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Chapter 1298: 1298
'My greed always puts me in these situations,' Noah cursed in his mind as he stood up to face the Tribulation .

The Divine Deduction technique had consumed a quarter of his mental sea, so he had enough mental energy to fight . His body was also at its peak . The abrupt arrival of the black clouds didn't put him in a disadvantageous position . Noah had only lost the chance to prepare a few defenses .

A thick lightning bolt fell from the enlarging clouds, but a dark beam suddenly pierced the sky and destroyed the attack . Snore and Night had guarded Noah during his training, so they were ready to fight anytime .

'Eager to kill me?' Noah thought as a cold smile appeared on his face .

Snore quickly moved near him, and Night fused with the environment as it prepared for the battle . The Demonic Sword released a roar before landing in Noah's hand .

Noah was ready to fight . It was finally time to push his existence in the divine ranks . He only had to defeat Heaven to enter the last known realm .

The black clouds continued to enlarge . Their last lightning bolt was an attack capable of quasi-rank 7 might, but Noah had fended it off easily . That amount of power couldn't even make him move .

The Tribulation seemed to understand that . Its first attack was only a test to probe Noah's power, and it didn't like what it revealed .

Noah's existence was already far beyond what power in the heroic realm could handle . The Heaven Tribulation needed to resort to divine power if it wanted to injure him .

A series of lightning bolts fell from the clouds, but Noah decided not to move when it sensed their power . They were attacks with quasi-rank 7 power again, so he didn't need to do anything about them .

The lightning bolts converged in his position and destroyed everything on their path . Ground, water, and air crumbled under their might, but Noah didn't even move when they landed on his shoulders .

The upper part of his robe broke, but no marks appeared on his skin . Those attacks couldn't hurt him . His body was already worthy of being in the Immortal Lands .

The Heaven Tribulation began to radiate a peculiar aura when it saw that Noah could ignore attacks on that level . The black clouds appeared angry that a being in the lower plane could endure their might so easily .

Noah limited himself to stare at the Heaven Tribulation . That was his chance to test his power before the ascension, but he wasn't sure if the black clouds were a worthy opponent .

'What will you do?' Noah wondered .

He was quite interested in Heaven's power, but he felt disappointed in that Tribulation . The greatest hurdle in the cultivation journey couldn't even force him to deploy his defensive methods .

The crackling noise radiated by the clouds became more intense as they continued to enlarge . The entire sky turned black as the Heaven Tribulation became a worldwide calamity .

'Quantity can't help you here,' Noah thought as he stood on the surface of the sea .

That transformation didn't change anything for him . The cloud's power didn't enter the divine ranks, so they couldn't release anything capable of hurting him . Enlarging the scope of their attacks was useless if none of them could threaten Noah .

The clouds became denser after they covered the whole plane, but their power didn't increase even at that point . They didn't release any other lightning bolt either, and Noah eventually grew bored of that loud spectacle .

If the Heaven Tribulation couldn't bring some excitement, it was better to be over with it quickly . Noah wanted to move to the Immortal Lands, and wasting time wasn't in his style .

Noah began to fly toward the array of clouds . Snore rose with him, and Night watched everything from his hiding place .

Cracks opened in the sky as Noah focused . His mental waves began to radiate his sharpness through the world, and the power they carried managed to destroy its structure .

The lower plane couldn't withstand Noah's existence anymore . He had become unfit for the Mortal Lands . The power that he wielded was too much for that frail matter .

The black clouds launched more quasi-rank 7 lightning bolts, but they didn't manage to slow down Noah's calm flight . His head didn't even budge when those attacks landed on it .

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A peculiar event then happened in the array of clouds . A loud crackling noise ran through them and silenced the sparks that had accumulated in their dark insides .

'Is this anger?' Noah thought when he heard that noise .

The crackling sound resembled an angry roar . It carried Heaven's reluctance to bow to him, and it caused another transformation .

The clouds began to condense . They retracted to converge in the sky above Noah . Sunlight soon fell on the world again as they gathered their power in a small area .

The vast layer of clouds quickly transformed into a black mass that released rumbling noises . Sparks ran over its surface before converging toward its center .

The dangerous sensation in the back of Noah's mind became more intense during that process . He knew that Heaven Tribulation was preparing something capable of defeating him, but he wouldn't give it the time to complete the transformation .

Noah wanted to test his power, but his desire for a proper battle didn't make him blind . He would have the time to enjoy proper fights once he reached the Immortal Lands . He had to prioritize the destruction of the Tribulation now .

Snore opened its mouth and released its dark beam . The violent energy contained in its attack swept the dense mass of clouds and destroyed the gas .

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Noah's eyes sharpened when the dark beam dispersed and revealed that area again . A large crack had appeared in the sky, but an orange humanoid figure now flew in front of it .

The gravitational pull of the void didn't seem to affect the figure . Its body was an array of orange sparks that remained still while releasing loud crackling sounds in the environment .

Pure lightning made that figure . It resembled the Heaven Tribulation's embodiment, and it radiated an intense aura that forced the laws of the world to work faster under its influence .

The world seemed to cheer at that sight . The laws in the matter recognized the crackling humanoid figure as their ruler and did their best to please it .

The structure of the world became sturdier . Noah felt that the matter wanted to create a suitable battlefield for that creature made of lightning .

Noah didn't feel any doubt at that sight . The orange figure represented the dangerousness sensed by his instincts . The array of lightning bolts that made that existence carried divine power!

"You must be Heaven," Noah said as his cold smile broadened