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Chapter 1301: 1301
The darkness also changed . It had the form of a series of sword-shaped crystals that emitted a dark light before, but it turned into a pitch-black gas after the breakthrough .

The gas appeared made of a sharp substance that didn't radiate any light . The power that it contained was immense, and a sense of completeness filled Noah once that energy began to interact with the other centers of power .

Meanwhile, part of the energy released by Heaven flew high in the sky and opened a large crack . White light filled the insides of that fissure, and a captivating aura came out of it as it spread through the world .

The path for the Immortal Lands was open . Noah only had to cross the crack to reach the higher plane and leave his world .

His mind memorized the peculiar aura seeping out of the crack and made him able to see past the world's structure . Noah could see the void everywhere, but something similar to a dimensional tunnel grew behind the white crack .

That was a striking difference in the other side of the world's fabric . That tunnel wasn't something that everyone could see . It was as if the plane had given Noah access to that structure now that he had defeated the Heaven Tribulation .

'That's how they do it,' Noah thought as he memorized the position of that tunnel .

Divine cultivators rarely used the first fissure to reach the higher plane . They opened paths for the Immortal Lands on their own after they had handled all the matters in the lower plane .

Noah had always wondered about the theory behind that process, but the answer turned out to be simpler than he expected . Divine cultivators could recognize the entrances to the Immortal Lands placed by Heaven and Earth .

'Did I forget something?' Noah thought as he focused on his new power .

He had finally become a complete god . Noah had overcome all the Tribulations and reached the real peak of the world .

The aura that he released fixed the many cracks created by his battle against Heaven . Dark patches appeared in the sky and ground to improve the world's stability and bring its fabric into a superior realm .

Everything slowly calmed down, but Noah soon understood what he had forgotten . It was enough for him to see his darkness moving on its own toward his black hole to recall that his breakthrough would bring .

His rank 7 darkness flowed out of his dantian and entered the black hole . The dark matter inside the fourth center of power became unstable after the arrival of the new material .

Noah sensed something breaking inside him . The spherical form taken by the black hole opened, and flares of dark matter came out of the organ as his higher energy began to evolve .

Flares of dark matter shot out of his chest and pierced everything in their path . They even dug deep fissures in the few remaining patches of the seabed .

Noah knew that he couldn't suppress that energy . The dark matter was evolving, and he had to complete the process if he wanted to bring it back to a decent shape .

However, Noah lacked darkness now, so he didn't know if he would have to wait for a while before he could condense the black hole . He could only hope that the process wouldn't be troublesome .

More dark matter came out of Noah's chest . That dense black energy began to rotate once enough of it accumulated around his figure .

A massive vortex formed in the sky, but flares still shot out of his figure and thickened the structure . The whirlpool slowly transformed into a giant star that kept enlarging as the black hole emptied its reserves of energy .

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The entirety of Noah's dark matter came out of his body and took the shape of a black star that threatened to become as big as the Mortal Lands . Noah didn't know how to stop that process . He had some experience in the field, but that breakthrough was completely different since it featured divine darkness .

The sky turned dark as the massive star continued to grow . It stopped enlarging only when it had reached a size similar to half of the world .

The star remained quiet at that point . It stopped enlarging, but flares still came out of its unstable figure . That mass of energy couldn't stay in the open .

Noah observed the behavior of his higher energy . Dark matter continued to fill the dark star, but that structure didn't shrink yet . He could only wait for something to happen .

His darkness was no more, but the dark matter devoured anything that it swept in its destructive might, and the dark star enlarged as a consequence .

Noah waited . He knew that he couldn't force the transformation unless he had more dark matter, but he was also aware that the dark star would find the path to become stable . It was a part of Noah's existence, so it could react to specific lines .

Shockwaves spread through the entire patch of sky occupied by the dark star . The dark matter felt angry about its new form, but it continued to rotate as it waited to return inside Noah's body .

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Materials, laws, water, and air converged toward the black star that absorbed them to gain some fuel . Noah's higher energy then destroyed them and made them part of the main technique .

Noah had to remain inside the dark star for a while before he saw some changes . The black star began to shrink after it managed to convert enough materials into part of its structure .

The massive, uneven star slowly shrunk back into Noah's chest and took the spot of his fourth center of power . It remained a spherical lump of energy, but It had a rotating vortex that divided it in half now .

Noah's fourth center of power had become an unstable star cut in half by a black hole . It would reach true stability only after replacing all the materials picked along the road with real darkness .

Flares still came out of his chest from time to time, but Noah learnt to sense them . He soon understood how to interrupt them with his mental energy, but he didn't give them too much attention since he would fix the issue quickly .

The main problem in that transformation was the lack of darkness inside Noah's dantian . He had just advanced to the seventh rank, so his organ was empty after the small amount of energy from before triggered the transformation of the black hole .

Cultivating wasn't an option since his training depended on his Demonic Sword . Noah couldn't train his dantian as long as his living weapon remained in the heroic ranks . He needed the blade to advance before it could reassemble the energy that it absorbed into divine darkness .