened its mouth, and an androgynous voice resounded through Noah's mental sphere .

"Hello, my child, son of another world," Earth said, repeating the greetings used in the last Tribulation .